Steve welcomes JACKIE and MATT, a married couple whose love story is something like what you would see in the movies – a tale of love found, then almost lost forever in the wake of an accident.
Sorry if this sounds mean but what kind of things are we teaching young girls and boys about what it means to be in love and what it means to be romantic? If the genders were reversed everyone would say how dare him tell her he’s leaving her because he’s tired of taking care of her! There are many couples out there going through hard times and they’re there for each other no matter what those are the romantic stories we should be putting on display. Thank you so much Steve Harvey and your entire team (especially Jaime Mui) for inviting us to share our story on the show!

A month after they were married, Matt got into a car accident and suffered a brain injury, which caused him to have amnesia. We were having a day out with friends when a young man waiting on traffic due to an accident in front of him. It drives my hubby crazy,how I never go without watching,,I record,if I’m not around to watch!!!
Your hospitality was incredible and your generosity was more than we ever could have expected.
He forgot a lot of life in general, but most devastatingly, he forgot his life with Jackie and that they were even married!

He decided to turn through the median and turn around but didnt see us on the other side because he was too busy looking for something that he dropped.My husband tried to veer away but couldnt go to far over as we had another motorcycle next to us.
They stayed together for three years, despite Matt not regaining any memory back of his previous life with Jackie.

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