After fighting the Civil War, thousands of frontiersmen used revolvers – handguns that utilize rotating chambers, allowing the firing of multiple rounds. Previous to metallic cartridges, frontiersmen fired home made ammunition; a ball, powder, percussion cap, combination they rolled themselves.
The most reliable gun ever to be slung in the west was the (ironically named) Peacemaker 1873. The most effective weapon: The sawed-off shotgun was perfect for short range (such as evidenced in the movie Open Range). This entry was posted in An Amalgated History of the West, Blog and tagged accuracy of a revolver, cold peacemaker, fm light and sons, guns, guns after the civil war, guns used by cowboys, guns used by outlaws, history of colt, history of weaponry, pistols, revolvers, rifles, rotating chambers, shootout, shotguns, weapons, weapons used in the west, wild west on September 24, 2010 by Chris.

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Latest Popular HD Furious 7 New Latest and Popular American Action Movie HD Cover Photos Photo Under Furious 7 Hollywood Movies Category. Obviously, unless very carefully made, these rounds were highly dangerous, and often misfired. But, despite the western-movie image of the gunslinger and his pistol, a wise gunslinger always had backup; a rifle or shotgun.

The Peacemaker was reliable, but inaccurate because of its short barrel (8 inches or less).
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