This post is about the basic tools and equipment for soldering (and desoldering) electronic components. If you are soldering very small and closely placed components buy the thinnest soldering wire you can find. The stand with the clips (in the right) is hugely useful and it will save you from some extreme acrobatics.
Another very useful tool I didn't knew it existed but I realized I always wanted is this mini vacuum pump that with the help of the iron can move away the melted wire and desolder parts.
A last piece of advice, always buy the best quality tools you can afford, they will pay themselves in the future, do some research before you buy and ask any questions you have to the people in the store.
Durable desoldering tool is made of aluminum with a special metal plating for added protection.

Plato tips are top-quality, drop-in replacements for your brand name soldering and desoldering equipment. I also bought the smallest soldering tip I found, a round 0.5 tip (JBC B-03D) although the slightly bigger standard one of the 14s does the job. Just be sure that it fits your soldering iron and when you are using it don't forget to moist the sponge whether you use it or not because if it is dry it will at some point accidentally burned from the tip. It is very effective and although made from plastic it is very durable in high temperatures. I already had an 26W iron and although with experience one can use it effectively a small diameter 11w is the next best thing to an expensive soldering station. This particular example was cheap (7 euros) but not very good quality although it does the job ok.

The magnifying glass although it can help in showing more detail it messes with depth perception and I never use it, maybe I should just take it out.
Last but not least from my small but intensive soldering experience the best way to clean the soldering tip is bu rubbing it to metal sponge (used for cleaning in the kitchen).

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