Four different roll of aluminum foil for food storage and cooking, isolated image on white background. Let's look at some common foil thicknesses and the best way to measure for finding foil thickness if you can not find out from the manufacturer.
Standard Duty Aluminum Foil - Most standard duty aluminum foil rolls are economical foil rolls for commercial and home use. Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil - By far the most common aluminum foil used for home and commercial use. Extra Heavy Duty Foil - A harder thickness to find, but some manufacturers do produce extra heavy duty foil. How To Measure - The easiest way to measure the thickness of aluminum foil is with a micrometer.

Manufacturers often make the width and length of the foil roll easy to find, but the thickness of the foil is often not advertised. Most standard duty or economy foils are often much more affordable than heavy duty or extra heavy duty foils. It provides excellent tear resistance and works well with everything the heavy duty and the standard foil is used for. Users can find the foil they are looking for from our online store and can place orders online or over the phone. Most manufacturers use terms like standard duty, heavy duty, and extra heavy duty to describe foil thickness. Being familiar with the increment of measurement will help in understanding the thickness once obtained.

Some users do not prefer the standard duty foils because of easy tearing and burning when baking. Finding a stock aluminum foil much thicker than this is often hard to find and requires a custom order. The extra three thousandths of an inch makes a big difference for a variety of applications.

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