In New Jersey, this dinner-with-a-movie concept is now part of the package at the AMC theaters in West Orange, Bridgewater Commons and Edison. AMC also offers a Fork & Screen experience, and these theaters are actually more fun than the premium suites.
Still, the Classic Italiano ($10.99), a pizza-like dish, would have embarrassed most Jersey pizzerias. OK, so maybe I sound a bit too much like Tony Shalhoub’s character Primo from "Big Night," the perfectionist chef who railed against the appalling dining habits of the New Jersey consumer. The idea itself is clever enough — the Drafthouse theater in Austin, for example, offers dozens of microbrews with its movies, plus whimsical themed experiences, such as a day of holiday cartoons paired with all-you-can-eat cereal.
The chain has also, quite notably, worked to make their concession options more intriguing and different. This week, join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane and Rebekah McKendry as they welcome very special guest Karyn Kusama to the show! Comedian-Actor-Podcaster Razzle Dangerously (Nerdist, Nerd Machine) has strong opinions on everything! AMC Entertainment is giving New Jersey residents the opportunity to combine the date idea of dinner and a movie into a one-stop shop.

And another point: A true upscale restaurant would know that white zinfandel and zinfandel are not the same. Despite the number of experts who make gourmet cooking look all easy peasy on Food TV, it’s really a tough, tough job. Here you have comfortable seats (without the threat of being swallowed by your chair) and retro dinette tables with art deco lighting. But the oversized burger ($9.99), though quite remarkable, was soft and doughy enough to give you that coveted sated burger tummy. But from where I sit, we have enough Food Court food options in this country without adding them as well to our movie theaters. Go to the movies, have a glass of wine or a Coke and fries, have a cupcake and some caramel corn. They’ve also renovated a number of their auditoriums with just the seats already, reportedly seeing attendance jumping up about 80% at each newly reseated theater.
Your local AMC probably packs chicken fingers and individual pizzas in right alongside popcorn and candy (the AMC Empire in Times Square offers all sorts of treats, too, from Lunchable-like snack packs to individual hummus cups). It’ll feel cool, in a retro drive-in kind of way, with an all-American James Dean vibe.

Clearly outsourced (they were still a bit frozen), but this duo of red velvet and vanilla bean was the most sophisticated part of the evening.
She lives in New York City with two cats, two turtles, one boyfriend, and a frightening number of sensible canvas totes. But the sauce tasted more like a Hidden Valley bottled dressing, and the bacon crumbles more like the kind of bacon bits you get in a jar.
The food seems better too, if only because you have lower expectations for burgers, quesadillas and pizza. Here, you can check out movie times and trailers, buy advanced movie tickets or read reviews. Crab Rangoon Dip ($7.99), a version of the ubiquitous chain food option, was mushy, tepid, lukewarm, with a slightly tinny taste.
Well, the AMC movie theater chain just might have a solution that will fix all of those issues — even if it will eventually cost you a premium on your already hefty-ticket price.

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