When Sarah Hepola got her very first writing job at The Austin Chronicle, her editor-in-chief gave her an unlikely Christmas gift a€” a hat that could hold beers.
There was a Christmas party at the paper and I went to it and I had a blackout and I woke up in somebody else's house and I woke up in their dog bed. Residing in DarkSide Jamaica Queens, a rebellious emcee by the name of Blackout The Rebel has a full blown attack ready to launch into the big bad music industry world. I raced to Black Thorn fresh from my job so I can perform for hit producers Amadeus and Power 105.1. I'm always on the hunt for new venues to rock and this time fate has lead me to The West End. As I said in my last post there were a lot of great opportunities that came about from my performance at Blackthorn 51. Blackthorn51 was not only my first show of the year but it was my first real show in years.
While riding the New York subway uptown from Brooklyn to El Barrio, and eager to witness the birth of his firstborn, a Puerto Rican factory worker and his best friend, Trompoloco, are caught in the Great Northeastern Blackout. As the Dead Oceans website reports, you can get the seven-track release from Blackout Beach's Bandcamp page.
Formerly known as Larry Williams, Blackout now has the tools ready to accomplish a well known mission to many in the game: TO BE THE BEST TO EVER DO IT!It started at the age of 9 when Blackout took part in a program called "Enact" which provided acting lessons, and other activities for students.
I was really excited to have this opportunity and I was gonna make sure that they were gonna remember my performance. This was my first radio interview in years so I was a little nervous about what they were gonna ask, how I was gonna sound etc but when I got there I instantly felt the vibe of the place and was at ease with everything.
As I have stated before in my previous post I feel that photo shoots are nerve wrecking but thankfully everything came out really well.
I tell them that it I can be scary yeah but more than anything else it's just the adrenaline going through your system.
I mean sure I've been performing for the school I teach at but there's a blatant big difference between an afterschool performance with kids and their parents and a real showcase or open mic with other talent and a real venue. Inside those four walls I have created the best weirdest and most horrific concepts.  As a kid my dad bought me some glow in the dark stars to hang on my ceiling which I still have up there till this day. Featuring the return to the stage of acclaimed actor and original Apagón cast member Jorge B.

NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. Had it not been for AFTON I probably never would have noticed it anyways my performance went really well.
Newton from The Black Panthers which of course is someone that these kids knew nothing about. A lot of the reason everything came out so amazing was because of the person I had doing the photography. Seeing a concert titled "Underground Kingz" is definitely something I can easily incorporate into my press kit.
I was happy as hell to find out that the spot was right in my backyard so I know whenever I have a show there I know I can jet right up there. I've been promoting this album for about a month or so now but I've been writing and preparing for it for about 2 or 3 years. It helps trigger my moments of staring into space and conceiving these random yet beautiful thoughts. I eventually sort of got sharp enough to realize that I needed to get out of that hotel room. My mom is such a moderate drinker that she would actually not finish her beer in one sitting a€” which even to this day I'm like: Ugh, mom, come on.
It was then that Blackout and a group of his friends decided to put together a rap performance.
I felt happy to be able to share with them who he was and what he represented but at the same time it felt horrible that so much of their history is perfectly kept secret. As for as the performance goes it was amazing!
Videos I can do with no problem for the most part but something about photo shoots always makes me a little nervous. Granted the crowd wasn't as large as I would have liked but I don't let stuff like that deter me from giving it my all on stage.
I started my performance from the entrance of the auditorium itself rather than using the stage.
But she would leave these cans of Pearl Light in the fridge and I would steal these sips of them. The performance was a success and he walked off the stage with an epiphany, creating the birth of Blackout The Rebel, in that moment he knew he would never stop chasing his dream.Now you will find The Rebel working hard and constantly paving the road to his own success by any means necessary.

Halfway to the elevator and I realized that I didn't have my purse and I went back to retrieve it from the guy's room and I realized I didn't know what his room was.
For months and months he kept grinding until he was eventually appointed creative consultant. Now with a slight bit more control he makes it his mission to get the hottest and best people in the industry on SK or talking about SK. The dog was like nudging its little wet snout into my drunken face and I was like, what am I doing here? From conducting interviews, setting up packages, networking you name it Blackout makes sure that he pushes SK to its fullest extent. When I went back up to my room, I thought the story was over, I thought I was safe, I got into bed a€” whew, another narrow escape — and then the concierge called me. And he came up and there is an interaction with him that is, at the time, deeply shameful; and I don't really understand how that happened.
And so I went to the staff meeting that day and I told everyone the story about waking up in the dog bed and they were roaring with laughter. That is the admiration and attention that I have craved all my life and there is that idea that writers have that it's all material. When that thing happened in Paris, I swore up and down I am never going to drink again a€” and then I drank on the plane.
I mean, I stopped so many times, I think sometimes you have to quit 100 times to make the 101st time stick. You asked me earlier about weren't you embarrassed a€” no, I thought I was funny because everyone else was laughing.
I'm going to be sitting in apartment, drinking my wine and my beer and my tequila by myself with the dead bolt on because I'm afraid of what I'll do when I'm outside.
So there are all these challenges that I have, but I am so grateful that it doesn't feel like that chaos, where it just feels like its spiraling out of control. And I really just feel like it has been this extraordinary new path that I've gotten to take which is to deal with life on life's terms and to find self-reliance in myself.

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