A con man, Irving Rosenfeld, along with his seductive partner Sydney Prosser, is forced to work for a wild FBI agent, Richie DiMaso, who pushes them into a world of Jersey powerbrokers and mafia. Select the video player source below and enjoy, if movie was removed from one of the sources then simply switch to another. All of the free movies found on this website are hosted on third-party servers that are freely available to watch online for all internet users.
The actress stars as Rosalyn, a bored, big-haired New Jersey housewife to Christian Bale’s bearded con man, in the 1970s-set drama.
Con man Irving Rosenfeld (a mildly repulsive and paunched out Christian Bale) and his razor sharp partner and lover Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams, in a deceptively challenging, multilayered performance).
Leave it to Russell to not only build a story where all the characters have unique arcs, change, and make unexpected choices, but to offer two of the most complicated and fascinating female roles of the year. The men of American Hustle show the full spectrum of manliness, machismo, and questionable morality.
Russell is known for his musical passion, and his considered and careful choices of songs used in his films. Meanwhile, Cinema Siren would be remiss not to mention the elephant in the room…this movie could have been all about the hair. Late in viewing the film, when all the events of the film are starting to build on to each other, one wonders how it can possibly end without a bloodbath worthy of any Scorsese film. The core of this movie is about the American Dream, and how it can be less an inspiration to be the best you can be and more an insidious and addictive drug leading to desperate and often questionable choices or actions. Watch this video review of the film complete with interviews with the cast of the film, courtesy of CinemaSiren.
As anyone in the animation industry, and indeed anyone who follows the world of film and animation knows, an Emmy Award nomination is always to be celebrated. What was already broadcast in American Hustle's first preview is even further emphasized in this latest trailer: David O. I Watch Stuff is a movie and video blog dedicated to bringing you the best and worst that Hollywood and the Internet have to offer and then, more often than not, making fun of it because it sucks.
Any legal issues regarding American Hustle movie on this website should be taken up with the actual file hosts themselves, as we're not affiliated with them. In addition to re-teaming with director Russell, she also stars opposite Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro. To quote Freddie Mercury, “Is this the real life, or is it just fantasy?” In the opening titles we see “some of this actually happened”, but in the end credits, we get “this is a work of fiction”.

Amy Adams, immensely controlled and costumed in wrap dresses slit to the belly, struts and wraps her marks around her fingers, all the while with terror flickering in her eye. Christian Bale somehow finds a way to make thick glasses and a gut seductive, allowing the audience to genuinely understand why two drop dead gorgeous women would be at his beck and call. American Hustle is not only no exception, it raises the bar, in that they are used, it would seem, to articulate the general freneticism and the desperate need for distraction from the minutiae of daily life, or from attaining “the American Dream”.
Bale’s Rosenfeld has an elaborate comb-over that seems to require delicate balance of glue, spirit gum, and some kind of brown birds’ nest material.
The fact that every character has seduced a desire inside audience members to see them survive and score whatever tiny slice of the American Dream they believe they deserve, is a testament to largely the actors and the nuance they bring the script.
American Hustle is a celebration of excess, a cautionary tale showing the destructive power of greed, and a masterclass of great acting, and it is delirious, dizzy fun. Multiply that by 23, and you can imagine the party-like atmosphere happening at DreamWorks TV, after the news they were nominated for daytime Emmys in a wide variety of categories, and spread across 6 shows. Russell, from a screenplay written by Eric Warren Singer and Russell based on the FBI ABSCAM operation of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Russell has brought over all his favorite action figures, and he's here to play Goodfellas. Bits of the story follow the events of the late ‘70s FBI operation leading to the Abscam scandal that felled a senator, six congressmen, and a number of elected officials. They attempt to con the wrong man, FBI agent Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper) and wind up trapped working in an ever more convoluted sting operation that could get them all killed. She is “just an Alburquerque girl wanting to be anything but who she is”, a re-invention, doing anything to avoid disillusionment, devouring whatever the late 70s version of “more” is, but continually finding that same emptiness inside herself. Bradley Cooper keeps the audience with him even through his increasingly ill advised decisions and attempted manipulations. Here, with these characters, as with many living life in the late ’70s, it seems so close and at the same time ever in the far distance. Bradley Cooper dons a do of tight deliberate curls, and Jeremy Renner effects a side parted ’70s pompadour with at least 6 inches of height. The director's Silver Linings Playbook and The Fighter stars Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, and Jennifer Lawrence are all here--plus, his new Hawkeye toy!--and Russell's got them all set up for a period tale of crime and trashy excess, all underscored by pronounced period soundtrack and hard camera push-ins. The genius of American Hustle, however, is in the complex characterizations masterfully acted by some of the biggest acting heavyweights in Hollywood today. Irving’s volatile wife Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence) is the wild card that could save or destroy them all.

It is a tour-de-force that requires far more inner construction as an actress than viewers might think, and she should be applauded. Jeremy Renner as stand up guy Carmine Polito, who gets trapped in the escalating situation by wrongly befriending Rosenfeld, also does some scene stealing with his mix of volatility and nice guy demeanor. At various moments, a blast of Donna Summer, ELO, or Wings all but envelops the audience in a wall of sound, aurally sweeping them up into the same spirit of “damn it, i’m going to make this work or die trying”, offering what feel like cocaine derived bursts of energy. Amy Adams’ long wavy tresses rival any ever offered by Jaclyn Smith or Farrah Fawcett on Charlie’s Angels. Rosalyn may be “the picasso”, but as characterizations go, David O Russell is the maestro of the hot mess.
Full of intrigue, romance, humor and drama, it may be another of Russell’s genre busters, but true to form, it depends entirely on the complexity of human interaction. Sadly, she has to share the screen with Jennifer Lawrence playing the far more flamboyant role of Rosalyn Rosenfeld, an emotional tornado that sucks everyone into her vortex of disaster while ever playing, as Irving calls her, “The Picasso of passive aggressive karate”. Robert De Niro has a memorable cameo – the audience would have to be asleep not to find frightening and enjoyable. To say Lawrence steals every moment she’s onscreen is really saying something, considering the company she’s keeping. Lawrence’s Rosalyn wears that throwback 1890s Gibson Girl bun seen on all the Halston models in the pages of ‘70s Vogue. We are left walking away from the 2 hours and 9 minutes remembering an ensemble that breathes life into roles to which they will forever be connected. Her vacillating New York accent notwithstanding, her no-holds-barred performance is astounding. This is a movie for quoting, one that can’t be switched off when discovered playing on TV late at night.
It will be the same kind of guilty pleasure Irving finds in going back to Sydney over and over.

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