Klik : mediafire Materi yang ada dalam katalog semuanya bisa dipesan, walaupun belum dipajang. Some people claim that our increasing reliance on digital media and gadgets is the downfall of society, and in some ways, we can see why they’re so sure. Having a regular camping spot is a tradition for many families, who often retreat to the same location for generations. Even well-prepared adventurers can run into unexpected circumstances while exploring in nature, and being armed with solutions is the best way to make it out of an otherwise sketchy situation.
Kami beranggapan bahwa semua pembeli telah membaca keterangan dibawah ini dan menyetujui hal tersebut ! Jika CD yang diterima rusak, patah, tergores atau tidak terbaca harap segera hubungi admin untukdiganti. But every cloud has a silver lining, and the lining on the technology cloud is that information that was once inaccessible to the vast majority of people is now available right in their own hands, which is connecting people and places in a way that’s never before been possible.

The US Army Survival Guide app from Double Dog Studios is a digital survival guide based on the actual guide issued to US Army forces.
Outdoor lovers can rejoice in this accessibility when it comes to finding a new place to explore, or ways to utilize what you have in nature simply by opening up an app on your smartphone.
This app can help make it through a survival situation, including edible plant gathering, poisonous plant identification, first aid, building shelter and fire, navigation, signaling techniques, tying knots, and plenty more.
Here are a couple of our favorite apps that will get you on the trail in a way you’ve never been before.
It contains detailed information for 11,500 public campgrounds in the US and Canada, including whether they accept reservations, how to contact, onsite facilities, elevation, weather forecasts, directions, and accurate mapping.
More than 1,400 pages of this app are accompanied by illustrations and photographs that can help you identify your surroundings and take the steps to make it back to safety.
All the information contained within the app is available offline, with the exception of weather forecasting and navigation, which do require a data connection.

Best of all, the entire app is available offline, so the information will be there even if you’re miles from anywhere. Each camp is assigned a symbol that tells you whether it’s federal, state, army, or municipal property, as well as a link to its website and numbers to call for information and reservations. For the price of a good latte, you now have ready access to more camping destinations than you can probably ever visit!

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