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By the time the Spanish American War started to brew America had grown in such a way that it was impossible to contain. Every part of society was growing by leaps and bounds and so rapidly that any attempt to halt it would harm the very fabric of its foundation. Let's look at the Philippines and let one of the finest American minds explain the significance of this acquisition in one hand and the value of military strength on the other.

President Theodore Roosevelt rightly foresaw the significance the Philippines acquisition would mean for America's future as well as the bigger role that country was to play in the world's safety. He constantly explained the differences, and repeatedly remarked and made the case for expansion because it is and has been proven since his day to be different. It means growth which leads to progress, it was prosperity and security for a all peoples to thrive, the very essence in the American grain. Panama Canal is under construction, but a a deadly disease called "Yellow Jack" or yellow fever is taking its toll on the canal workers. Sam Elliott, Patrick Falci, Darin Heames, William Katt, Brian Keith, Geoffrey Lewis, Adam Storke, Brad Johnson, James Parks, Illeana Douglas, Dale Dye, Francesco Quinn, Michael Greyeyes, Dakin Matthews, Titus Welliver, Tom Berenger, Gary Busey, Nick Chinlund, Buck Taylor, Chris Noth, George Hamilton, Mark Moses, Holt McCallany, Will Wallace, Marshall R.

Furthermore, the very thought that any American could ever be viewed as imperialistic was inconceivable to him.

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