Val Kilmer and rapper 50 Cent star as a pair of newly minted police partners risking their own lives to determine whether a fellow officer was murdered in this gritty crime drama set in New Orleans. Novels and books both fiction and on the photo covers to check out the synopsis.
An off-campus get together goes horribly wrong for college freshman Katrina when Will, a sociopath senior drugs her then joins his boys in brutally attacking her. February 12,2011 In the early part of this past decade,Panasonic introduced to the market their DVX100 motion picture camcorder. Another advantage of the hybrid dslrs is the use of a CF card or SD card or the hard drive of a laptop.Film makers do not have to worry about running out of film and purchasing expensive film stock and expensive film processing.

If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. On the film motion picture cameras with a 400’ magazine the most you can film is 10 minutes per magazine. This feature provided many independent artists and other aspiring film enthusiast an opportunity to film their projects economically without breaking the bank.But it did not offer depth of field focus . It’s a drawback because when there is a quick pan to the left or right the image leans in that direction.
Also the sound on these cameras are not great at all but all film makers use separate sound systems anyway and that is definitely not a major issue.

All and all the major hurdles of expense and budget are cleared with these new hybrids,and African American movie makers should take advantage of this new technology and get their story told. With these DSLRs,came the ability of depth of field focus and the ability to use many different type of lenses.

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