Admission is free and one continuing education unit is available through the American Nurses Association. Following the film screening, a panel will discuss how nurses can change public perception about nursing and the role of the nurse. Shehu, a Nigerian cab driver who's had less than stellar luck with women, recently had the misfortune of picking up a woman who wasn't one at all. IMDb Picks: April "Game of Thrones" Of course "Game of Thrones" is on our radar this month. Live Twitter Q&A With Ariel Vromen for 'Criminal' Join us for a live Twitter Q&A with Criminal director Ariel Vromen on Thursday, April 14, beginning at 3 p.m. The world premiere of a powerful nursing documentary, a free National Nurses Week webinar about leadership and ways to “Honor a Nurse” through the American Nurses Foundation, are among the highlights of  the American Nurses Association’s (ANA) 2014 National Nurses Week activities.
This year’s theme, Nurses Leading the Way, promotes RNs’ leadership as they improve the quality of health care and ultimately, the health of the nation.
The genesis for the film was Jones’s work on the award-winning book, The American Nurse: Photographs and Interviews by Carolyn Jones, released in 2012 and made possible by a grant from Fresenius Kabi, a global health care company specializing in medicines and technologies used to treat chronically and critically ill patients.

Proceeds from the book and film support scholarships provided by the American Nurses Foundation.
The Foundation created “Honor a Nurse” in 1993 as a public way to celebrate individual nurses. Anyone can nominate a nurse — a clinician, friend, colleague, mentor or teacher — who has made a difference in the practice of nursing, and make a donation on behalf of the honoree.
Earlier this year, the Foundation announced that Wolters Kluwer Health, a leading provider of information and point-of-care solutions for health care, became a sponsor to help raise awareness of the invaluable contributions of nurses across the country. ANA encourages all RNs to participate in recognition activities and to educate the public about the nursing profession and its role in their lives. The goal of the American Nurse Project is to promote the voice of nurses in the United States through personal stories. Annually, National Nurses Week begins on May 6, marked as RN Recognition Day, and ends on May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of nursing as a modern profession. Through the Years From Iron Man to Sherlock Holmes, take a look back at Robert Downey Jr.'s movie career in photos.

Though nurses are 3 million strong, the nature of their varied roles does not often place them in the public eye.
Take the opportunity to share this informative, inspiring session with your colleagues at work.
His plan is to find a nurse so she can get certified in the USA and make enough money for him to stay home and drink beer if he so chooses. With stories and photos, the documentary hopes to inspire audiences to think about nurses with a newfound appreciation for this essential figure on the front lines of health and healthcare today. When Shehu returns to the USA with a new wife and a fresh outlook on life, he didn't count on his new wife learning the ways of the African American woman. Now his wife has embraced her new-found identity, and Shehu is stuck trying to figure it all out.

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