Den ensamme krigaren Eli (Denzel Washington) vandrar genom den postapokalyptiska odemark som en gang var USA. In The Book of Eli, Denzel Washington plays a mysterious stranger moving through a shattered post-apocalyptic landscape of dessicated ghost towns and cannibalistic marauders carrying the only surviving copy of the King James Bible. Martin Cuff has been a leading figure in the South African and global film industry for nearly two decades.
Martin's passions are original content and the inspiring, creative tools used by marketers to get that content out to engaged audiences. Take a better glimpse at Denzel Washington's Eli, Gary Oldman's Carnegie and the barren landscape of the post-apocalyptic world in Hughes Brothers-directed drama thriller 'The Book of Eli'. Accompanying the photos are commentary about the movie and the stills from director Allen and Albert Hughes as well as the two stars, Washington and Oldman. Han ar pa vag vasterut pa ett uppdrag som han inte riktigt forstar men vet att han maste slutfora.

Why quite so many hammy English character actors are out in the New Mexico desert, though, is not explained. The former Executive Director of Association of Film Commissioners International, Martin is a sought-after consultant, marketer, producer, strategist, speaker, writer and trainer who has worked to support and develop film production capacity on every continent. Having facilitated hundreds of productions as a film commissioner, Martin now creates and develops original content and content marketing for film and television in South Africa, Serbia and Peru. Coming out via USA Today, the brand new photos highlight on the main character Eli who is portrayed by Academy Award-winning Denzel Washington. Of the black and white pic, for example, Allen explained that it is a capture of the scene wherein "Eli comes upon a fork in the road" before deciding to take the road to the right that leads him to Carnegie's town. His challenge comes from the despot of a small makeshift town who's determined to take possession of the book. I hans hander vilar en bok som ar framtidens enda hopp och som han maste vakta med sitt liv.

While four of the pictures focus on Eli, the fifth image lets out another character, Carnegie, who is starred by Gary Oldman.
Beside Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman, the movie will see Mila Kunis, Ray Stevenson and Jennifer Beals among the cast ensemble.
Det ar bara Carnegie (Gary Oldman) - sjalvutnamnd krigsherre over en stad med tjuvar och bevapnade man - som vet vad Eli bar pa.

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