For the Yash Chopra tribute ramp show, the late filmmaker's favourite leading man Shah Rukh Khan wore this party-outlandish suit.And made it work to the T with his charisma. Flaunting his pleasantly quirky style was Abhay Deol in green pants, woollen vest, bow-tie and tan shoes as he walked the ramp for men's clothing line Blackberrys in October.
Attending the Mai premiere in February this year, Ritesh Deshmukh, another well-known sharp dresser, turned up in a fine Nehru jacket and a red pocket square.Few people can do justice to this look.

Who can carry off a regal outfit better than a real royal?Saif Ali Khan, en route to the airport, pulled off this soothing combination with much finesse.
Student of the Year debutant Varun Dhawan flaunts his toned pecs in a Manish Malhotra creation for the Lakme Fashion Week finale in March. Arjun Rampal's cool, collected self lends much credibility to this laidback jeans-and-t-shirt look.This, by the way, was from a ramp show.

The colour-coordinated jacket and t-shirt and brown shoes put together are the best way to dress up for a day event.

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