You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I thought to myself that must have been an awful sight to see as well as an awful thought to have ingrained in your memory from the postcards of those two black men (who inspired the song) that were hung from trees. Thousands of people from miles around gathered around for this lynching as if it were some sort of joyous occasion. I shook my head and prayed for the young man who had the noose placed around his neck as well as his family and loved ones that had to and will always have this memory. Then I began to think how not only the black man, but all minorities (including the poor and soon-to-be poor) in The United States of America are slowly being choked to death by the very country they give their allegiance to. These same minorities are slowly being choked by the same country they send their babies off to fight for. Meeropool was outraged after seeing a photograph of a horrific lynching in a civil-rights magazine. An angry mob of thousands stormed a jail house in Marion, Indiana where three youths were sitting in their jails cells accused of murder and rape.

I hope the images in this blog outrage you to the point where you educate yourself and our youth that this type of behavior is uncalled for and unnecessary. Thanks To Friend On Google Plus a very controversial discussion was brought about when I posted this picture on Google+ being this is BLACK HISTORY MONTH. Everytime I hear Lady day sing that piece and see that photo, it sends chills down my spine. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations!
I want to hear from you but any comment that advocates violence, illegal activity or that contains advertisements that do not promote activism or awareness, will be deleted.
The photo was of two young black men (Thomas Shipp and Abrahm Smith) hanging from a tree after they had been lynched in Marion, Indiana on August 7, 1930.
Let them have their own twisted ways of thinking, however work on the way your mind thinks, because on judgment day we will all be judge on what we did do as well as what we did not do.

Unfortunately it is alarming true and the more we stick together, the better chance we have of overcoming this. This site, along with others, aims to reveal the reality of America and the loss of fact inherent to the over riding theme of our current political and social confusion: Purposeful deception.
The following passage from the article, must be heard!: “WE the People” have to come together and understand that we are not the minorities, but indeed the majority.
However the mob lynched Shipp and Smith, who will forever be known as the strange fruit that hung from the poplar tree. Set an example to my children about making positive contributions in society and also for them to get as much education as possible just to name two.

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