In The Last of Us, a fungus called Cordyceps that commonly infects insects has jumped over to humans, creating a fungal zombie apocalypse. The Last of Us is a new survival horror video game and it features a€” no big surprise a€” zombie-like creatures. The Cordyceps fungus invades its insect hosts, replacing their innards in order to reproduce itself.
Just outside of Lillooet, traveling north on the Duffey Lake Road, you might spot the carved “Walden North” sign and mistake it for a B&B.
Walden North is actually an Apocalypse-proof shelter built in the early 1970s by Vernon Pick, an American uranium miner seeking the perfect place to ride out a nuclear holocaust. He was born on a Wisconsin farm in 1903, left home at age sixteen and a year later joined the US Marines. Pick had very little formal education – only one year of high school and a handful of university extension electrical courses – but he possessed an incredible appetite for knowledge, spending his spare time studying philosophy, literature, science, religion and, apparently, eschatology. The quiet, self-sustaining lifestyle Pick and his wife Ruth enjoyed in Wisconsin ended in 1951 when a fire destroyed his workshop. In 1954, Life magazine published “Vernon Pick’s $10 Million Ordeal” and a rags-to-riches story that led to a flood of random visits and letters from folks begging for funds. In 1965, nearly 20 years after Hiroshima, the BBC documentary-styled drama The War stoked public fear of the nightmare of full-scale nuclear war. A heavy smoker, Vernon Pick died of lung cancer in 1986 and is still fondly remembered in the town of Lillooet for creating many jobs in the construction of his dream and then by producing photocopier drums, microchip components and fine furniture. By all accounts he was a gentle and magnanimous man who embodied the American spirit of rugged individualism and do-it-yourself Yankee know-how. After his death, most of his equipment and possessions were auctioned off and Walden North is no longer stocked and equipped in the state of preparedness Pick envisioned.
Twenty-six years since he last roamed the halls of Walden North, Vernon Pick’s feared Apocalypse hasn’t yet materialized. Published once per year in stunning coffee-table quality, Mountain Life Annual seeks to be a photo-driven national outdoor voice of record.
This documentary shows two civilizations at their height waging war at each other as well as inspiring and exchanging masterpieces of art and music. Step by step, awkwardly watched by a group of wary chamois, two ski tourer push their way through the deep snow.
But to this day the achievements of the Sherpas have not found their way into the alpine history books. Their German opposition is headed by TV presenter Markus Lanz and ultra marathon runner Joey Kelly. On May 18th, 1980, one of the greatest natural disasters of our time hit the north-western United States.
In the aftermath of the eruption, 22-year-old biology student Charlie Crisafulli first came to this area. Heinz Leger and his team accompanied the panda baby throughout the first moments of its young life until his departure from Vienna Airport.

Entire Austria was buzzing with excitement as for the first time ever in the history of European zoos a panda baby was born naturally and in good health. Heinz Leger and his team accompanied the panda baby throughout the first moments of its young life. But these are not the same old zombies that have dominated movie and TV screens in the past few years.
Walden North has its own hydroelectric plant and monolithic buildings with concrete walls two feet thick. After a stint as a hardrock gold miner in Manitoba, Pick spent seventeen years running an electrical company in Minneapolis before moving back to Wisconsin to convert a derelict flourmill into an electrical workshop that he powered up by building his own hydro generator.
He was a multi-talented renaissance man with utopian ideals matched only by a thirst for technological innovation. The Picks decided to use their insurance money to pull up stakes, buy an Airstream and go west.
Pick helped some of them but ultimately decided he wanted to make a more lasting contribution to the future of humanity. Cold War paranoia sparked a bomb shelter boom across America and Pick decided to abandon Walden West and build a long-term survival retreat to prepare for the end of days.
After scouting both locations Pick, aged 62, chose Canada and proceeded to spend much of his fortune fulfilling his vision.
He told locals who helped build its two-foot-thick walls and install bulletproof windows that he was simply concerned about forest fires. But thanks to the solid foundations he put under his dream, there may be a future for Walden North yet. We follow the rise of Prince Eugene, for an emotionally neglected childhood at the court of Louis XIV, to huge success as a respected and feared leader, and the wealthiest man of his time; and finally to his lonely decline. Hermann Maier and Chris Walzer, a renowned vet, specialised on alpine wildlife, are en route to the top of the Dachstein. In this harsh environment two teams take on the challenge to race to the southern most point of our planet.
After a week of acclimatisation on the edge of the continent, they set off on a 400 km race towards the South Pole.
However, this famous ski resort that connects Tyrol and Vorarlberg, offers a lot more than expected. The panda, which was the first in Europe to be conceived naturally, must return to China under a zoo agreement made in 1984. Witness Fu Long’s clumsy attempts at walking, playing around in the adjoining garden and canoodling with his mother Yang Yang.
NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. The compound, including a guesthouse and gatehouse, is currently owned by Fortis BC, run as an independent power plant and not open to the public.
In one of the highest north faces of the Eastern Alps the two renowned alpinists Marko Prezelj and Hanspeter Eisendle have picked a challenging route on the Sphinx – a rock formation on the very top of this breathtaking face.

Here the national park Hohe Tauern lies like an island of wilderness in a sea of long tamed nature.
Without their skills as guides, their hardiness and endurance as porters even the most modern mountain expeditions would not have been possible. The Austrian team is led by Olympic gold medallist Hermann Maier and the radio presenter Tom Walek.
Heading out into the polar wilderness on skies, pulling all they need to survive behind them. When the winter loosens its icy grip to give way to spring, the mountain slopes explode into bright colours of orchid meadows. Fu Long’s parents were sent to Vienna in 2003 as part of a loan programme that states that any offspring must return to China in their second year. This documentary offers not only sensational exclusive shots of the newly born baby in its birth box, being taken care of by its mother and the little panda’s visits to the veterinarian to assure healthy development but also tries to uncover the secret life of one of the most endangered species in the world. From the very top they have an unlimited view on this hotspot of biodiversity full of fascinating wildlife and meadows exploding in colors. Here the wilderness around the Dachstein, Styria’s highest peak, lies like an island in a sea of long tamed nature.
In this land of beauty Hermann meets people who protect this precious natural gem and who have learned to live under the harsh conditions of the high mountain ranges. Making up the Austrian team are Sabrina Grillitsch, Austria’s first and only female Special Forces soldier and Alexander Serdjukov, a Husky racing champion. In this land of beauty Hermann meets people who protect its wildlife and who have learned to live under the harsh conditions of the high mountain ranges.
Within seconds, a lush wooded mountain landscape was turned into a barren desert as lifeless as Mars. Players trek through a post-apocalyptic United States encountering the creatures in various stages of infection. These cute rodents sprawl sluggishly in the morning sun, but the calm is deceiving, because this is the realm of only one sovereign ruler: the Golden Eagle. That's one of the reasons entomology got under Wall's skin a€” though he's not worried about Cordyceps burrowing into his brain. Then why couldn't it jump over to us?' But in terms of the evolutionary family tree, humans and insects are really far apart." But close enough to stimulate someone's imagination.
He knows some bug stories involving mind control, behavior modification and strange exoskeleton designs a€” in other words, box office gold.

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