This web site is attempting to list, review and create some discussion about the best movies ever made about American Indians in the pre-assimilation era. Don't forget about the revamped DBZ movie and the Live action Bleach movie that is still in production. The f*ck kind of crack are you on to think good things about this and why have I not heard of it?
In terms of a live action Ghost in the Shell, based on the article, it's mainly a hyped up rumor.
Making shitty live action films will turn people away from anime rather than make it more popular here. Technically speaking, it's not really 'Live-action' since Dreamworks will be making it in CGI.
Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra recently won accolades for her daring stunts and sensuous show in American television show Quantico.
Now, Piggy Chops gets right honor as she has been declared as Intel’s Most Sensational Celebrity of 2015. Jacqueline Fernandez, Kangana Ranaut, Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone, Emran Hashmi, Sunny Leone, Alia Bhatt, Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor are the other Bollywood stars included in the list. Advocate staff photo by BRAD BOWIE -- American Idol finalist and Lafayette native, MacKenzie Bourg performs at Parc International on Saturday following a parade in his honor. Advocate staff photo by BRAD BOWIE -- Lafayette Parish President Joel Robideaux congratulates American Idol finalist MacKenzie Bourg after declaring MacKenzie Bourg Day on March 26, 2016 at Parc International.

Advocate staff photo by BRAD BOWIE -- Fans of American Idol finalist MacKenzie Bourg celebrate the arrival of a parade in his honor on Saturday along Jerson Street.
Advocate staff photo by BRAD BOWIE -- American Idol finalist MacKenzie Bourg signs autographs on Saturday in downtown Lafayette. Advocate staff photo by BRAD BOWIE -- American Idol finalist MacKenzie Bourg rides in a parade honoring him on Saturday as it departs from the downtown fire station. Advocate staff photo by BRAD BOWIE -- American Idol finalist MacKenzie Bourg rides in a parade honoring him on Saturday along Jefferson Street. MacKenzie Bourg wanted to sing his original song, “Roses,” on “American Idol” just one more time. Bourg’s elimination last week followed a whirlwind trip to Lafayette on Easter weekend, complete with a homecoming parade, brief concert and appearances at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and elsewhere. Nonetheless, Bourg was sent home minutes later, receiving the lowest number of America’s votes the week before on Classic Rock Week. Had Bourg made it to “Idol’s” top three, he would have sung “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac and Sam Hunt’s “Take Your Time” later in the show, he said.
Bourg, who also competed on NBC’s “The Voice” in 2012, had many positive things to say about the “Idol” experience.
As for what artist he’d like to duet with that night, as the finalists traditionally do, he said he thinks Taylor Swift would be a good match for him vocally. What one person considers the best movie ever made, someone else may consider one of the worst.

And even though you’ve grown a lot, you were able to sort of condense all that into a very singular and powerful performance which shows that you’ve really grown. Bourg’s renditions of Cheap Trick’s “I Want You to Want Me” and Sia’s “Titanium” didn’t wow the judges. Hopefully, all the movies included in this list will have some redeeming values in viewing native Americans, and the views prevalent towards them in the times the movies were made.
I think a case can be made for several movie representations of Native Americans, who can be viewed as patriots, fighting against an alien invading force.
Some people consider The Searchers to have one of the most negative portrayals ever of Native Americans, while others consider it to be one of the most positive.
Shraddha Kapoor who was at number 6 last year has grabbed second spot, while TV host turned actor Kapil Sharma stood at 3. Magua in Last of the Mohicans (1992), Scar in The Searchers, Captain Jack in Drum Beat, Toriano in Arrowhead, Ulzana in Ulzana's Raid, Massai in Apache and Geronimo are just a few portrayals that can be considered positive when examined from a Native point of view.
Movies about Native Americans reflect the changing attitudes of American society towards Native American history and of the American treatment of them. Kapil who made his acting debut recently with Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon is the only TV personality to make to the list.

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