Imagine pushing a button or flipping a switch and watching as your fashionable motorized horizontal blinds, shades, solar screens or draperies roll up and down or open and close to conveniently provide shade from the sun, privacy when you want it, or allow light to enter as you wish. As the #1 specified window covering brand for commercial buildings worldwide, Mechoshade has been the most notable brand for roller shades and other motorized window coverings in the industry for more than 50 years. 3 Blind Mice is proud to offer the full line of award-winning shades by QMotion, including their battery powered blinds and drapes. Roller shades have become quite the trend due to its clean, sleek look, simple operation, and its versatility.
Skyco Shading Systems is a leader in commercial & architectural shading systems and sun control projects.

The best window treatment ideas for the bedroom will include features for privacy, light control, ease of use, and of course general aesthetics. When choosing window treatments for your bedroom we recommend these. To view this site, you need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser, and either the Flash Plugin or an HTML5-Video enabled browser. That means more energy efficiency and better sun protection for your valuable furnishings and carpet.
Products that deliver premier window treatments and prime energy efficiency, both as a one-package deal.
You can raise and lower roller shades in one smooth easy motion and can also be motorized for an easier operation.

They "specialize in specialties, and obsess over obscure and challenging conditions." However, the majority of their product line consists of commercial shading systems for traditionally shaped and sized windows. Motorization helps your blinds, shades and draperies last longer because the manual pulling and tugging goes away and so does the associated wear and tear.
All this is yours when you add motorization and our stylish line of decorator switches, remote, automatic and group controls.

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