Following the previous season's end, & a foiled attack on the Statue of Liberty, Serpentor is now in command of Cobra and Cobra Commander schemes to rid himself of his usurper.
Back in the Himalayas, the majority of Cobra are held as the "guests" of a civilization known as Cobra-La, an ancient race of snake people who wish to destroy human civilization. Using information gleaned from her encounter with Falcon, Zarana leads the Dreadnoks, Pythona, and the hulking Nemesis Enforcer to Serpentor's detention facility. At Joe Headquarters, Duke pleads in Falcon's defense, revealing that he is Falcon's half-brother.
After freeing the captured Joes, Falcon manages to defeat Serpentor destroy both the BET and the spore pods in space. The film features an appearance by nearly every character to date, including those previously written out of the series.
Jinx, a female Asian martial arts expert with a reputation for bad luck (and alternately, "blind luck"). Chuckles, here played as silent (minus the frenzied yelling), contrary to his filecard description and his comic portrayal.
Big Lob, who speaks in sports commentator jargon; apparently created solely for the film, having no action figure or comic book counterpart, although it is possible he is an early concept of Hardball, a baseball attired Joe character introduced in 1988. Despite the Himalayas operations being polar expeditions, there are few if any GI Joe or Cobra polar vehicles or troops utilized during them. Some sound effects from Star Wars can be heard throughout the movie, from Lightsabers (Pythona breaking through the perimeter fence of the Terror Drome) to Hoth snowspeeders (Cobra "Trouble Bubbles" surveying the Cobra Island night skies) TIE Fighter engines (Serpentor's air chariot). In particular, the film's revelation that Cobra Commander was a multi-eyed, blue skinned humanoid reptile was widely panned in part because it outright contradicted all previous continuity for the character on the cartoon series, where the character (when wearing his trademark hood) clearly was shown to be at least Caucasian with normal human eyes. Overshadowed by this was the controversy surrounding Duke's circumventing death following a critical chest injury. Duke's planned death was the inspiration for the death of popular Autobot Optimus Prime[1]. In the Japanese language release of this film on Laser Disc, the issue of Duke's death was actually left unedited. Several scenes were storyboarded but never animated: one featured recurring character Hector Ramirez (who was listed in the end credits of the film) reporting from the United Nations building after the spores are launched into orbit. Presumably, if the film had received a theatrical release, it would have featured an original music score, just as The Transformers: The Movie did.
The film was released on video in the United Kingdom on 19th September 1988 with the title changed to Action Force: The Movie. By the time the movie was released on DVD in the UK in 2003 the title "Action Force" had long been replaced by "G.I.
The UK comic Action Force Monthly ran a special prelude story entitled "As Thick as Thieves" in issue #6.
After their confrontation over Heather, Falcon scoffs at Duke's adherence to military protocol, and decides to pull rank on Duke to end the conversation.
Frank Welker is not specifically credited as Order, but he does provide the vocals of the dog in the Rawhides training sequence are (as he has provided animal vocal work for dozens of creatures - several in GI Joe itself - throughout his voice work career. Jack Angel is credited as Wet-Suit, and even though the character does not have any dialogue, during the final battle, when he gets punched by a Royal Guard, you can hear him scream (although it's barely audible thanks to the background fight grunts provided by the other voice actors). In 1999, American Beauty was released to the masses, and it single-handedly changed the shift in Hollywood back to artistically driven mainstream films that audiences hadn't seen since the real golden age of cinema during the 1970s.
Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) hates his job and continues to be in a sham of a marriage with his wife, Carolyn (Annette Bening), while also being in the midst of a mid-life crisis that leads to his infatuation with a Lolita of sorts named Angela Hayes (Mena Suvari), who happens to be the best friend of his teenage daughter, Jane (Thora Birch).
Movie Poster Shop specializes in movie posters and offers a wide variety of posters and movie photos. Living down in the South, I’ve heard and read about the racial tensions of the African-American help and their white employers.

As mentioned earlier, the film is based on the book written by Kathryn Stockett and takes place in 1963 in Jackson, Mississippi where Colored Only signs and Confederate flags were flying high. While their white employers were at Bridge Club, the African-American help cared for their children just like a mother should. Immigrant Zalmie starts off in vaudeville and winds up involved in the mob, his pianist son Benny gets killed in WWII, Benny's son Tony winds up in the early psychedelic rock scene in Haight-Asbury, and Tony's son Little Pete becomes a rock idol.
Pythona fights her way into the Terror Drome and into Serpentor's chambers, where he recognizes her from a suppressed memory.
Joe Headquarters, a new group of rookie Joes - dubbed the Rawhides- are brought onto the team. Golobulus, the supreme ruler of Cobra-La, and his aide, Pythona, explain the history of their race: Cobra-La are the former rulers of Earth, in part due to their advanced scientific knowledge, which allows them to manipulate and convert living creatures into advanced organic technology.
Falcon, who is supposed to be monitoring the doors to the facility, is instead harassing fellow Rawhide Jinx in the motor pool.
Cobra Commander, as punishment for his failure to destroy humanity, is exposed to a strain of mutative spores that slowly transform him into a literal snake. Rather than be court-martialed, Falcon's punishment consists of an aggressive 'retraining' program at the hands of Sgt.
Roadblock and Cobra Commander are found by Flint, Lifeline, and Iceberg, and they relay the location of Cobra-La and the BET to the Joe team. Though his action figure has him having a snake tail as opposed to actual legs, for the bulk of the movie his lower half of his body is shown as being a floating sphere-type vessel, which splits open to reveal his snake-like torso for the film's final confrontation. Created for the film, the character would have ultimately received her own action figure had the film (and the Cobra-La concept in general) been more warmly received by fans. According to their file card, the Royal Guards were Cobra-La citizens who had living insect body parts permanently bonded onto their bodies as their armor and were lobotomized to ensure complete loyalty. But all three was written out of the Sunbow series, quite convincingly, in Worlds Without End (Part II), remaining behind on an alternate reality Earth.
Another scene featured Jinx with her blindfold on and holding a sword, trying to stop the Thunder Machine from escaping with Serpentor. However, the version that was eventually released on video featured re-used music cues from the TV series (including some themes from other Hasbro animated TV series, such as Transformers and My Little Pony).
Instead he gets a nasty surprise when Duke slaps him with guard duty for his insubordination, confirming that Duke, as field commander, outranks all the Joes under his command, including commissioned officers. Meanwhile, Jane's insecurity is what causes her bouts of depression, but a chance encounter with an artistic new neighbor named Ricky (Wes Bentley) just might give her the inspiration she needs to truly find herself.
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I am almost done reading the book but I still want to see this even if I am not done with the book yet. She has him lead Cobra forces in an attempt to steal the Broadcast Energy Transmitter, an experimental energy generator being tested in the Himalayas by G.I. Their society however was erased by the onset of an ice age, forcing those few survivors into hiding in caves deep within the Himalayas.
General Hawk mobilizes every troop, except the Rawhides, in an assault on Cobra-La, but they are ambushed and captured as they enter the cavernous ice dome. Scarlett is then heard (in off-camera dialog) despairing that Duke has "gone into a coma", to which General Hawk later assures they'll do everything possible to save him. Falcon sees her and pushes her out of the way; they start to argue, but then they quickly notice smoke coming from the stockade, which leads to Falcon's run-in with Hawk. However the first release of the movie had an error with the "Action Force" soundtrack used on the second half. Peter Cullen and Vernee Watson-Johnson are credited as scientists but their scenes got deleted.

Emma Stone who plays the color-blind journalist Skeeter Phelan and is much prettier than I thought her character should have been according to the book but she does an exceptional job.
The film will make you laugh and make you cry, but it is an amazing story that needed to be told. Also revealed is that Cobra Commander is a citizen of Cobra-La who was sent out to conquer Earth for them.
The Rawhides meet up with Roadblock and Flint and manage to sneak into Cobra-La with Cobra Commander's help. In addition, Cobra's strike force is populated by dozens of Motor-Vipers; only 1 single Snow Serpent trooper appears as Cobra makes their escape toward Cobra-La. By the end of the film, another line of overdubbed dialog (in the form of the Joe medic Doc) assures that Duke recovers in time for the closing credits. Dan Gilvezan is credited as Slip-Stream, but he only manages to get some background walla sounds as dialogue in the final cut. Falcon is conspicuously absent from training, as he is giving an unauthorized tour of Serpentor's holding facility to a beautiful and very sexy civilian woman named Heather (who is Dreadnok Zarana in disguise). Due to his miserable success rate, the Commander is to be tried as a criminal and sentenced according to Cobra-La tradition.
Joe film encountered unexpected production delays which allowed the Transformers feature to be released first. In the original script, however, Duke was meant to die, and according to series writer Buzz Dixon, if the scene is viewed without dialogue, judged merely on the expiring movements of Duke and the tearful reactions of the Joes, it plays fairly obviously as a death scene (when Hawk turns around to cry, he clearly says "man down" instead of "Yo Joe"). Chuck McCann is credited as Leatherneck, but, as with Wet-Suit, during the final battle, after Wet-Suit gets punched by the Royal Guard, Leatherneck punches the Royal Guard, and you can hear a fight grunt when he punches the guard (although there's the background fight grunts during this whole sequence, Leatherneck's grunt is more audible than Wet-Suit's). And I can’t forget the absolutely stunning job done by Viola Davis who plays Aibileen and Octavia L.
A small contingent of Joes, led by Roadblock, follow the retreating Cobra forces deep into the Himalayan Mountains, where they are brutally attacked and captured by mysterious creatures with apparent ties to Cobra Commander.
Falcon's dereliction of duty is discovered by Duke, and he is placed on guard duty as punishment. Slaughter, and the Renegades infiltrate the Cobra Terror Drome on Cobra Island and discover that Cobra plans to make a second attempt to obtain the BET. Due to the poor box office performances of the Transformers film and the My Little Pony film, G.I. Fans have also pointed out that Serpentor's snake javelin struck Duke roughly where his heart would be, and in real life it is generally impossible to survive such a gory impaling — not to mention that a comatose state rather corresponds to brain injury. Neil Ross is credited as Hector Ramirez, and even had a scene storyboarded, but it got deleted. Mindbender's dreams to imbue him with the knowledge and skill to devise Serpentor's creation. Joe: The Movie was instead released direct-to-video as well as aired on television in syndication, first in feature length format and later split into a 5-part mini-series format as part of the show's syndication package. This could be explained, however, by his heart injury causing a lack of blood flow to the brain for sufficient time to induce a coma.
The movie script coming with the Shout Factory DVD, features a scene featuring Blowtorch and another scene featuring the scientists analyzing the spore launch just before the scene where Ramirez is reporting from the UN building.

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