The Western Frontier's H-70 Machine Gun (originally named M-70 in the first game) is based on the U.S. The Xylvanian's Spanzow Minigun is based on the MG 08 while its nickname comes from the MG 42. The Anglo Isles's .44 "Grump" gun is almost exactly the same as the British Bren light machine gun used during World War II.
The Frontier Assault Veteran is a parody of fictional macho soldiers wielding large and heavy machine guns. Although it is said that the Xylvanian and Iron Legion Assault veterans have an incredibly high rate of fire and that the Solar Empire's Assault Veteran's weapon is incredibly accurate, the weapons have the same rate of fire and accuracy as any of the other nations in BWII. The Assault Veteran of the Solar Empire in the first Battalion Wars fired long streams of energy beams.
In the first Battalion Wars, a computer-controlled Xylvanian Assault Veteran fired bullets at a much faster rate and much better accuracy than the Assault Veterans of any other faction- possibly a homage to the unit's name, the "Minigun Veteran".
Interestingly, player-controlled Assault Veterans don't reload their weapons, but only let it cool down should it overheat.
The Battle of the Coral Atolls is the 16th mission in Battalion Wars and the last mission in the Coral Atolls. The mission tasks the player with assaulting and destroying the xylvanian head quarters which provides resupplie and repair to all xylvanian forces in the coral atolls, without it the xylvanian army would have to retreat from the area.
The best way to use Artillery is to attack enemies that are far away, however most enemies will move into attack range if you shell them first.
The Xylvanian artillery resembles an 88mm anti-armor gun, or FLaK 88, infamously used by the Wehrmacht in WWII. Since this artillery uses a naval cannon, there is huge recoil, sometimes knocking away nearby infantry!
The Western Frontier The Western Frontier is a nation-state based on the United States of America, and the main protagonist in Battalion Wars. During the Lightning Wars, the Western Frontier was one of the nations that that did not fall to the Iron Legion. From that point on, the demilitarized zone on the border of the Western Frontier and Tundran Territories has been the sight of an uneasy truce between the two powerful armies, with both nations ready to retaliate in the event of a pre-emptive strike. General Herman grows anxious with the constant peace and how a lack of combat has gotten the Frontier troops out of shape, During a combat exercise, Frontier forces come across a Tundran armored division under the command of Tsar Gorgi, The Frontier and Tundra were at War once again.
After defending the radar array at Windbreak Ridge, freeing the Frontier Spies, capturing Castle Potempkin, destroying Marshall Nova's tank Division the "Iron Eight", the Frontier began an attack on the last Tundran Stronghold. Their first target was to weaken the Xylvanian forces at the Dune Sea, The essential resource of this region was an element called "Nerocite," an efficient vehicle fuel, after the Alliance managed to defend their outposts in the Region, they launched an offensive on the Xylvanians and managed to push them out of the Dune Sea. Next the Alliance headed to the Coral Atolls to help the Solar Empire in their fight against the Xylvanian Invaders, After defeating the Xylvanians, the Solar Empire joined the Alliance of Nations. The Vladstag to commence a siege operation where they struggled through its three layers of static defenses and against two Battlestations until they finally captured the massive building, In its finale, the Frontier COs, as well as Marshall Nova, arrive to find Kommandant Ubel and Kaiser Vlad, Ubel is taken down by Nova in an act of vengeance, though Vlad escapes during the fight, and takes off in a helicopter.
The Frontier in BWII In Battalion Wars 2 the Western Frontier has a much smaller role in comparison to the first game.
Their first appear during the Anglo-Solar Campaign when the Anglo Army attacks the Frontier's garrison on the Solar Empire.
They reappear during the Xylvanian Occupation of the Tundran Territories as a supporting non-playable faction during the mission Scorched Earth. Their forces are spread over all the world, fighting on the side of those nations who need their assistance.
The Frontier missions "Line in the Sand" and "Aces High" both share the same map, but the enviroments are slightly different from one another. A gunship is mostly effective against ground units, although it can land some serious damage on naval units (As shown against a Tundran Battleship) and can put up a long dogfight against other gunships.

The Duey AH-86 is the vanguard of Frontier Armored Divisions, assault teams, Raiders, and attacks on islands and escorts to top officials in hot areas. The cockpit of the Tundran Gunship is air-pressurized to prevent the pilots from losing oxygen or freezing.
Solar gunships have two fast paced plasma missle luanchers, as well as two plasma machine guns for armament. The Western Frontier "Duey AH-86" Gunship looks like a fusion of the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter, the UH-60 Black Hawk, and the McDonnel XV-1. The Tundran Territories Gunship shares aspects of the Mil Mi-24 "Hind" and the Mil Mi-28 "Havoc". The Solar Empire Gunship is quite similar in design to the GDI Orca gunship from the Tiberian RTS series. The Anglo Isles were going to have a Gunship, eerily similar in shape to their Air Transport, but it was scrapped during development for unknown reasons.
If played by a competent player, the Gunship can serve as aerial Artillery by blasting its rockets into a precise arc so that it lands onto the enemy. In BW1, the Iron Legion's Gunship was the only unit in their army, other than the Grunt, that did not fire electrified rounds.
Strangely, the Xylvanian gunship seems to fly and fire at a faster rate than the other present-day armies'.
In the mission Road to Xylvania, the Legion Gunships appear to spawn in unlimited numbers over the coast for unknown reasons. They are unarmored, like any infantry, but they have a machine gun that can pierce light vehicles, like Recons. The beams themselves were not subject to spreading out over distance, meaning Solar Assault veterans had the longest range of any infantry unit. Yet, in the second Campaign Bonus, it is revealed that a player-controlled Minigun Veteran fires exactly the same as any other Assault Veteran, with the only difference being the noise the weapon emits as it is fired. Computer-controlled veterans stop to perform a reload animation after firing for a certain amount of time.
The mission involves the Western Frontier attacking and destroing the main Xylvanian Head Quarters in the Coral Atolls.The mission is lead by Brigadier Betty and the enemy is lead by Kaiser Vlad and Countess Ingrid. The player starts out on the farthest island and must advance onto the others using a frontier battlestation. The units are ineffective up close, as their cannons are unable to effectivly hit anything under their minimum range. Because of this the best thing to do is backup as the enemy advances toward you so they stay in range of your long-range cannon and you stay out of their attack range.
Another interesting fact about the Xylvanian artillery is if you look at the base of the cannon, it appears that the artillery could have the ability to turn the main cannon.
Tsar Gorgi, leader of the Tundran Territories, was mislead to believe that the Frontier had developed a super weapon, and thus he launched a pre-emptive strike on the Western Frontier. However during the conflict, an Xylvanian bomber squadron commanded by Countess Ingrid was sent to bomb both armies. However, in the foolishness of her desperation and chronic curiosity, Countess Ingrid awakens the ancient armies of the Iron Legion buried deep under the grounds of the Crater of the Sun, the Frontier forces eventually cut a swathe through both Xylvanian and Legion forces, quickly finding The Cenotaph and destroying it.
The Frontier forces make un-playable appearances in the Solar and Tundran campaigns, and have their own campaign is set 30 years ago, facing the Tundran Territories during the first Frontier War.
It was officially announced August 23, 2006 at the Leipzig Games Convention with the official title, as well as the stylized abbreviation BWii. It has no remarkable traits, but what it does have is attack missiles and light machine guns. It is mostly a helicopter, but the Solar Empire has a hovering system implanted on board, along with the Empire's Air Transport.

Sometimes the Assault teams use the landing skids as a rapid jump offs in areas too hot to land in and building rooftops for raids.
Unlike the other gunships, the Solar ones use anti- gravity repulsors (and if you stand under a solar gunship you will get anti gravity sickness) . Since its tail is split in 2 near the end, with individual rotors on each end, it is able to turn faster, although it isn't really noticable.
Although it cannot be done in-game, the large, scythe-like rotors can be used to mow down Solar infantry. If you hover as low as you can, missles will have a harder time locking on to you, but moving lower may expose you to MG fire, so use caution . In BWii multiplayer skirmish mode, many maps that feature the gunship only supply each side with one Anti-Air Vet. The Name of the aircraft comes from UH-1 "Huey" while the name of its Heckfire Missiles comes from the AGM-114 Hellfire Missiles. However, with the Frontier Gunship, this is not neccessary, as the rockets have infinite range, and need no parabolic arc to hit enemies from afar. The sheer volume of fire means that Assault veterans can easily tear up nearly any unit with the exception of fast and high flying aircraft with ease in Battalion Wars, even at great distances. Also, their bullet accuracy is far greater than a player-controlled veteran, with the cost of a supreme fire rate over the player.
However they are effective against pactically any ground target and naval unit they can fire on without fear of counter attack, using their long-range cannons. General Herman was able to drive back the invaders, and the countries remained bitter rivals for 30 years. The Solar Empire is quick to intervene in the battle, sending support fighters, and as the Cenotaph is finally destroyed, Empress Lei-Qo is quick to arrive and kills Ingrid. The game was developed by Kuju Entertainment, which also developed the GameCube predecessor, and was published by Nintendo.
The gunship is extremely vulnerable against Frigates, Anti-Air Veterans, Anti-Air Vehicles and Fighters.
If you are fast, you can probably take out the AA vet in your gunship before it can damage you and mvoeing fast, making the gunship a very powerful and fast unit. In Battalion Wars II, the Assault veterans' damage was lowered down as well as accuracy, but they were still capable of devastating clustered infantry and do reasonable damage against vehicles when given enough time. Their are two capture points which must be taken in order to complete the mission, one on the 3rd (protected by one of the battlestations)and the other on the last island. They can blow tanks with ease, obliterate infantry clusters, destroy defensive structures, and, when in groups, can even sink ships . Nintendo released Battalion Wars 2 on October 29, 2007 in North America and on December 6, 2007. It is the most versatile unit in the game, being capable to destroy armed structures, obliterate tanks and sink battleships without much trouble.
It is one of four units that is effective against a Battlestation; the others being the Bomber, other Battlestations, and Strato Destroyers.
Countess ingrid will also send multiple gunships to support the islands defense force so be careful. They fought many battles but the Iron Legion almost won all of them but the Staff of Qa Len destroyed the Iron Legion. Also, if the player is skilled using an assault veteran this troop can be used to destroy one or two gunships before being killed. Once the area is in Frontier hands Kaiser Vlad will order a retreat from the Coral Atolls and Ingrid will suggest resurrecting the Iron Legion which will appear later in the game.

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