Certainly whenever you hear about movies based on true stories, later you watch it with special attention. The incredible story of Aron Ralston was inspiration to the director Danny Boyle to tell his story in an hour and a half. Set in 1970s America, a detective works to bring down the empire of Frank Lucas, who smuggled drugs into the country from the Far East.
Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Chestnut Barrow were very popular outlaws, robbers, criminals who traveled throughout Central America during the Great Depression.
The film tells the story of Frank Abagnale, who until his 19 years successfully brought fraud worth millions of dollars, pretending to be a pilot of Pan American World Airways, doctor and prosecutor. Movie for the American cocaine smuggler George Jung and Pablo Escobar, Carlos Lehder, and the Medellin Cartel, based on the book by Bruce Porter. The film is a biographical drama of life by Chris Gardner – a single father who struggles to survive and to provide a good life for himself and his son.
It seems that there is no need for a special announcement for this movie about the founding of Facebook. If your boys are anything like mine, then they simply adore cars and trains and love the latest LEGO City sets that include so many of these and allow them to build small cities in which they can play cops or fireman or something similar. If you are one of those dads that when he notices something cool wants to buy it imminently so their kids experience something awesome, trendy and be regarded as the cool kids? Eddie Ray Routh walks into court for a pretrial proceeding, Tuesday, February 10, 2015, in Stephenville, Texas.
No combat: One of the Marines who served with Routh, known as his 'battle buddy' said that he never really saw any fighting while in Iraq.
This undated photo released by the Routh family on February 26, 2013 shows Eddie Ray Routh and his mother, Jodi.
Kyle himself had struggled to find purpose as a civilian following four storied tours of Iraq that saw the 160 confirmed kills that made him the most prolific sniper in American military history.
Few and proud: Pictured on the day he graduated as a Marine in August 2006, Eddie Ray Routh was fulfilling a childhood dream by joining the CorpsThe local cinema in Erath was forced to put on extra shows to keep up with the demand that saw audiences stand in line round the block.How Mr St John argued could any jury be unaffected by a film so emotive?
An intensely scary film event, this is one film that you don’t want to believe was based on true events. I’ve never been much of a voodoo film fan, however if I were to vote on any, this would be the one to take the lead.
Costume designer Eiko Ishioka (who won an Oscar for the movie) had never seen a Dracula movie prior to being hired for this film. True Event: The film is based upon The Man-Eaters of Tsavo by Lieutenant Colonel John Henry Patterson, the man who actually killed both real lions. True Event: The film revolves around cannibalism in 1840s California and some elements bear similarities to the story of the Donner Party and that of Alferd Packer.
The title refers to a letter sent to George Lusk, the president of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee from an unknown man who claimed to be the murderer. The name of the expert on paranormal activity is Leek, the reverse of paranormal expert and author of the novel that the film was based on, John A. Storyline: Based on the true crime story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, this movie tells the emotionally riveting story of a man who turned his darkest fantasies into a horrifying reality. The entire movie cost less than half of the cost of a typical Hollywood movie’s sound effects budget.
Serial killer Manuel Blanco Romasanta claimed a curse turned him into a wolf causing him to kill.
Since this film’s release, a persistent urban legend has sprung up amongst students at the University of Minnesota. Storyline: A priest is on trial for the death of a young woman named Emily Rose, upon whom he had performed an exorcism. True Event: The film was inspired by Anneliese Michel, a 16-year-old German girl who in 1968 began displaying symptoms of demonic possession.
Unbeknown to the crew the abandoned mine where they chose to film had actually been the site of the real life murder of a woman. Storyline: This is a horror tale of two female British tourists and an Australian man venture into the Australian Outback to camp in Wolf Creek National Park. Storyline: An all American family in a good suburban with lots of paranormal haunting to creep you out. True Event: The movie is based on the legend of the Bell Witch, a tale that originated in Tennessee in the 1800s.
Some of the music used in this version of The Zodiac is used in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
True Event: A serial killer who was active in and around Northern California in the 1960s and who has never been captured used to kill random victims with brutality and left messages al around.
True Event: Though there is no real evidence anywhere, it is believed that the filmmakers are doing something akin to what the Texas Chain Saw Massacre did. Storyline: In Germany, as graduate student Katie Armstrong researches cannibal killer Oliver Hagen for her thesis.
Another crocodile horror film, Rogue, had to be pushed back until Fall 2007 because of the film’s similarities with Primeval. Storyline: An American news crew travels to Burundi to chronicle the capture of a man-eating crocodile, which ends up being 30 feet long and responsible for over 300 deaths. Storyline: The Mexican Cartels tapped a man to be their enforcer and he also had a satanic site and took to ritually killing hundreds of people and torturing them in all kinds of sadistic and disgusting ways.
True Event: The film is loosely based on true events surrounding the torture and murder of Sylvia Likens by Gertrude Baniszewski during the summer of 1965.
Storyline: After returning from a wedding reception, a couple staying in an isolated vacation house receive a knock on the door in the mid-hours of the night. True Event: Director Bryan Bertino stated that the film was inspired by a series of break-ins that occurred in his neighborhood as a child, as well as some incidents that occurred during the Manson killings.
Storyline: When The Campbell family moves to Connecticut to be near the doctor caring for their ill son, Matt, they soon become the target of a former mortuary haunted by a malevolent force. True Event: The movie is loosely based on the real life stories of Al and Carmen Snedeker who lived in a reportedly haunted former funeral parlor in Southington, Connecticut. Storyline: In the 1980s, college student Samantha Hughes takes a strange babysitting job that coincides with a full lunar eclipse. True Event: It is similar to the techniques used in some horror films such as The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and The Amityville Horror.

Recorded with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR photographic camera, shot over four days, with $6000 budget, two hand held lamps and a few light tubes. Storyline: The film focuses on Laura, who, second by second, intends to leave a house which hides an obscure secret, unharmed. Storyline: A young girl buys an antique box at a yard sale, unaware that inside the collectible lives a malicious ancient spirit. True Event: This story plot is inspired by a true event happened to one family over the course of 29 days. Storyline: Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren work to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in their farmhouse. Storyline: A couple begin to experience terrifying supernatural occurrences involving a vintage doll shortly after their home is invaded by satanic cultists.
I'm a law student (by choice), a freelancer (by choice) and a movie freak (by passion) and apart from a bibliophile, a turophile and a writer, I am also a TV show and movie addict. But here I saw some pics and read some where it has been a real and true event happened which was unbelievable. For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser or learn how to browse happy! The film faithfully recounts 127 hour ordeal of Aron Ralston-27 year old mountaineer and adventure seeker, who on April 26, 2003 in Utah, experienced accident. With Denzel Washington in the role of Frank Lucas and Russell Crowe in the role of Richie Roberts, directed by Ridley Scott, the movie received high marks from critics and the audience. Portrayed by Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, directed by Arthur Penn, the film recounts the experiences of these two lovers.
Directed by Steven Spielberg, and the major roles of Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, this is one of the best films. With Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz, who narrates the adventures this movie will keep you interested throughout the movie.
With Will Smith and Jaden Smith in the lead role, this great movie will show you the financial and emotional struggles of a father and son. Student at Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook, which tells the story of how was carried out the process of creating Facebook, a then he was sued by two brothers, also Harvard students who claim that the idea for the social network is stolen . Directed by Roman Polanski, according to the life story of musician Wladyslaw Szpilman, this drama, certainly will not leave you indifferent. The most he experienced was coming under mortar fire from outside their heavily fortified baseIt is the most hotly anticipated trial in recent history. On one occasion he was arrested barefoot, drunk and ranting following an outburst at a family fish fry when he threatened to 'suck-start a rifle' and 'blow all your heads off.'A second outburst during a fishing trip saw him tell his father he was a vampire and try three times to grab for his father's gun. The Iraq war veteran who was battling post-traumatic stress disorder and other personal issuesThe final follow up appointment at the VA after this was on 30 January where it transpired he had been receiving half the recommended dosage of a powerful anti-psychotic commonly used by the VA in treating PTSD.His mother begged the doctor to keep her son in care. Setting up a company FITCO which organized hunting trips and outdoors get-aways for physically and mentally wounded veterans brought Kyle a sense of worth in civilian life and it brought a desperate Jodi Routh to his truck in the school car lot one day in January 2013.But the Routh family's insistence that they were let down by the VA a€“ Dallas VA was the focus of particularly harsh criticism in a recent Inspector General report that found that delays in treatment were 'risking lives 'a€“ or that their son was suffering from PTSD has been strenuously rebuffed by Kyle's widow, Taya. Military History,' after leaving the Navy SEALSAs an indication of just how destructive that pressure was, Warfighters Foundation pointed out, 'Over the last three fiscal years in 2009, 265 Marine recruiters have been relieved of their duty for misconduct, most commonly for hiding negative background factors.'Would Chris Kyle have chosen to take Routh to a shooting range had he been aware of all Routh's 'negative background factors' - the run ins with the law? I have seen some documentaries that while not directly films (per se) are quite scary themselves. If you were around the year when this film came out (1979), you know that it was inspired by a 1977 best seller. Since the debut of this film, I have actually seen a few really good documentaries that detail this legend.
You might even say it was a precursor influence to many of the 21st century found footage style films.
I took the positive stance on this one, a movie that does a pretty damn good job at being scary and rooted in demon possession.
There have been entire books and documentaries based on this strange entity in greater detail. This 1988 film was a creepy look at the phenomena of living zombies directed under Wes Craven. Ed was found to be insane but is confirmed to have murdered at least 2 women and several other victims. Knowing that, I’m guessing your level of being creeped out just got quite a bit creepier. Patterson is sent to build a railway bridge across Uganda’s Tsavo River for the British East African Railway. The film is to the point, violent and visually impressive as it takes you through the actual murders.
He was never caught and ripperologists, who still study his killings and mechanism, consider him the best mastermind ever.
Dahmer murdered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991, with the majority of the murders occurring between 1987 and 1991.
When their car breaks down, they’re rescued by a tow truck driver who ends up holding them captive and torturing them. Nineteenth-century landowner John Bell and his family are tormented by an invisible entity, which targets his daughter Betsy in particular. She becomes obsessed with her subject and ultimately plunges into a lifestyle similar to Hagen’s and the thousands of people like him. He is a German man who achieved international notoriety for killing and eating a voluntary victim whom he had found via the Internet. The only good news is this killer wont be able to get you since he died in a massive hail of bullets at the hands of Mexican Special Police. She slowly realizes her clients harbor a terrifying secret; they plan to use her in a satanic ritual.
Laura and her father Wilson settle down in a cottage they have to renew since its owner will soon put the house up for sale.
The girl’s father teams with his ex-wife to find a way to end the curse upon their child. He joins forces with an unconventional priest, schooled in the rites of exorcism, to combat the possessions that are terrorizing their city. The Warrens had a special case built for Annabelle inside their Occult Museum, where she resides to this day. Do let us know if you are aware of any such horror movie based on or inspired by actual true events, we’ll add them in this post with your credit.

I can write on anything under the sun but give this enthusiast a movie slang or a hint and I can yak about it for days to come. If you are a movie freak like us, you can join MoviesDrop Facebook Group and interact with similar freaks there! I always choose to listen to music when I have free time or to relax in front of the TV watching some good movie or my favorite TV series and I always choose some comedy. The weeks spent in psychiatric care and two recent efforts by his mother to have Dallas VA take her son into a facility for his own safety and that of others?Routh's parents were away the weekend in question. The case was actually one of many that the paranormal team of Ed and Lorraine Warren took under wing over their life time. The Bell Witch story is one of the more well know ones about a haunting that occurred in the 1800’s. This paranormal rooted film took a stance in the way that Amityville horror did, in the simple sense of it re-constructing a reported event. The film itself was created based on the inspiration of the drug tetrodotoxin which is used in Haiti.
His case was exploited due to his fascination with dead bodies and the wearing of human skin.
While bad skin and a rotating head are not part of the original inspiration, it is true that film was based on a real Catholic exorcism case.
Soon after he arrives, workmen begin to disappear at night from their tents – never to be seen alive again. He wrote letters with the victims’ blood and kidney attached to it, he was out in the open with an unknown number of murders. Two couples encounter in such situation and the scare rendered it another scary movie of the decade. When two priests performed exorcisms of what was believed to be several demons over 10 months. The film makers announced that this is validated by the State of Tennessee as the only case in US history where a spirit has caused the death of a human being. The couple find themselves in a violent struggle, in which they go beyond what either of them thought capable in order to survive.
Those who have seen it and those who haven’t seen the movie, know the end of the story.
He is, in every way, the antithesis of Kyle, the hero.In an attempt to ensure neutrality 800 citizens were called for jury selection. So for clarification, these films were created to tell the stories of reported past occurrences that themselves are considered non-fiction. They were invited to investigate a series of hauntings over the request of the family who resided at the location. Over the years, with remakes and skewed data, the Lutz family saga has been taken less seriously.
The root here is of a disgruntled neighbor who felt cheated after the Bell family purchased her land. Based on the legend of Anneliese Michel (loosely based, as reaffirmed), it depicts the events that led to the possession of Emily Rose (Jennifer Carpenter),which also has the head priest on the case Father Richard Moore being charged wit negligent homicide. The engineer soon discovers that a pair of man-eating lions are stalking around the bridge and campsites, killing the workmen for food.
A very intriguing period in criminology and victimology, Jack The Ripper’s killings are an all time favourite mystery discussion. Belongings discovered weeks later showed no signs of the violent shark attack, though the film includes some.
High-profile attempts to capture Gustave have failed, and the creature, believed to be over 65 years old still lives in the Ruzizi River area of Burundi, according to them.
But the latter will leave you opportunity to look around and see what was supposed to pass Aron Ralston, portrayed by actor James Franco. The biopic of Kyle's life has rapidly become the most profitable popular war movie in American history. As a payback she is said to have cursed the family which later lead to strange and malicious spectral haunting’s. More specifically it was based on a book by Frank Defelitta that detailed the case of Doris Bither who experienced her encounter within Culver City, California. As a film, it has got some great creepy scenes that were even performed without special effects (those nasty contortions).
The box is said to contain a restless evil spirit that can be released under the wrong circumstances. An agent called scopolamine is first used by way of blowing it into the subject’s face.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was actually very loosely based using a complete different story premise and of course adding the excitement of a chainsaw. Raymond Bishop as being the primary source of inspiration for this legendary cinematic fright masterpiece.
If you thought the demonic doll inclusion was just part of the show, then your sadly mistaken, as the doll named Annabelle was also part of the Warren’s extensive haunted items collection.
In summary the event itself was reported to have been a demon raping case with the inclusion of ghosts and several unseen forces. The film was inspired by a report of an Ebay auction that had contained items causing nightmares and strange occurrences. Ed Gein on the other hand did not use a chainsaw which is why the film feels more inspired from rather than based on. Bouncing furniture, speaking in tongues and the documented report of a  real life exorcism had enough meat behind it to  bring this event to the screen. The Mothman Prophecies which starred Richard Gere was one of the better films to embrace this subject.
The event was re-told with the focus on young girl named Regan who made the mistake of dinking about with an ouji board.

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