When two independent Black films, “We the Party” and “Woman Thou Art Loosed On The 7th Day,” opened on consecutive weekends, thus entering the “gated community” of movie theaters, they encountered a hostility and suspicion by film critics analogous to the experience of Trayvon Martin, as Hollywood film critics “stood their ground. Unfortunately Black films that does NOT follow the bias and buffoon style story-telling that films like "Friday" and "Barbershop" will continue to face opposition by old and young executives in Hollywood because of Hollywood's natural and unashamed bias toward Black intellects. There's a unyielding segment of Hollywood producers, directors and studio heads that prefer the unflattering images and misconceptions of "black folks"! In fact, Hollywood does NOT have the FINAL say about who can produce or write a hit film anymore!
Catalina Sandrino Moreno was nominated for an Academy Award for her portrayal of a Colombian teenager who, for a large paycheck, agrees to be a mule for drug-runners: she has to swallow dozens of thumb-sized capsules of heroin and smuggle them into New York.

This important new 30-minute documentary film by Tania Cuevas-Martinez and Lubna Khalid focuses on the current issues of racial profiling and hate crimes on the rise in the United States since September 11. On The Studio, Director Darryl Pitts will discuss Reel Black Love, his documentary film that explores cinematic depictions of African American romance. Black Scene: African American Movies, Trailers, Sitcoms, Television, Actors, Filmakers, Cartoons - Animation and more.
However, black writers, producers and directors MUST continue to collaborate with like minded actors and investors (like Brad Pitt) and educate the international marketplace of potential investors and distributors so that the chokers and chains of Hollywood will never find their way around the necks, ankles, and wrists of talented black writers and producers ever again. Her empathetic face carries us along on Maria's journey, and humanizes a problem that is too easily relegated to a headline.

Narrated by acclaimed actress Sheryl Lee Ralph, Pitts' documentary highlights powerful (but rare) romantic moments of African Americans in movies. During candid interviews, Pitts captured industry elites (including Lynn Whitfield, Regina King, Vanessa Williams, Ernie Hudson, Nia Long, Diahann Carroll, and Keenan Ivory Wayans) sharing favorite on-screen couples and the movies that changed their perceptions of themselves and blacks in Hollywood. In a free program co-sponsored by Cedar Rapids' African American Museum of Iowa, Pitts will screen Reel Black Love and engage in a panel discussion about it Thursday, Feb.

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