DPMS will also offer two carbines chambered for .300 AAC Blackout, both having a 16-inch barrel and the company's new M111 modular, free-floating fore-end. Three new carbines wouldn't be much fun without ammo, so Remington will add three .300 AAC Blackout loads to its lineup.
Sporting a 16-inch barrel but a rifle-length gas system, the DPMS Tac 2 is a compact carbine that offers many of the same benefits as longer models. The Tactical Precision Rifle from DPMS is built for those of us who measure meters by the hundreds. It has become almost mandatory to have a rimfire AR in your safe, and DPMS will provide an attractive option with its A-22 .22 LR upper assembly.
Remington's Versa Max shotgun introduced earlier this year to hunters will take on a tactical role in 2012. For those shooters who like their pistols bright and shiny, the Remington R1 1911 will be available as a stainless steel model. Get the Shooting Illustrated Reloaded newsletter for at-a-glance access to industry news, gear, gun reviews, videos and more—delivered directly to your Inbox.
Over the past few years, we’ve shot pictures of some of the interesting bikes we’ve stumbled across.  Check them out in the gallery below. For riding around the city, we’d probably go with the old blue Vespa—it’s got a hearty two-stroke motor and has a light-hearted sprit which helps offset the stress of traffic, and the small footprint helps make neat work of the crowded streets. On the weekends, we’d like to have a crack on the KTM Adventure.  It’d do a great job of coping with NYC’s pockmarked streets, and could help us get us to—and lost in—the hills of Pennsylvania.
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In a move intended to educate shooters about suppressors (and no doubt turn heads at the gun shop), one model will come with a threaded muzzle and a removable, inert suppressor, along with an introduction to "silencer" facts from AAC's CanU website.
The 125-grain Premier AccuTip load has a reported muzzle velocity of 2,230 fps from a 16-inch barrel, while the 125-grain Premier Match OTM clocks 2.220 fps. The rifle-length gas system provides reliability and a long sight radius, while the full-length, free-floating M111 fore-end offers plenty of real estate for accessories but remains comfortable in the hand.
A lighter, enhanced version of the company's SDMR discontinued in 2009, the Tactical Precision Rifle has a 20-inch, 416 stainless steel heavy barrel. A stainless steel frame and slide, checkered, double-diamond walnut grips and dovetailed, three-dot sights make the R1S as functional as it is attractive. Apart from some white paint at the rear of the BCG (a non-issue, not worth mentioning really), she was a beauty.
For those of us already schooled on the benefits of signature reduction, the other carbine will ship suppressor-ready, with an ACC Blackout muzzle brake. The Tac 2 has a 4150 steel, chrome-lined, lightweight barrel and comes with Magpul's ACS buttstock, MOE grip and trigger guard, and rear MBUS backup sight. It also accepts aftermarket free-float fore-ends, so you can swap out for something with rails if you want to accessorize.
The Versa Max Tactical also comes with an extended charging handle and an oversized safety button. I adorned her with Magpul MBUS Gen2 sights, BCM short keymod grip, BCM keymod scout mount holding a M300 mini.

Other furnishings include a rifle-length, quad-rail fore-end, and Magpul's ACS buttstock, MOE grip and Enhanced Triggerguard. Other amenities include a low-profile gas block, an M111 fore-end, a B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD buttstock and Magpul's MOE grip and trigger guard. The blowback operating system utilizes a Melonite-plated, stainless steel bolt, and the upper ships with a 10-round magazine from Black Dog Machine. It won't take long to burn through 550 rounds with this baby!
Its receiver is drilled and tapped for the included Picatinny rail, and interchangeable inserts allow you to raise the comb for use with an optic.
If you need a new load to go with this new pistol, UMC ball rounds will be loaded with brass-jacketed (instead of copper-jacketed) FMJ bullets starting in 2012. All on a BCM lower (with an H3 buffer). I shot Hornady American Gunner 125gr HP, man was it a blast to shoot.
I do HIGHLY recommend using loctite thread locker on the scout mount, as mine loosened up after 50 rounds. I think the next thing is going to be adding rail covers (as well as an Aimpoint Micro T-2).
I'm still debating on getting a Surefire brake for a suppressor. Yes, the 12 inch 300blk is my favorite.

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