Per la serie dedicata ai filmissimi in onda al lunedi arriva su Canale 5 la pellicola American Sniper.
E voi cosa guarderete questa sera il film di Canale 5 oppure seguirete il ritorno del grande Salvo Montalbano?
Questo blog non rappresenta una testata giornalistica in quanto viene aggiornato senza alcuna periodicita. In American Sniper, the 34th film to be directed by Clint Eastwood, Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) rarely has a clear view of the field of battle. Eastwood’s tense and absorbing film was adapted from the memoirs of the real Chris Kyle, a highly decorated American Navy SEAL who served on four tours of duty in Iraq before being honourably discharged in 2009.
Cooper, who’s bulked up to the size of a largish bottle bank for the role, deftly captures Kyle’s experience of operating in this eerie moral dead zone.
Between tours, Kyle tries to decompress back at home in Texas with his wife Taya, who’s terrifically played by Sienna Miller: with this and her equally subtle, shaded turn in Foxcatcher, she seems to be gearing up for an overdue career renaissance. Besides, regardless of whether the film has us in a suburban Texan bedroom or a firefight in the shattered Iraqi streets, each scene is built as solidly and methodically as a chest of drawers, with no confusion over where the pieces fit. But what’s missing – and what lifted Kathryn Bigelow’s recent, thematically similar war films The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty into the realm of great cinema – is a sense of fatefulness.
Steven Spielberg zrezygnowal z rezyserii filmu "American Sniper" z Bradleyem Cooperem w roli glownej. The war biopic, which is inspired by the Navy SEAL's story, has also become the highest-grossing war film ever. Una prima visione che racconta una storia vera, con protagonista uno degli attori piu amati di Hollywood. Una volta terminata l’istruzione militare, Kyle viene inviato in missione a Falluja, in Iraq, dove viene impiegato come cecchino per proteggere i suoi commilitoni.
As perhaps the most accomplished marksman in US military history, he’s invariably lying on his belly on a dust-blown rooftop, staring down a telescopic sight, methodically picking off one enemy after the next.

Instead, he shows us Kyle much as he saw his targets: with that strange combination of extreme intimacy and extreme remove that a long-range sight confers. During a nerve-wracking confrontation in Fallujah, we watch Kyle take aim at a young boy who’s about to hurl a grenade at his platoon, a neat match-cut whips us back in time to a young Kyle being taught how to hunt by his father in the Texas backwoods. The couple’s domestic strains aren’t all that interesting or unusual for a film of this type, but Cooper and Miller play them with a clarity and rawness that keep the R&R sequences from feeling like dramatic down-time. Panic has never been Eastwood’s style, and even during the climactic shoot-out, where a sandstorm engulfs both sides in a symbolic fog of war, the camera remains perceptive and alert. Kyle’s story, finely textured as it is, doesn’t tell us much about anything other than Kyle himself, whereas the intensely personal stories in Bigelow’s films posed bigger questions, broadening their outlooks even as they narrowed their focus. Urodzony w Teksasie zolnierz budzil postrach w Iraku, gdzie nadano mu przydomek al-Shaitan (diabel). American Sniper e un film del 2014 diretto da Clint Eastwood, basato sull’omonima autobiografia di Chris Kyle. He had 160 confirmed kills to his name – the actual total may have exceeded 250 – and proved so deadly that the Iraqis eventually put a six-figure bounty on his head. It’s as if the adult is taking aim across time and space at his younger self – abnegating his own life in order to do this job he believes is simultaneously terrible and right.
Edgar and Jersey Boys, American Sniper brings us back the Eastwood who made Flags of our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima, his magnificent paired war films from 2006, and reminds us that the theatre of war – a stark testing ground for manhood – may be the ideal stage for this filmmaker’s late-career concerns. Poniewaz przy obecnie przyjetym budzecie Spielberg nie byl w stanie zrealizowac swojej wizji, opuscil projekt, a w jego slady poszli ludzie z DreamWorks. The film has been nominated for six Oscars including Best Picture and Best Actor for Bradley Cooper. Un film in prima visione che ci racconta la storia di un uomo, che aveva vissuto la sua infanzia e la sua adolescenza nel mondo del rodeo, che cambia poi improvvisamente vita, scegliendo la strada della carriera militare in Marina.
Ma il conflitto segna molto Chris; ogni volta che rientra a casa non riesce a pensare ad altro.

In that sense, Kyle is a typical Eastwoodian hero: another lone gunman on a wild frontier, trying his best to square his actions with his code. Sent to Iraq to protect his brothers-in-arms his skills as a sniper notch up 160 kills and he's credited with saving countless American lives on the battlefield. CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE Bradley Cooper has received an Oscar nomination for his role in American Sniper The Super Bowl weekend also saw the announcement of plans for a Chris Kyle Day in Texas, plus an initiative backed by Michelle Obama to promote the image of veterans in movies.
Tra l’autobiografia di Kyle e la storia raccontata nel film ci sono delle differenze, una delle principali e quella legata alla scelta di arruolarsi. A film built on unquestioning patriotism and the code of God, Country and Family isn't concerned with the ethics, complexities and politics of the Bush-Blair Iraq adventure. Nel film infatti si deve questa decisione a una delusione d’amore, privilegiando quindi il lato romantico della narrazione. Mimo przetasowan na najwyzszych stanowiskach odtworca glownej roli pozostaje Bradley Cooper, ktory zajmie sie takze produkcja filmu. Nella vita, quella reale invece, Chris prende questa decisione dopo un brutto incidente che gli avrebbe impedito di continuare a svolgere il lavoro che tanto amava. Ci sono anche altre differenze tra il libro, e quindi la storia vera e il film ma si sa che al cinema succede sempre qualcosa di diverso!
Mediaset questa volta non sta a guardare e sfida Il commissario Montalbano con una prima visione e non con un film in replica.

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