While 60mph may not sound super crazy, minutes after bringing the kiddie pools in from outside {so they didn’t blow away}, our outdoor canopy, which is staked into the ground, flew up in the air crashing into the girls play house, knocking down the garbage and recycling bins, mangling our rain drain pipe, and came down with a crash landing half over our fence.
Here are some tips for your family and ways to teach your children what to do in case of an emergency. Have an emergency plan based on various emergency situations and print a copy for each family member.
Print this basic  Family Emergency Sheet {by clicking on the image) and list important numbers and your address and keep in handy. There are several ways you can encourage safety and have fun learning about what do to in an emergency.
We’ve been working on teaching Brecken where we live so if the event she gets separated from us, she can tell someone at least the village she lives in. Great tips my kids get spooked with bad storms after one experience it can be so frightening for little ones! About MBKBMommyB Knows Best is a family friendly website that features fun tips and tricks for parents, fresh segments you won't see on other websites, honest in-depth product reviews, and great giveaways.

B Plumbing and Heating provide a comprehensive domestic and commercial boiler and central heating servicing and maintenance contracts service as well as a full boiler breakdown call out service.
We have carried out plumbing and heating servicing and maintenance contracts for Claires Accessories, Fine Lets, Remax Estate Agents, China Buffet King restaurants in Glasgow and nationwide contracts for Spudulike restaurants plus various house builders. B Plumbing & Heating offer a full and comprehensive power flushing service throughout East Kilbridge and Glasgow areas.
Thankfully, I had stepped inside the door just about a minute before the canopy flew away, praise God. This reliable and easy-to-install, the Baxi Platinum Combi is a firm favourite with householders and installers alike. Power flushing is the most efficient and effective method of cleansing a central heating system. I know for some of you who live in the mid-west or others that have been dealing with high winds and storms this may not be a big deal, but is somewhat relatable.
But the situation made me think about what my girls would do if I was knocked out by the canopy or in case of an emergency where they had to be in charge.

While it is important to let your children know how important safety in an emergency is, try to make learning safety procedures fun, especially for the little ones, this will encourage learning and listening. We service all makes and models of combi, system and back boiler and combination boilers as well as maintain your central heating system.
Iron oxide sludge can gather in your radiators reducing the performamce of your central heating system, which means a power flush is needed.
Power Flushing can restore circulation and efficiency to the heating system by removing this sludge. Call B Plumbing & Heating today for further information on our power flushing services.

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