American Sniper Movie Set To Win Bradley Cooper An Oscar As Co-star Sienna Miller Talks About The Movie's Ending!
It seems that the hype for the upcoming American Sniper Movie has been getting hotter and hotter, especially now that rumors of it being the running for best picture in the next Academy Awards has been circling the internet. Co-star Sienna Miller, who plays Chris' wife Taya, has recently participated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly and dished about the movie's plot and ending, although the real Chris Kyle, a NAVY Seal Sniper to whom the movie is dedicated to and based on, died last 2013 due to a gun shot by another Marine veteran who is reportedly suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Upon being asked about how she felt working with Bradley Cooper in the film, Sienna said: "His performance is completely compelling. A prominent libertarian activist believes that the late "American Sniper" hero Chris Kyle is "essentially" the same as mass murderer Adam Lanza.

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When asked whether that part will be included in Clint Eastwood's movie adaptation, Sienna said: I'm not supposed to say anything.

Leaving that high-adrenaline, high-intensity situation behind and trying to be a father and husband.

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