Kimberley Ward, 27, pictured here with her partner Liam Binks, heard her unborn baby's heartbeat for the first time after having a cochlear implant fittedA 'Having the implant switched on was an overwhelming experience,' said an emotional Miss Ward, from Leeds, who started losing her hearing in her teens.'I know that no matter how much I read in advance or asked others for their experience nothing could truly prepare you for the emotions you'd feel when I heard sound it was even more special that one of the first things was to hear my child's heartbeat. Medics carry out a scan of her stomach as she is allowed to hear the heartbeat, one of the major reasons why she asked surgeons to make history and allowing them to carry out the surgeryA Miss Ward said: 'We have never been given a reason or explanation as to why I lost my hearing. Following several appointments, she found out she was a suitable candidate but further discussions were had in order to understand if the surgery could go ahead with her going through pregnancy. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
It looks like the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree will be a considerably smaller energy hog this holiday season than it has been in years past, as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced yesterday that the tree will be lit up with LED lights for the first time - 30,000 of 'em, to be specific.
HYPE Coordinator Zulayka Peterson said the HYPE team is very grateful to both businesses for being good corporate citizens and making it possible for students to get the agendas to use.
The Agendas are specifically tailored for the academic year and cover the months that coincide with the school year making them easy for students to use for school related reminders such as noting down their assignments, projects, homework and other school related things. Persons who want copies of the HYPE Agendas can get them at Penny's Department Store, Office World, Blue Point, Pete's Photo and at the respective high schools. Downing Street says more people should be expected to publish their tax returns in the future, following David Cameron's decision to do so. The Philippines may have suffered its worst-ever government data breach barely a month before its national elections.
Safety fears force the closure of 17 Edinburgh school buildings leaving 7,000 pupils unable to return to classrooms after the Easter break. Tata Steel confirms a deal to sell its Long Products Europe business, including its Scunthorpe plant, to Greybull Capital.
SX Shortlist: Party Highlights for Saturday, March 19Here’s our shortlist of the top free parties for Saturday!
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SX Shortlist: Party Highlights for Wednesday, March 16Time to kick off SX Music with our shortlist of the top free parties for Wednesday! To celebrate Black History Month, Engadget is running a series of profiles honoring African-American pioneers in the world of science and technology.
Lonnie Johnson is not quite a household name, but many of his famous creations, like the Super Soaker, are.
After graduating from Williamson High School, Johnson attended Tuskegee University in his home state of Alabama, earning a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and a master's in nuclear engineering in 1973 and 1975, respectively.

The squirt gun, which was originally known as the "Power Drencher," was born after Johnson tried to create a water-based, eco-friendly heat pump that didn't require any Freon. The commercial version of the Super Soaker wasn't some accidental success, however; it was years in the making.
While the Super Soaker is, without a doubt, Johnson's most recognizable badge of honor, it's definitely not his only one. It took a while for my parents and doctors to refer me for audiology tests, as they believed I was lying and it was selective hearing.'My hearing loss was not as bad at that age but it has since deteriorated over the years. That'll apparently reduce the tree's energy consumption from 3,510 kilowatt hours per day to just 1,297 -- a savings that, as the AP points out, is roughly equivalent to the amount of electricity consumed by a typical 2,000-square-foot house in a month. Maarten - NAPA Auto, Truck & Marine Parts (SXM) and Windward Islands Bank (WIB) have made it possible for 650 high school students in St.
Also included are useful information such as school vacation dates and study financing information. These students were actively involved in the production process and they determined the information they want to see reflected in the Agenda.
Follow us on Twitter for even more updates from the field, and check back for party highlights each day of the fest (hopefully!). He then decided to follow in the footsteps of his father, a World War II veteran, and joined the US Air Force, where he was assigned to the Strategic Air Command and worked on the development of the branch's stealth bomber program. After making some jet pumps for it, he said to Popular Mechanics, "I accidentally shot a stream of water across a bathroom where I was doing the experiment and thought to myself, 'This would make a great gun.'" Johnson added that the first version of the gun had the pressurized water and air inside a Plexiglas body, but after ironing out a number of iterations, he then decided to put the bottle on the top -- a feature that would end up making its way to the retail version. Johnson was driven by faith in his invention to leave his job at the Air Force and NASA to start his own engineering company, Johnson Research and Development. Along with the popular toy, he's also responsible for inventing memory-protected circuitry for the Galileo mission, which he says is right up there with the Super Soaker when it comes to his favorite creations. I found it a very difficult and upsetting experience as I started to struggle in school and I was also bullied because of it.'A cochlear implant is a small electronic device that is surgically implanted and can provide someone who is deaf or severely hard of hearing with a sense of sound. I'm so pleased it's given them the opportunity to genuinely think about the experience and what actually happens.'I am also lucky I had my mum and Liam to look after me too post-op. They went out and conducted research and wrote most of the enlightening articles and profiles that appear in the Agenda. Eustatius and internationally are featured throughout the Agenda, including our past and present national heroes. Also, big ups to Mxdwn, The Wild Honey Pie, and Showlist Austin for compiling all the info on set times for hundreds upon hundreds of shows this week — make sure to check them out, too. Shortly after, the Atlanta-based company licensed its Super Soaker invention to Larami Corporation, the company that ultimately brought the toy to market in 1989.

More than 25 years since it initially hit the consumer market, it's estimated the Super Soaker has earned more than $1 billion in sales.
Most recently, Johnson invented the aptly named Johnson Thermoelectric Energy Converter, an enhanced heating system that can efficiently turn solar energy into electricity.
The HYPE Agenda Team believes that every high school student should have a copy of this agenda. In 1968, at Williamson High School, then an all-black school, Johnson designed a 4-foot tall, remote-controlled robot, which he worked on for over a year and built using scrap metal. There, he became involved with multiple ventures as a systems engineer, including the Galileo mission to Jupiter and the Mars Observer project. He attributes his success in part to the great African-American inventor George Washington Carver, whose story of perseverance Johnson admired and used as motivation.
In an interview with The New York Times, Johnson recalled what it was like meeting with Larami Corporation to show them an early, working prototype of the Super Soaker, which he was carrying in a pink Samsonite suitcase. Not long after the launch, Larami Corporation was purchased by Hasbro, which took the Super Soaker into a whole new world -- after all, Hasbro was, and still is, one of the biggest toy manufacturers in the world. In other words, Johnson, who currently holds over 80 patents (plus 20 more that are pending), still has a major passion for inventing -- nowadays he's less about toys, though, and more about finding ways to make the world more efficient. He was also part of the Cassini mission to Saturn, helping design the robot probe that traveled more than 900 million miles to our ringed neighbor.
Unfortunately, the relationship between Hasbro and Johnson didn't play out smoothly; later on, both parties would get involved in a licensing battle that resulted in the Super Soaker inventor receiving a whopping $73 million in royalties. Johnson recalls being the only minority student in the competition, which was hosted by the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa -- a place known for attempting to block black students from enrolling. Even while working for the Air Force and NASA, Johnson used whatever spare time he had to tinker with side projects of his own. Eventually, Johnson earned the nickname "The Professor," a moniker that years later would seem ever so fitting.
You can get into the day parties with an RSVP, but the night showcases are mostly limited to badgeholders — however, they sometimes let non-badges in if space allows. Badges and wristbands get priority for day shows, but as long as it’s not at capacity, they are very welcoming if you RSVPd.

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