We have the unique opportunity to be able to spend 2 hours on Lake Purdy with the Lake Purdy Rowing club on August 1st from 2-4pm! Eight high-quality photos of Transformer characters were posted today on Michael Bay's official blog.
Anyhoo, below are the shots of Optimus Prime (no sign of lips), Bumblebee, Ironhide, Jazz, Megatron, Starscream, Blackout, and Frenzy.
It was a traumatic event that plunged 50 million people in the United States and Canada into darkness. FirstEnergy Corp., the utility that owned the line, had a computer system to alert the company should this scenario arise. This automated system would allow for two-way communication and reduce the occurrence and degree of blackouts by rerouting power, if necessary. In New York, the Independent System Operator, which oversees power delivery in the state, has been advocating since the blackout for New York to get serious about smart grid technology.
Superstorm Sandy, which left huge swaths of Long Island, New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut without power for weeks, reignited interest in the smart grid. After superstorm Sandy and Tropical Storm Irene, business owners learned power outages can mean major losses in revenue and, in some cases, business closures. If a string of 100-degree days rolls in, there is very little we can do to prevent another blackout. It is vitally important that our federal and state elected leaders focus on this problem and allocate more of the critical dollars needed to help strengthen our energy infrastructure.

None of those events produced a power outage produce nearly as total a zone of blackness as depicted in the image shown above.
The original picture is a composite image of nighttime North America which someone has manipulated with an editing program to darken the northeastern area. Pictures such as the one displayed above are not simple snapshots; they are composite images formed from multiple pictures taken by a variety of satellites at different times.
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We say "official blog" because it claims to be his official blog despite being all substance and no frills?quite the opposite of Bay's movies.
On a hot summer afternoon 10 years ago this week, a cascading series of failures on the electric grid left parts of New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Michigan, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Ontario without power. An overloaded and aging power line in Ohio that was knocked down by trees with too much foliage. It had an impact on our economy and public safety, and led to roughly 100 deaths, according to a study published in the journal Epidemiology.

Some of the problems identified by the task force’s 2006 report have been addressed, but more work is needed to improve the grid’s resilience.
The task force estimated the cost to install a smart grid system throughout the entire country at $338 billion to $476 billion over the next 20 years. In 2011, it launched a $75-million statewide initiative to install sensors on power lines to detect disruptions, with $37 million from the Department of Energy.
As the Northeast rebuilds and tremendous amounts of money are poured into disaster preparedness, we have an unprecedented opportunity to address the region’s electrical problems again. But some politicians do not seem fully aware of how fragile the grid is until a massive storm hits.
Countless people were stuck in elevators, stranded on subway cars or forced to navigate their way home without stop lights and in complete darkness. A major reason for FPL‘s investment was $200 million in government stimulus funds it received in 2009. While the federal government is spending billions investing in various start-up businesses, such as Solyndra, that have not worked, our existing energy infrastructure is becoming obsolete.

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