YANWEN Express: 7-14 working days on the way, no need to pay tax for most european counties. If you needs YANWEN express shipping or other shipping method like UPS, TNT, FedEx and so on, or you have special needs for your order, such as declared name and so on, please leave message on the order to notify us. As different country has different import policy, sometimes we will change the shipping method based on the counties and goods.
Use high capacity high power polymer cells, fast charging and low self-discharge, cycles can reach 1000 times.

Press the switch to start charging when your device connected with EPOWER; If you unplug the cable, auto-sleep will start in one minute. Five lights will flash circularly during the charging by EPOWER and all lights will keep bright when your device is full-charged.
During the charging for your device, LED lights indicate the balance power of built-in battery of EPOWER. Press the switch five seconds to start If you want to use LED for illumination and select the status ( light, strobe, SOS, close) by pressing the switch to transform.

For some remote area, if you do not want to pay remote fee, we can send it to you by EMS too. For some special function, you can take the photo or video and send us to check if you operate it rightly.

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Rubric: Emergency Preparedness Survival


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