Once this page has been brought into compliance with Canon and the fanon removed, into an in-universe point of view, and spellchecks performed, please remove the {{cleanup}} tag. If there are any questions, check to see if there is an existing forum topic covering it, or make a new one to ask questions and discuss. World Dragons are a collective position and role certain dragons are given to act as protectors of the Magical Community in various corners of the globe, generally apportioned by countries in which they live. Hayley Long is being groomed by mentor and master Sun Park, a former world dragon herself, as the substitute American Dragon, ready to take Jake's place as the need arises[2]. An unspecified Asian Dragon[1], apparently the dragon protector or apprentice of an unnamed Magical community somewhere in the Asian Sphere.
Main article: Dark DragonWhile not a Council-appointed World Dragon, upon deciding to become evil, the individual known only as "The Dark Dragon" is the only dragon to have claimed the entire world as his domain. His current location is another dimension where he should remain trapped for the next thousand years[4]. Now what you will be doing is drawing out the actual shapes of his wings, legs, tail, arm, and you will be drawing out his face. The last thing to do is draw out the rest of the spikes going down his back and drawing in the lines going across his stomach.

He was Jake's opponent in "Dragon Summit" and that was the only time he was shown in the show.
He was the official Chinese Dragon until he moved to Manhattan, New York with his daughter Susan Long. She appeared in Dragon Summit, but that was the only time she was seen, and like the Egyptian Dragon, her dragon form was never revealed, nor was her real name. He made an appearance in Dragon Summit, and like the Egyptian and Indian dragons, never appeared in another episode, his dragon form wasn't revealed, nor was his real name. With the stated goal of destroying the Dragon Council[3], and seizing control of magical communities of the entire world as part of his plan to destroy humanity[4], he is arguably the only "true" World Dragon. Draw in the lines for the toes and erase all the guidelines and circle shapes then you will be ready to move onto the next and last step.
Start by drawing in his eyes, then move down and draw out the shape of his mouth which also happens to be the snout. From those two shapes draw out the guidelines that are connected to him as shown to you in this first step. Now you will draw out the shape of his arm by drawing two large curved lines and then the spikes on his back.

I tend to lean toward cartoons that have a rebel in their character, and to me American Dragon does. Now, this animated cartoon series is wicked cool, but unfortunately all your likely to see aired now is repeat shows because they stopped making new shows last year. Move down and draw out the lining for his legs and tail, and before going onto the next step, draw in the lines for his toes. It’s a cool show though; you have Jake Long who is an Asian-American 13 year old boy trying to find balance in his life as a skateboarder on the streets of New York. It’s kind of funny too because he has a dragons body with a full head of black hair tinted with green tips, normal human eyes and eye brows and elf looking ears.

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