In the 2015 film American Sniper, following the first kill that Navy Seal Chris Kyle undertakes, he arrives on base and is greeted by fellow soldier, and future friend, Biggles reading a Punisher comic.
Observing the use of the Punisher’s symbol of vigilante justice calls into question the purpose of war, especially our modern engagements in the Middle East.
As the film progresses, Kyle becomes consumed by his own tours of duty, narrowly escapes death countless times, and brings his trauma home with him. Castle’s own war against crime has lead him down dark paths, and brought him to do terrible things, including, but not limited to, torture and murder.
Kyle’s own vigilante justice falls in line with American tactical ops, which makes his justice all the more opaque. That The Punisher is evoked in American Sniper shows that the war on terror is a real threat, ongoing. I admit my own worldview is indeed influenced primarily by religion; Christianity to be exact.
Tagged American Sniper (2014 film), Bradley Cooper, Chris Kyle, Frank Castle, terrorism, The Punisher. The act of terrorism is done to provoke fear so as to deter a group or nation from performing a political, social, or economic action.
The new Bradley Cooper drama "American Sniper" has hit the $1 million mark at the box office after only five days of limited theatrical release.
The success of "Sniper" complements the high attendance and strong reviews for "The Elephant Man," a Broadway revival in which Cooper is currently starring. Another film that passed the $1 million mark on Monday was Paramount's "Selma," which is currently being screened in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. JASON JONESThe "Daily Show" correspondent has proven to be a standout cast member and perhaps a talent worthy of manning the desk -- though his TBS pilot with wife and "Daily Show" colleague Samantha Bee could keep him too busy for the gig. JEFFREY ROSSDubbed Comedy Central's Roastmaster General, Jeffrey Ross is one of the wittiest stand-up comedians around. Sui film candidati agli Oscar 2015 sappiamo ormai un po’ tutto, ma non pensavamo di trovare i relativi poster rivisitati con i personaggi dei fumetti!
Il discusso American Sniper con Bradley Cooper diventa Canadian Sniper con il primo piano di Wade Wilson aka Deadpool, supereroe Marvel che spesso troviamo nelle storie degli X-Men. La locandina di Whiplash e stata rivisitata introducendo uno dei personaggi piu popolari del Muppet Show, il truce batterista Animal. Il celebratissimo film Boyhood diventa Neighborhood in questa simpatica copertina ispirata ai personaggi del videogame giapponese Animal Crossing (conosciuto anche come Animal Forest).
In questo caso il poster di The Imitation Game, il film con Benedict Cumberbatch, e diventato The Illusion Game avendo preso ispirazione dai fumetti della Marvel dedicati ai maghi Doctor Strange e Antico.
In questa rivisitazione l’albergo fiabesco di Grand Budapest Hotel diventa il tetro manicomio criminale Arkham Asylum di Gotham City, dove sono detenuti i maggiori nemici di Batman. Se in Selma si parla della battaglia di Martin Luther King, sul suo poster-fake si fa invece riferimento ad Akuma, personaggio della nota serie di videogiochi Street Fighter.
Il poster di Interstellar di Christopher Nolan viene trasformato in Intergalactic, chiaramente ispirato alla serie TV animata Futurama creata da Matt Groening e David X. Il thriller L’Amore Bugiardo-Gone Girl con Ben Affleck e Rosamund Pike diventa Gone Princess con Super Mario e la Principessa Peach. After Kyle accuses Biggles of reading a “comic-book,” the latter corrects him, calling it a “graphic novel.” Surprising that a Marvel imprint could garner such prestige in a film that was nominated for 6 Academy Awards before it was released in theaters nationwide.
Kyle’s confidante, Marc Lee, who is killed during a passionate revenge incursion for the injury of Biggles (complications would lead to his death during surgery later), writes a letter home to his parents expressing his doubts of the purpose of the war.

In our own political hegemony, the US pursues means of vigilante justice, only using particular verbiage that softens the blow.
Despite having a family and having completed (according to the film) some 1,000 days of combat duty, Kyle’s need to serve is motivated by saving the lives of his fellow soldiers. Because of this, American Sniper impressed me with its candid depiction of the fog of war primarily. Stuart earned a BA in English with an emphasis in Early Modern Studies at University of California Santa Barbara. Jason Hall wrote the screenplay, which was based on an autobiography by Chris Kyle detailing his experiences serving in Iraq.
The film explores his experiences in battle as well as his life back home with his wife (Miller) and children, where he struggles to leave his violent memories behind. Holiday attendance for the play has broken house sales records at the Booth Theatre in Manhattan. But the insignia persists, and Frank Castle’s signature emblem is emblazoned across the munitions and armored personnel carriers of Kyle’s fellow squad men for the duration of the film. No mention is made of freeing the Iraqi people from the bondage of Saddam Hussein’s regime or of bringing stability to a war-torn region rife with systemic suffering beyond imagining. My perspective lends reasoning to the idea that the systemic evil in the world is symptomatic of a transcendent human condition that is motivated by greed, hate, exclusion, maligning, and oppression. An avid reader and historian, Stuart researches Nordic mythology and paganism and is self-taught in the Norwegian language (Bokmal). The film was only screened in Dallas, New York and Los Angeles, but the sales set a box office record for a limited Christmas Day release on fewer than 10 screens.
Ma nelle pagine seguenti troverete tante altre locandine modificate: American Sniper, Whiplash, Birdman, Boyhood, Grand Budapest Hotel e cosi via. It’s a totem, a tangible object that bridges the connection between its bearers and the intangible spirit of vindication and vengeance. And so, Kyle effectively dons the persona of a vigilante, embodied by the Punisher and his trademark insignia.
While soldiers punish wrong-doers (as they should), the war will persist unto whatever cataclysm will come of the jihadists. His bold, abrasive recurring segment "Back in Black" originated in 1996 when Craig Kilborn hosted the program.Getty ImagesJOEL MCHALEMcHale has been "The Soup's" hilarious host since 2004, so he certainly has the chops for a satirical series. This is not the first time that comics have been wrangled by Hollywood to comment on politics, or vice versa.
What is so troubling about the fog of war in the 21st century is that only 70 years ago German sympathizers and soldiers were put on trial before an international court for waterboarding POWs and executed for crimes against humanity. But after the deaths of thousands of would-be terrorists and their figureheads, no power on earth has put a dent in the mayhem. But this is the point of contention that the film has inspired with its idealized patriotism and contrasting shadows of doubt and cynical attitudes. Putting a gun to the head of a terrorist for but a moment will not entice change, neither will blowing up a building. Spirit of Orn, his breakout Science Fantasy epic is now available for purchase via Amazon Kindle and iBooks.See more, including free online content, on Stuart Warren's author page.
But like I said the insistence on the punisher iconography was really interesting, especially considering someone intentionally wrote Biggle’s lines and put a punisher comic in his hands. Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight highlights the power of a rich, old money heir waging a personal brand of vigilante violence against injustice, even going so far as to extradite international criminals, thereby circumventing treaties and violating the American Way.

Today, government agents fill morning talk show segments of national media outlets detailing how they torture POWs, without fear or regret. Frank Castle’s own brand of justice gets results; which he refers to as a “work in progress,” the phrase coined by Dolph Lundgren, who played Castle in the 1989 Punisher film. Articles on the film pit veterans (and their supporters) against the non-initiate masses that have never, nor ever will, see a gun or a battlefield, and they wax and wane between the hypothetical conduct of war, even just war.
Simultaneously, living in a world where such things are constant does not prohibit someone from acting in defense, or acknowledging a presence of evil, be it whatever flavor. It is argued that the moral footing made by the US in international politics at the conclusion of WWII was a direct result of trying German soldiers and officers for their crimes publically, when continental states demanded swift, commuted executions without due process. Yet, I have hope because I know that the world was never meant to be this way, and will eventually, at some point, cease to be as it is currently.
In the US constitution, the 3rd amendment restricts the quartering of US troops in the homes of citizens during peacetime, yet soldiers are permitted to quarter themselves in the apartments and houses of Afghan and Iraqi citizens under Total war. The Battle of Carthage concluded bitterly in 146 BC and saw the Roman legions capture each house one at a time within the city walls, much like the “block parties” carried out in Fallujah. The difference between him and, say, Batman, is that his grisly methodology is intrinsically antagonizing. But as the last remaining survivors of the Roman assault martyred themselves before facing Roman rule, Scipio Aemilianus allegedly remarked on the futility of war, and foresaw even Rome would fall one day, as Carthage had. His resume includes topical comedy shows like "Real Time With Bill Maher," "Best Week Ever" and "Comedy Bang! Still, the act of quartering helped uncover that the patriarch of the household was an Al Qaeda sympathizer, but also put the family at risk of being killed. If this is true, there is wisdom to understanding and comprehending the limitations of zealous patriotism, and the decay of empire and republic. Kyle’s own vigilantism and the torment that it brings him (which subsides by the end of the film) is the true subject of American Sniper, and is not meant to be briskly rationalized and justified. Earlier in the film, a family is decimated for their aid, the father shot to death and the son is brutally murdered with a power drill in front of his mother and sisters.) These situations, complicated, nuanced, and subjective in each incident, only prove how the fog of war has thwarted the binaries of ethics, of right and wrong. Rather than argue for the validity or weakness of American Sniper, a far more profitable discussion it that of trying to understand the vast complexity of war and ethical quagmire it entails. Kyle’s life was marred by the incongruences of the fallen world, and no amount of patriotic zeal will remedy damaged hearts.
Though Batman’s interrogative techniques walk a fine line between torture and fear based tactics, the villains walk away. And so the Punisher’s totem of vengeance locks Kyle into a spiral of pain; and violence will beget violence.
But is he willing to step back into the treacherous waters of late night so soon?CBSBRIAN WILLIAMSWhy not Williams? The NBC News anchor was suspended for six months just minutes after Stewart dropped the bomb.

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