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User are requested to read our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy before downloading anything from our website. Some periods in history are inevitably so interesting that they could pass for a perfect setting of a film. Popular Movies: 300 Series, Alexandra The Great, Clash Of The Titans, Hercules, Troy And Wrath Of The Titans. Gods, heroes, monsters and epic battles, no wonder ancient Greece is an absolutely perfect setting for a super entertaining summer blockbusters. Perhaps no period in history has most popular historic periods portrayed in movies or gave us more famous characters than ancient Rome.
Popular Movies: Robin Hood, Braveheart, Excalibur, Snow White, Huntsman, Maleficent, The Viking Sagas And King Arthur. It’s also known as middle ages that lasted from 5th to 15th century after the fall of Roman empire.
Popular Movies: The Great Gatsby, Bullets Over Broadway, Some Like It Hot, Chicago And Boardwalk Empire. Also known as roaring twenties, this decade was absolute party and widely considered as one of the greatest decade in American history, naturally it is popular setting for Hollywood movies. Long hair, bell bottom trousers and platform shoes, this period referred to by some as the iconic decade for fashion. Popular Movies: Sherlock Holmes Series, Alice In The Wonderland, The Prestige, David Copperfield, Oliver And Sweeney Todd. Time period ranging from 1837 to 1901 of Britain under the leadership of queen Victoria is known as the period of peace, prosperity and national self confidence for Britain. If you like cowboys and pistils instead of Rock stars and guitars and prefer living under the constant threat of killing then the old west is only for you. Guns, conflict, explosions and millions of death no wonder World War II was one of the most brutal periods in human history.
Yup, before the script got reworked with the American Sniper quotes we have now, Spielberg had a script that would have told a completely different story. Spielberg either dropped out due to disagreements about what story to tell and how to present the Chris Kyle sniper story, or perhaps it was just scheduling.
There’s no denying that what Clint Eastwood stepped in to do has certainly struck a chord (even with that American Sniper fake baby issue!). What we did get was a flag waving portrait of an American hero told from the perspective of Bradley Cooper’s character and the battlefield and home front sacrifices he and his family made to help ensure our freedom. What Spielberg would have focused on would have been that enemy sniper and his obsession with killing Kyle.
With American Sniper box office sales breaking records, American audiences are voting for the version they wanted with their wallet. You’d think that narrowing down a list of the Top 90 films of any decade would be relatively painless. So what follows is a very unscientific gathering of the approximate collective opinions of our editors and film critics on the best movies of the 1990s.
Screenwriter Alan Ball mined his experience as an unsatisfied member of the television industry to pen American Beauty—a beautiful meditation on the hollowness of American suburbia and its materialism. While hung up with the intricate plotting of Miller’s Crossing, The Coen Brothers took a break to write a script about a blocked screenwriter (Jon Turturro). Before reality shows took over the world and VH1, there was a prescient little movie called The Truman Show. At this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, Robert De Niro was asked to talk about his directorial debut, A Bronx Tale. Released in a year filled with its share of lies and deceit, Quiz Show should be the official film of 1994. Like any number of other artists, we should be able to separate the creator from the creation.
Myeisha Essex is in love with all things pop culture, thanks in large part to her hometown.
Before reality shows dominated every network, some the best Black TV shows were centered around successful African-American families.

Pirates are always been a popular subject in movies but most of the pirates based films disappointed audience, only few could become successful and most of them were panned by critics until Pirates of the Caribbean franchise showed up. What other genre can give you war between 300 Spartans and hundreds of thousands of Persians but also a half man and half god fighting with monsters like Kraken. It is an extremely popular time period for filmmakers, one of the main reason is author Charles Dickens, numerous of his work has been adapted for both small and big screen.
Also known as wild west, it is the era of American history that has given heavyweights like John Wayne, Robert Redford and Clint Eastwood some of their finest roles.
The enormity of what Kyle accomplished would have instead been told from afar in that the foreign sniper knew that if his side had any chance of winning this war, he had to take out this one man killing machine. And we hate to say it, as we absolutely adore Spielberg, but we think that the Eastwood version of the Chris Kyle story has a much broader appeal. But even just my personal worksheet of no-brainers for the Best 90 Movies of the 1990s added up to over 100 films—not to mention everyone else’s exhaustive picks. There are gaping holes, to be sure (even with a dozen nations on the list, foreign films are highly underrepresented, for instance). Although Ball originally intended it for the stage, director Sam Mendes made the film intensely personal for each character, adding the kind of emotional heft that only a film—when expertly executed—can provide. You’ve undoubtedly heard someone make reference to this 1994 classic—whether it was a classmate sarcastically yelling “Run, Forrest, run!” as you hustled to catch the bus, or someone busting out their best drawl to deliver, “Momma always said life is like a box of chocolates.” The entire film is full of dialogue that’s both moving and funny (my personal favorites include “But Lt. Reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch at their most darkly satiric, Barton Fink depicts a self-important New York playwright who struggles to write a Hollywood wrestling picture while residing in a rotting hotel.
Strange, that there was a time in our culture when the thought of putting someone on television and watching their life unfold in a somewhat (or completely) falsified manner was morally wrong. Ned is an old-timer in a small Irish village who wins the lottery and dies from the shock of it. He cited the young, inexperienced leads (Lillo Brancato and Taral Hicks) as the main factor in the film’s success: “I like using non-actors.
Mikhalkov plays an honorable Russian general who faces the end of his career when his young wife’s former beau reveals himself to be a member of the KGB. The true story of TV-game-show cheating in the 1950s appears mild next to the scenes of O.J. Sure, what we might now know or think about Mel Gibson as a person might not be very nice but, wow, do few films say “epic” quite like this one? This Los Angeles native has an encyclopedic knowledge of the entertainment industry and she loves a good trivia game.
During the 1990s, these sitcoms showed positive family structures that shed light on realistic characters.
This list is about some historic periods popular among filmmakers and often portrayed in films. This film series not only saved the genre but also became one of the most beloved in today’s time.
This period also produces many films about popular figures of this era such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Marie Antoinette. Although this time period doesn’t produces Oscar winning movies but definitely entertain wide casual audiences. This period is also most popular among acclaimed filmmakers for past few decades, it seems like new world war II movie is released every year. Maybe it was the birth of the modern American indie film movement, led by Steven Soderbergh and Richard Linklater, that produced such an explosion of memorable movies in the decade. But we just couldn’t resist sharing with you some of the fun we had in reminiscing about one of our favorite decades in film history.
This is the story of Lester Burnham’s complete journey from imprisoned office worker to carefree teenager to enlightened adult, although each character undergoes a similar transformation.
A jaundiced metaphor for the compromised creative process of show business, Barton Fink delivers the deadpan comedy and quirky performances of the Coen’s trademark, including Oscar nominee Michael Lerner as a bombastic studio chief, John Mahoney as a boozing, Faulkner-esque novel, and John Goodman as a cheerful salesman with a dark secret. But The Truman Show was more than just a critique on the reality shows of the future; Jim Carrey was the everyman hero, weary of living a life where he took no risks and saw no change. Two of his old-timer buddies, Jackie (Ian Bannen) and Michael (Fawlty Towers’ David Kelly), decide to scam the big-city lotto agent into thinking that one of them is Ned, alive and well.
Mikhalkov’s exquisitely-observed fable shows how totalitarianism destroys not just one good man, but an idealistic belief system and a civilized way of life.

Simpson racing down a California interstate in a white Bronco, or Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan being assaulted by rival Tonya Harding’s hooligan friends.
Sprawling, bloody, beautifully realized and rich with meaning, this film is everything we hope for from this type of film.—David J. She received her bachelor’s degree in journalism and media studies from Bennett College for Women and her master's from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. We also mentioned some popular movies about that era to get you an idea on how many great and memorable films are actually produced by that historic time period. This revolutionary era has given us movies of different genres ranging from violent historic dramas to the musicals.
Only few movies from this era are nonfictional but we have no complain for movies about Juggernaut Hercules and Leonidas. Gladiators, chariot races and massive battles there is nothing not to love about ancient Rome. But things that make this period so perfect and popular for movies are strong Knights, memorable Kings, Princesses and beautiful castles all translate to the perfect cinematic setting. From rising Rock bands to news anchors, this distinctive setting has given cinema some of the most interesting characters in movies. Maybe it was the emergence of the New World Order (certainly the fall of Communism was directly responsible for Krzysztof Kieslowski, among many others, to do his finest work). The film may nominally be about Burnham’s obsession with the titular Angela Hayes, but its real message is that a more powerful beauty can be found in unexpected places. Forrest may be a simple man, but his story is our nation’s story, and we all are run through the emotional gauntlet as we watch him hang with Elvis and John Lennon, fight in Vietnam and encounter many a civic protest—all while in pursuit of his true love, Jenny. As he attempted to make new moves, he was met with such resistance that it made the very act of living a revolutionary process in itself. What ensues is not so much a con-artist caper but more an Irish celebration of community, camaraderie and the spirit of human generosity. There were no kids I could ever find that would have been like those kids.” Brancato and Hicks played Calogero (an Italian boy) and Jane (a black girl) respectively, two kids growing up—and falling for each other—in the racially charged ‘60s.
In what could have easily been downgraded to a comedy farce, director Robert Redford gives his characters an ethos of white lies that eventually crumbles into a full-blown national scandal, one that changes federal regulations and the way in which commercial sponsors control television.
To get eligible for this list films must have produced outside of the time period in which they are set. It was also the largest empire in the ancient world with over 90 million inhabitants so, undoubtedly it is one of the most popular historic period for entertainment industries.
The 1920s of America comes fifth in our list of most popular historic periods portrayed in movies. Or maybe it’s just that we all have a soft spot in our hearts for our post-college-era movies.
But for at least an hour, it may just be the most fun you’ll have watching any of these 90 movies.
Laura Linney, Noah Emmerich and Ed Harris (as Christof, the all-powerful man behind the curtain) made up Truman’s world and the cast of one of the most captivating and triumphant stories ever told.—Shannon M. Other Irish themes championed: whiskey, lush landscapes, poetry, naked old dudes riding motorcycles, whiskey and the fiddle. When she's not keeping up with the news or learning Beyonce's latest dance moves, she enjoys watching stand-up comedy on YouTube!
There’s also no shortage of characters for filmmakers to choose from both real and fictional including Henry the 2nd, black Prince, King Arthur and Robin Hood. You’ve probably already seen the all-time classic scene between Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper.
Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette’s lead performances are supported by the likes of Samuel Jackson, Val Kilmer, Brad Pitt, Bronson Pinchot, James Gandolfini, Chris Penn and, most of all, Gary Oldman as a white pimp who thinks he’s black.

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