Running for only four months, this short-lived game show paired regular contestants with celebrity guests in a test of head-to-head wits and communication skills. Chronicles the recurring patterns of disenfranchisement witnessed from 2000 to 2004 while following the story of Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who not only took an active role in investigating these election debacles but also found herself in the middle of one after publicly questioning the Bush Administration about the 9-11 terrorist attacks. One of the celebrity guests would describe one of several words that had been cut from a mystery sentence, taking twenty seconds to give his description. Some call Cynthia McKinney a civil rights leader among the ranks of Shirley Chisholm and Malcolm X. The guest's partner, who had been in isolation, would be allwoed to hear the description, but the opposing contestant was allowed to 'censor' up to seven seconds of it.
Others call her a conspiracy theorist and a 'looney.' American Blackout gains unprecedented access to one of the most controversial and dangerous politicians in America and examines the contemporary tactics used to control our democratic process and silence political dissent.

If the contestant still managed to guess the correct word, he would then have a chance at solving the entire puzzle. If not, the opponent would be allowed to guess the word, having heard the entire 20-second description. It represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show. Hundreds of people fill house with rampant sex, unlimited drugs and free flowing alcohol, everywhere you turn are scantily clad women and drunken partygoers. Waking the next morning to a trashed house, the band quickly discovers the after effects of their wild night, half the band is missing, their girlfriends have dumped them, their record deal has disappeared and there is a dead guy in their pool and as if that wasn't enough, they don't remember anything that happened. Despite an epic hangover, the band realizes the only way to remember a blackout, is to blackout again.

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