A Beacon in ARK: Survival Evolved is a colored beam of light which marks the location of a supply crate that slowly descends from the sky. In the sea, special Deep Sea Loot Crates can be found which contain only one high quality item. Beacons spawns in set locations, although their density varies between regions, with more dangerous or difficult to access areas often receive higher-quality supply drops. Note: In addition to the items and blueprints below Purple Beacon Drops can also contain all items from Blue Beacon Drops. Note: In addition to the items and blueprints below Yellow Beacon Drops can also contain all items from Purple and Blue Beacon Drops.
ARK: Survival Evolved launched on Steam in "Early Access" in June of this year and has been one of the most popular games sold on the platform since its release. ARK: Survival Evolved is an online survival adventure RPG game set in a world filled with dinosaurs and mythical creatures such as dragons. Throughout the free weekend, Studio Wildcard will launch hundreds of new official servers that will include an Extinction Event.
The competition will run open preliminary matches from 6am EST on Saturday, August 29 and conclude Monday, August 31 at 11pm EST. During the championship match, the dragon will make its first appearance in the game, and players will have the chance to try and tame it and ride it. The winner of the championship will be awarded with some significant prizes, with the first place team receiving $20,000 to be split four ways. Looks like I might be adding this game to my collection this weekend to do some benchmarking. That's great but, don't we need to have Windows 10 and a DX12 GPU and DX12 game to get full potential out of DX12?
I'm holding off Windows 10 until the bugs are worked out and the other issues are worked out like the privacy issue and forced automatic updates etc. Quote:That's great but, don't we need to have Windows 10 and a DX12 GPU and DX12 game to get full potential out of DX12?
Bat (also known as Onychonycteris) mainly live off the mushroom and assault the non-insect.
Brontosaurus is one of the biggest creatures that can be used to carry incredible quantities of resources. Sarcosuchus (meaning flesh crocodile) is a giant crocodile that can be considered as the patient slaying machine. Raphus replicare (known as Dodo bird) is probably the most stupid creature wandering around the beaches and eating the berries off the bushes. Mammoth is an arduous beast for taming, this creature is heard animal, it can uproot trees without shattering them. Phiomia ignavus is another heard animal on the island; they are kind of diminutive but big enough to supply plenty of meat. Megapiranha magnadmorsus is carnivorous fish which can be found in the rivers and ponds of the islands. Smilodon brutalis is a solitary predator which can be seen in the cold lightly wooded location.

The Araneomorphus (also known as Spider) firing webbing like a bola spider and spitting venom like a lynx spider.
The Spinosaurus is a well-rounded apex carnivore which is faster than Tyrannosaurus in water. Stegosaurus is another creature of the ARK world which is used as a secured way to transfer big quantities of goods.
Triceratops is the common mount for the one riding dinosaurs, it is a docile grazing animal and become very rampage once getting angry. Plesiosaur is one of the marine reptiles having a weird role in the oceanic food chain and a natural predator. Broodmother Lysrix is one of the creatures in the ARK world that all the survivors need to conquer.
Since these creatures haven’t been released to all the gamers yet, so we will summarize short basic information about them! Compsognathus (meaning pretty jaw) is a small, meat-eating dinosaur living during the late of Jurassic period. The Castoroides (also known as Giant Beaver) is a big mammalian herbivore living near water.
Gigantopithecus is a weird and passive creature with a very short temper when coming to the private space. The Meganeura (also known as Dragonfly) is a large carnivorous species living in the wetter, wooded areas like jungles. Mesopithecus amicufur is an omnivorous monkey species living in the jungles of the islands mostly. It is not advisable to stand directly in the beam of light as the supply crate descends because if it hits the player, the player falls through the ground into water, and either drowns or must swim to the sea in order to escape (This is a bug, present as of v.186). Currently, the game is #11 on Steam's top sellers list, among massive titles such as Rocket League and Grand Theft Auto V.
If you haven't had a chance to try the game out, this is a great opportunity to give it a whirl before committing. The game has a mode called "Survival of the Fittest," where 35 teams of two are pitted against each other in a survival game similar to The Hunger Games. Battles will run for two and one half hours each, and the winning teams of each battle will advance to the Pre-Championship matches that will start at 10am on September 1. Do note that the game is still in early access alpha; there are bugs abound, but overall the game is very enjoyable, esp if you find a good unofficial server.
It is a flying creature that might assault any human in a sight and have important stamina allowing it to travel or haul the goods for long distances!
This creature naturally gathers wood extremely efficiently and doesn’t know how perilous the island is.
This creature won’t turn down a free meal even though it is not a rampage, especially when hunting for the victims of Pulmonoscorpius. Each crate contains an apparently random selection of offerings (such as raw resources, weapons, building components, or blueprints), with higher-level beacons generally containing more valuable loot, scaled to the level requirement.
The supply crate will take a few minutes to fully descend; from a distance it can be seen as a bright orb moving down the beacon, while up close the shape of the actual crate can be seen.

Additionally, a beacon lights the surrounding area brightly, and this light disappears abruptly when the supply crate is looted or de-spawns, potentially leaving a player who had relied on this light blind or disoriented. Supply crates will go through trees to land on the ground, however, some crates may not be accessible due to, for example, spawning on an extremely steep incline (such as the rocks by the Obelisks). Being an "Early Access" title, the game receives frequent updates and patches, and today it will receive one of the most hotly anticipated updates: DirectX 12 support is coming to the game, making it the first title available using Microsoft's latest API. The developers behind the game have suggested that DX12 will improve performance on compatible computers by as much as 20 percent.
It's also a great chance for anyone interested in seeing what DX12 has to offer first-hand.
Through the weekend, new players can join these servers and try to locate random supply crates. As the completion progresses, a ring of fire surrounding the arena will creep in, forcing players closer to each other. The final 36 tribes will be put into a 144-player Championship match that will start at 2:30pm EST the same day. Every player who manages to reach the championship match will also receive a $100 Steam gift card. Sure I only have a HD7970GHz but it should still see some benefit since DX12 11_1 is the level that focuses on performance which GCN 1.0 supports. We are so pleased to make a collection of Dinosaurs displaying various discrepant creatures that you might slay or tame the local wildlife in ARK world. Beacons and their associated supply crates look alien in nature, and their source is unknown.
When the supply crate hits the ground, the tangled web of lights atop the beacon disappears, and the beacon appears as a somewhat shorter spire of light which tapers towards the top. Finally, beacons on PvP servers draw other players, who will generally fight each other for the crate's contents. The championship match will be run over the course of four and a half hours, and will be streamed on SurvivetheARK's twitch channel. Beacons are one of the ways to get higher-level items and blueprints, such as Ramshackle, Apprentice, Journeyman, Mastercraft and Ascendant level items.
The supply crate drops with 100 health and slowly decays over time, and bursts apart when its health reaches 0 or when it is looted by a player. However, each creature will have some different ways as well as the amount of food that they need to be tamed! The Extinction Event will conclude at 11:59pm EST on Monday with a "meteor strike" that will wipe out the servers. Studio Wildcard recommended only new players use these servers, but said that save data from these servers will be posted online for players to download and continue their progress in single player, or on a private unofficial server.

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