China Venture, and check out China Venture on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. The film production company responsible for the Hollywood blockbusters "Matrix Reloaded," "Sherlock Holmes," and "Ocean's Eleven" has set up an Asian subsidiary for overseas co-productions and movie distribution. Village Roadshow Entertainment Group recently established Village Roadshow Entertainment Group Asia (VREG Asia) and publicly announced the subsidiary's partners, mangers and its first co-productions.
As a platform linking the film industries in China and Hollywood, VREG Asia will provide support for project development, investment, filmmaking, filming technologies and overseas distribution. Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi's new projecta€”a sequel to her 2009 urban romance "Sophie's Revenge"a€”has been included among VREG Asia's first co-productions. A film directed by Hong Kong's Stephen Chow based on the renowned Chinese novel "Journey to the West" is also among the company's upcoming projects.
China Doll (film), and check out China Doll (film) on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
In 1943, Captain Cliff Brandon (Victor Mature) is a cargo aircraft pilot supplying the Allied troops fighting the Japanese in China. One night, while stumbling home drunk, he encounters an old Chinese man who offers him a girl, his daughter Shu-Jen (Li Li-Hua). The priest finds out that Shu-Jen's father was a farmer, but he lost his land to the Japanese invaders. In 1957, his former crewmates and their wives anxiously await the arrival in the United States of Brandon's daughter, found in an orphanage by Father Cairns, still with her father's dog tag.
The dichotomy of the burly Mature with the diminutive Li Li-Hua was evident in their scenes.
Chinese box-office juggernaut Monster Hunt, which became the country’s highest-grossing movie of all time last summer, is opening in North America later this month thanks to FilmRise and Asia Releasing. In a mythical ancient world, monsters rule the land while humans keep to their own kingdom. See the trailer and poster art below, and watch out for Monster Hunt when it arrives in U.S. Local films, cinema expansion fuel China's movie market - Firstpost firstpost tech2 faking news Firstpost F. A deal struck between the United States and China last week raises the number of 3D, IMAX and similar enhanced-format movies into China. Chinese war movies and television serial dramas have long been the butt of jokes amongst Chinese netizens online, especially among Chinese military enthusiasts, due to the absurd use of weapons and props by both the Chinese and enemy forces portrayed on screen.
Below is a collection of Chinese internet posts about Chinese TV shows that have been ridiculed by netizens for their inclusion of weapons and props far more advanced than the time periods they are set in, with some pointing out that if the Chinese actually had such weapons at the time they would have easily won the war. Domestically produced war films or television series have always been controversial, the reason being that the enemy is always portrayed as having low intelligence, dying immediately upon shot.
Next they’ll equip the People’s Liberation Army with Katyusha rockets, B-52 Stratofortresses, AC-130 gunships, Hummers, Merkava tanks, OCIW…let them all become the legendary Terminator!!!
Anachronistic handguns are not a big deal because handguns are hard to spot, but anachronistic big guns are really funny, even an idiot can spot [the mistake]!!! Yesterday I saw someone introducing the new series “The Great Rescue”, and I was dumbfounded me through and through; so I went online to look it up and it is said this series will be dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the victory over Japan and will be aired in August on CCTV-1 or CCTV-8, by which time everyone can throw up! Blame me for being ill-informed, but for the US Army in World War II to have actually had such advanced camouflage, [it’s] probably made up by the director. While I’m at it I want to say: “Director, your use of shanzhai Thompson and Grease Gun is so TM dumbfounding, do you not have the money to make it better? I can ignore the clothes and races, but the time-traveling [anachronistic] guns are unbearable.

I also remember the older generation of Chinese actors said that to make a good film, they always had to go somewhere to experience the life there before the filming began. Don’t know whether or not these actors these days will still [first go] experience the life [they portray on screen]? From the picture above, [I] feel like she’s a cheap slut who managed to slip into our army. Help us maintain a vibrant and dynamic discussion section that is accessible and enjoyable to the majority of our readers. Confucius did not speak like that, I can’t believe the directors here at Chinasmack would portray Confucius speaking in such a modern way! Watching lots of big-buget holywood flicks with totally ahistorical and wrong and rage-worthy weapons, it’s clear that Chinese netizens are ignorant, self-important fucks again. Chinese serials and films also have a really awful habit of blatantly ripping their sound tracks from their western contemporaries. I’ve boycotted the director and avoided Affleck movies since that drivel was released.
Braveheart is generally regarded as a masterpiece, regardless of its admitted loose grasp on historical fact. The most important fact here is that none of the above films were trying to be anything but historical fiction, or a moviegoers retelling. I may fail to convince you, but I would like to point out that, in my opinion, the greatest contribution Gibson has made is the epic Apocalypto. Call me a dyed-in-the wool ?? if you like (OK, I am) but Gibson’s Anglophobia was there for all to see way before his anti-Semitism became publicly known. Gallipoli was the first, and had a scene in which a British officer brutally ordered wave after wave of Australians to attack an impregnable position.
Yes, I am a ??, but we are not talking about the burning of the village in Oliver Stone’s Platoon which we can at least say occurred in real life at least once (My Lai) even if it is not indicative of a general trend (although JFK was bloody terrible).
Mel Gibson is a crazy individual but Galipoli was based off of true events, the Aussies were thrown to die, and Mel Gibson was a young actor, I hardly think he picked the roll because of Anglophobia, more than likely he was stocked to be working in a big budget film. The plot concerns an American patrol sent into South China during World War II to rescue an important prisoner held by Chinese guerrillas.
Time Is a Memory) is a 1958 romantic drama film set in the China Burma India Theater of World War II and starring Victor Mature and Li Li-Hua.
When he is not flying or training his new crew hard, he is usually drinking in the local bar. Destitute, he sold his daughter's services for three months to feed the rest of his large family. The returning flight is ordered to divert to a different airfield, but Brandon disobeys and lands his aircraft. Borzage had been a successful director throughout the 1920s and reached his peak in the late silent and early sound era with such noted films as Seventh Heaven (1927), Bad Girl (1931) and A Farewell to Arms (1932).[N 2] During the 1940s, his films were not as well received and after the film noir, Moonrise (1948), Borzage had stopped directing. To faithfully recreate the Kunming Airfield, documentary footage from World War II was incorporated. Variety noted the film had, "the warmth and humor of a romance between a burly air corps captain and a fragile oriental beauty."[7] Howard Thompson, reviewer for The New York Times found it "(a) familiar war drama (that) has some winning aspects. There's a melancholy, pessimistic slant to the dialogue that isn't lingered over; the movements of the actors and the compositions are so stylized and presentational that it almost feels, at magical times, like a silent film. The term “??” (chuan yue, to pass through or time travel) is often used to describe anachronisms in these productions that fail to conform to actual historical circumstances. I don’t understand what the directors are trying to portray, [because if] it took 8 years to fight a retarded enemy, doesn’t that mean our own side was even more retarded?

Don’t tell me this is part of the TMD legendary Nationalist Army (101st Airborne Chinese Branch)?? The helmets are also NB [daringly ridiculous], including both World War II and Vietnam era ones. Face is completely touching the bolt, [if she] opens fire, her little face will be blown apart and no one will want her anymore.
The piece of cloth has no real function, the gun sleeve is made so poorly, on one end a small piece is covering the gun lock, and there is no way of pulling the bolt. The position of that gun stock is placed so clearly wrong, without placing it under the armpit, the moment she opens fire her face will certainly be blown apart, perhaps even her head will be blown apart. The director and military consultants (don’t know if any were hired) for this series must all be stupid, [because] just one shot reveals so many problems. And, come on, we all know that any thing that’s capable of launching a bullet is banned in China. If the film had been made about anyone but the English, the portrayal of the English basically trying to commit genocide on the Scots by an organised campaign of raping their women folk the night before their wedding night (something which did not happen) would have caused demonstrators to take to the streets. The scene where British soldiers burn a church filled with un-armed civilians (once again, something which did not happen) portrays the British as being like the Nazis. We are talking about him consistently opting to appear in films which invent historical events which never happened and which portray the British as genocidal murdering scum. Eliasoph, who has 25 years of experience in Asian films, has been appointed chief executive officer.
Cairns tells Brandon that, if he were to send the girl back, the old man would return the desperately needed money. Produced for $50 million, Monster Hunt has grossed over $390 million to set China’s all-time box office record.
Vice President Joe Biden's trip to Los Angeles with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, 14 additional IMAX or 3D films would be allowed.
Back then during the war [World War II], the New Fourth Army was already using such a powerful weapon to attack the enemy!
It was not until 2004 did the US Army switch the shoulder patch from stitched on to Velcro. British history has many dark moments, the film Ghandi did a good job of portraying one of the worst ones (the Amritsar massacre), one wonders why it is necessary to invent them.
After Father Cairns (Ward Bond), a longtime resident of China, expresses his disapproval, Brandon tries his best to get rid of her, assigning the task to Ellington, a young Chinese boy who speaks English well. So, over Brandon's protests, the priest gets him to keep the girl; Brandon tells her that she is there only as a housekeeper. Besides, how could there be so many sniper rifles during that time, when simply having a gun was already a blessing for the Eighth Route Army.
Ellington tries to sell her into prostitution, but Father Cairns happens by and takes Shu-Jen back to Brandon. He puts his dog tag around her neck, then mans an anti-aircraft gun and shoots down one or two enemy aircraft before he is killed.
The film, which is set during Japan's occupation of Nanjing and the 1937 massacre, was China's submission for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.
Its executive producer is David Linde, CEO of Lava Bear Films and former chairman of Universal Pictures.

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