Starting our list of the top 10 comedy movies all time is this British parody of all action films. Blades of Glory is a surprise entry to some perhaps, but it is definitely one of the top 10 comedy movies and probably Will Ferrell’s second best movie.
Wedding Crashers was a huge hit when it came out and still stands as one of the top 10 comedy movies. Austin Powers is a completely legendary film with some of the best gags in cinema history and some of the best characters such as Doctor Evil and his teenage son. Any number of animated movies could have made the top 10 comedy movies of all time, but Shrek takes this high spot for being perhaps the funniest. Anyway, take out the Will movies and add a few other funny ones and you have yourself quite the list of top 10 comedies. Britney Spears was still an innocent teen, Pamela Anderson was on her second boob job and Justin Bieber was five years old. But there was a comedy that came out on July 9th, 1999 that will go down as a classic with the likes of Animal House, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Old School and eventually Super Bad.
This one aptly demonstrates that the ludicrous and controversial humour of the cartoon translates perfectly to the big screen.
The part where he starts throwing up in his mask while performing for children is enough to bring anyone with a pulse to tears.
What’s really clever about it is how it offers a chick flick about weddings for women and a buddy movie with nudity in it for men.

At the same time it’s also a legendary film that captured an era for a whole generation who grew up with them.
Essentially it creates the ultimate guys’ night out which even involve Mike Tyson and a Tiger. It’s completely bizarre but it has some of the best characters and scenes of any film.
Pr0n was still transitioning from scrambled channels and magazines to slow ass 56k internet. 21 movies grossed over 100 million domestically (compared to 15 in 2011 if you adjust the inflation rate).
This movie defined the "Y Generation", or Echo Boomers or whatever the fuck some wrinkled bastard called us. I know the trailer won't ruin the movie for me because they can't show any of the best jokes. Here we will look at the top ten comedy movies that can get you smiling whatever mood you’re in. It also has a huge number of cameos from other British comedians from Bill Bailey to Steve Coogan.
It’s incredibly watchable and the gags never get old, which is why it wins this list of the top 10 comedy movies of all time.
Southpark, hangover, american pie, for instance, are worth their position in top 10 comedy movies.

Even with that cunt Jar Jar Binks, Episode I killed the box office for almost a solid billion worldwide. I can only imagine how many letters Adam Hertz (writer) got from Cougars everywhere thanking him for creating a term that replaced "hot old woman that I would put my pee pee in". This post about top 10 comedy movies remembered me of the times when I was watching 1 comedy movie per day. Anyway, I guess I will have a comedy marathon, so thanks for this post on top 10 comedy movies. Social media consisted of you and your buddies starting an AIM chat and inviting a bunch of hunnies from school.
Sequels never are, they try too hard and there's always a build up of expectations so high you're only building yourself up to be let down. It's like watching the first trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, you see 15 seconds of the actual movie, your head races with thoughts, you rub one out.
It is different from the other top 10 comedy movies’ cause not everybody understands their jokes. Perfectly balanced with potty humor, a soundtrack worthy of hanging in the Smithsonian and Shannon Elizabeth's perfect yum-yums, also Smithsonian eligible.

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