After the tsunami of 2004 and the resolution of a decades-long civil war, Sri Lanka is finally starting to look like its old self: a peaceful destination where surf lineups are nonexistent despite world-class waves and centuries-old tea estates are lined with mountain bike–ready trails. NGA e-NewsletterSign up to get our latest photos, trip sweepstakes, and videos in your email in-box. Was Gettysburg a tactical success, or was the outcome determined by a far more mundane factor: access to fresh water?
James Robertson, one of the most distinguished names in Civil War history, worked with Presidents Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson in marking the war's 100th anniversary. Birds, beasts, and a magical moment or two—all scenes that came across the Photo of the Day transom in May. Qu captured the photo of the Yuanyang rice terraces while traveling in China’s Yunnan Province. A cooperative bird finds and eats insects from a buffalo’s face in a grooming ritual that pays off for both of them. Alexa Keefe is the editor of Photo of the Day, a curated look at photography around National Geographic. Your stunning and inspiring photos open up my day with the strength to face formidable challenges up ahead. I really admire those photographers who have such a keen eye to see these mystic and beautiful scenes.
I am a photographer and I have to say the underwater park sounds so mysterious and amazing.
I love and enjoy National Geographic magazines with photos of people, places, events and animals. What beautiful pictures they are,which is impossible without photographer’s hard work! I’m truly grateful to have the chance to see such beautiful photos… a true feast for the eyes ! It is obviously a cape buffalo, not a water buffalo, and the bird is an oxpecker (Buphagus erythrorhynchus), both are african species. You decided to include a picture of a Cape Buffalo and an Ox Pecker on it’s face but you claim it is a Water Buffalo living in Asia.
I am both surprised and shocked that the National Geographic can not tell the difference between the two species!!!
American War Generals is the story of how the Army's withdrawal from Vietnam shaped America's future wars and the generals who fought them. The new Smithsonian Magazine cover features my photobelow of an ancient monument in Nimrud, Iraq, now-destroyed by Islamic State. A post from my first experience with breast cancer, which was photographed by my family a me. The Turks committed their many rapes, torture, thefts, starving, and massacres of Armenians not only in Turkey, but in in Syria where they marched them through the desert.
I had to document some of these Armenian Genocide sites secretly, as it was a forbidden subject there at the time.
Der Zor Armenian Genocide Memorial Church, which was destroyed by rebels in the current civil war taking place in Syria. Aleppo was also destroyed in the ongoing civil war, including the church in the Aleppo photos.

Many of the sites in these photos have been destroyed or damaged in Syria's current civil war, including those locations I photographed in Der Zor and Aleppo. Excited to be in the art exhibit The Wall in Our Heads at Goethe-Institut Washington DC, celebrating the upcoming 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. I realized today I am celebrating 30 years as a pro photojournalist and documentary photographer, from 1983 - present. My very first paid assignment was for Newsweek in the fall of 1983 after graduating Sarah Lawrence College that spring. Very honored to have a photo chosen for Dan Westergren's list of the 10 Best Photos of 2012 in National Geographic Traveler! I'm in Yerevan, Armenia, where my exhibit Windows of the Soul: My Journeys in the Muslim World opened at the Armenian Center Of Contemporary Experimental Art! Curators Anne Tucker & Will Michels have done a stunning job, and the show is unique and exciting.
Very pleased to have my photographic prints in the permanent collection of the renowned Houston Museum of Fine Arts. I am utterly sad that my old friend, mentor, and traveling companion of days gone by --- the legendary war correspondent Marie Colvin --- has died under fire in Homs, Syria, while reporting for the Sunday Times of London, her newspaper. It was wonderful to see friends there and to know their views on how it is to be Gazan now. I worked on the story of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and peace process on and off for eight years----between 1988-1996, and lived in Gaza from 1993-1995, and Palestinians is the name of a chapter of my photo memoir Windows of the Soul, My Journeys in the Muslim World, published by National Geographic. He had his guards put us into his car, with all his baggage and his dry cleaned uniform on a hanger, and sent us to the airport in a ruse signaling Qaddafi that he was leaving in a mighty huff. We waited for some time in a luxurious waiting room with high ceilings and soft ornate couches. Addendum: The writer I was with was the late, great war reporter Marie Colvin who died under fire in Homs, Syria yesterday. Russian friends were soon on the barricades: I found one of them, a rock producer, with an Orthodox priest convincing soldiers in tanks to turn around at 3 am in an underpass.
There were frightening aspects too: one sleepless night on the barricades rumors circulated that Spetznaz (Russian Special Forces) would come up through the sewers to attack protesters. Working for TIME, I covered Perstroika, Glasnost and the end of the USSR  from 1988-1992 from the Baltics to the Central Asian republics, including the civil wars and uprisings. As with all countries undergoing dramatic change, its important for tourists to pay attention to the local news and avoid flash points.
Excited about teaching my intensive workshop, The Woman Photojournalist, through March 13 at The International Center of Photography in NYC!
With the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest in full swing and the ongoing contributions to our Your Shot photo community, there were many compelling images to choose from.
Green Lake, which for most of the year is no more than six feet deep, expands with the inflow of snowmelt, swallowing part of the park that surrounds it: trees, hiking trails, benches, bridges, and all. I imagined myself on the beach in Folkestone, England playing cricket as the fog rolled in. Determined to defend the borders, Customs and Border Protection agents and local law enforcement take their jobs seriously. Thanks to a grant from the Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation, a top Syrian diplomat, two genocide experts, an Armenian-Syrian driver and a tailor who hid me in his home, I was able to spend three days on this project.

I took some pictures of the two of them hugging and kissing hello, and we were introduced to him.
Much of the rest of the Arab world hangs in the balance as revolutions, civil unrest and also oppression go on. Qaddafi had tried to seduce her by having her locked in a room by female bodyguards who told her the Colonel had ordered her to change into the traditional white wedding dress laid out on a bed, as well as the tiny green satin shoes laying there. Much of the action happened at the Beeleh Dom (Russian White House) across the street from my apartment on the Moscow River. While that is fantastic for the traveler, times are tough for Egypt, whose economy depends on tourism.
The lake’s depth reaches some 30 feet and provides a unique experience for divers—for a few weeks at least. I’ve gone through the entire area and observed that the light at sunset, with the reflection and high angle, would make the terraces look more like a piece of abstract art, yet with real trees and huts.
People I visited were later questioned by local government spies but were told I was a Canadian looking for relatives. People are so quick to anger now, their frustration deeper and their sense of hope all but vanished. Now as a documentary photographer, I love photographing the aftermaths: every bit as fascinating.
He was always dressed in something spectacular, whether an Italian suit or desert robes, puffing up for the cameras. Did President Lincoln really age so dramatically during the course of the war, or was a rare disease to blame for the shocking difference in images of him from before and during the war? Robertson is the recipient of every major award given in the Civil War field, and a lecturer of national acclaim.Neil Kagan heads Kagan & Associates, a firm specializing in innovative illustrated books.
Then, to my embarrassment at the time, Abu Daoudi told Arafat I had a dream about him and I was forced to tell my dream to Arafat. Because I shared a similar struggle with the Saudi survivors I met, they were extremely open with me, letting me in to their sensitive world. During his career at Time-Life Books as Publisher-Managing Editor and Director of New Product Development, he spearheaded multiple historic series. No sign of her and I ran out of time, had to tear myself away…but I will continue next time.
Themes both large and small will be explored and contextualized, painting a fascinating portrait of our national character and showcasing the enduring impact of the Civil War. For National Geographic he has produced Eyewitness to the Civil War and Atlas of the Civil War.
Samia, and after the second time I survived breast cancer, decided to pitch the story about her to Aramco World. After this trip for many years I had the best access of any non-Arab photographer to Arafat---I flew with him to Morocco, Washington D.C.

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