Three couples headed for a vacation are instead stranded on an island and captured by a demented family headed by Steiger and De Carlo, a scary enough proposition in itself.
7y026 LOT OF 10 UNFOLDED AMERICAN GOTHIC VIDEO ONE-SHEETS lot '88 a family that slays together! EVERY item we auction starts at $1, with NO reserve, and NO buyers premium, and EVERY item is honestly described, with an unenhanced super-sized image! We charge consignors the lowest rates of ANY major auction, and we recently held our one millionth online auction!

This site best viewed with Mozilla Firefox 23(Recommended) or Internet Explorer 9 or greater. Even worse, Ma and Pa have three middle-aged moronic offspring who still dress as children and are intent on killing the thwarted vacationers (who are none too bright themselves) one by bloody one. The brothers are left to deal with the dark secrets and demons that have haunted them their whole lives. The posters were never folded but each has three horizontal "waves" in the poster (this will diminish over time if they are stored flat).

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