Learn how and why Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt were invented and crafted during Renaissance.
If you open the Book of Revelation and simply begin reading it as an unfolding scenario, it goes something like this. The ancient events that happened in the Middle East during the four centuries between the Old and New Testaments provide some of the most valuable prophetic clues in the whole Bible. It is impossible to understand Daniel 11 without taking a basic lesson in the history of the Middle East during those four centuries. FIRST, let's make sure that you can clearly see how God's holy angels played fundamental roles in bringing these events about.
Throughout his lifetime, the prophet Daniel received revelations from the LORD by dreams, visions and visiting angels. Gabriel also revealed the interesting fact that it was he who had helped the Persians rise above the Babylonians. The principal reason why the angels of God make war with these particular evil angels is to protect the nation of Israel from complete destruction. When you look at the above artwork, and see how the kingdoms progressed from one power to the next, remember that the ANGELS OF GOD, warring with the DEMONS OF SATAN, are RESPONSIBLE for the RISE AND FALL OF KINGS AND KINGDOMS.
Prophecies in Daniel 11 foretold EXTENSIVE details about events that eventually came to pass between the Old and New Testaments. The people and events that are revealed in Daniel 11:1-34, represent a TRANSITIONAL PERIOD that is SANDWICHED BETWEEN THE PERIOD OF GRECIA (Greece and the empire of Alexander the Great) and the PERIOD OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE, represented by the BRASS THIGHS and the IRON LEGS in Nebuchadnezzar's image. Daniel accurately prophesied dozens of critical events that would occur in Egypt and Syria as the GRECIAN EMPIRE was crumbling, and the ROMAN EMPIRE was rising.
Daniel 11 contains many complex prophecies that span a 400-year saga of historical events that occurred between the Old and New Testaments. As the angel revealed these things to him, Daniel accurately reported to us literally dozens of VERY DETAILED events that would eventually occur in and around Israel.
The angel told Daniel, in the days of Cyrus (about 75 years in advance), that the fourth Persian king would oppose Grecia.
Gabriel explained to Daniel, who was then serving King Cyrus of Persia, that the fourth Persian king would engage the Grecians in a major war. In chapter 8, Daniel prophesied about a He-Goat with a notable horn (Greece and Alexander the Great) conquering the Ram of Persia (see above illustration).
When Alexander died, his vast empire was split into four separate kingdoms and four of his generals claimed dominion over them - perfectly fulfilling Daniel's prophecies. Daniel 11:3-4 - "A mighty king shall stand up, that shall rule with great dominion, and do according to his will. Out of four kingdoms that would split off of the Grecian Empire, the revelation focused particularly on two. Each Kingdom, the North and the South, was one of four kingdoms that resulted from the break-up of the vast Grecian Empire of Alexander the Great after he died. History records that a man named Ptolemy established a powerful kingdom in Egypt at that time, much after the order of the ancient Pharaohs. Seleucus fled to Egypt and worked with Ptolemy for a few years, then he raised an army and struck out again. Daniel made numerous impressive prophecies pertaining to the Ptolemaic and Seleucid Empires. Daniel's prophecies in chapter 11 foretold, in astonishing detail, dozens of major events that would take place in the days of "The King of the North," (the Seleucid Empire, primarily Syria), and "The King of the South," (the Ptolemaic Empire, primarily Egypt).
It is impossible to appreciate the miraculous nature of these prophecies without studying the history of that period and realizing HOW MANY AMAZING EVENTS Daniel prophesied.
The purpose of this article is to furnish you with some of the history of that period so you can appreciate and understand more of God's purpose and plan for that part of the world - even in these modern times!
If you want to be fully prepared for all that lies ahead, you simply must PAY ATTENTION TO PROPHECY! Two powerful characters would emerge: The King of the North (Syria), and the King of the South (Egypt). In the prophecies of Daniel 11, the phrase "King of the North" refers to the Seleucid Empire (primarily Syria).
Daniel prophesied that Seleucus would ascend from Ptolemy's empire, and become greater than Ptolemy. This is NOT an insignificant prophecy, because in the end of this age, we will see that the Assyrian prince will have an epic showdown with Jesus Christ. The vast Seleucid Empire, ruled from Syria by Antiochus, made peace with Ptolemy II of Egypt when he married Ptolemy's daughter, Berenice. Enraged because she thought she and her son would lose the throne and the kingdom, Berenice poisoned Antiochus, and set out to put her son on the throne. To stop Berenice and to avenge herself, Laodice poisoned Berenice and her son, the crown prince. The second part of that verse, "she shall not retain the power of the arm; neither shall he stand, nor his arm," was fulfilled when Berenice murdered Antiochus for returning to his first wife. When Egypt's Ptolemy II died, Antiochus of Syria divorced Ptolemy's daughter, Berenice, and returned to his first wife, Laodice. In the third generation of the Seleucid (Syrian) Empire, Antiochus III waged the "Fourth Syrian War," taking Israel, and attacking Ptolemy IV of Egypt. Daniel foretells Antiochus III (the Great) regrouping and taking Syria back from Ptolemy V.
After losing Syria to the Egyptians, Antiochus III (the Great) went back east and regrouped.
Daniel 11:13-14 - "The king of the north [Syria] shall return, and shall set forth a multitude greater than the former, and shall certainly come after certain years with a great army [with the help of Philip of Macedonia] and with much riches.
Daniel prophesied that Egypt would come as "robbers" against Palestine, but that Syria would challenge and defeat them. No matter how complex the Bible prophecies are, they all eventually run in a full circle back to the nation of Israel. The BIG REASON why Daniel put forth all these prophecies was to enlighten men about God's mighty works in behalf of His people. Daniel prophesied that Antiochus III the Great would deceitfully give his daughter, Cleopatra, to marry Ptolemy V in Egypt, and that Cleopatra would betray her father and show loyalty to her husband, the king of Egypt.
In 193 BC, Antiochus of Syria contemplated invading Egypt, but instead, he decided to give his daughter Cleopatra to marry Ptolemy V. Antiochus III the Great refocused his military efforts from controlling Egypt to conquering Greece and the islands of the Mediterranean. So Scipio the Roman turned the reproach on Antiochus the Great, dealing him a humiliating defeat. Seleucus IV ruled for several years before he sent his minister, Heliodorus, to Jerusalem to seize the temple treasures.
Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.
Daniel prophesied the Old Testament Abomination of Desolation - type of the last-days Abomination. We can see and learn what the Abomination of Desolation will be like (when the Man of Sin stands in the temple) by looking at the Old Testament version of the same event. Daniel gave us another clue about the coming Man of Sin: Flattery is the Trademark of the Man of Sin. How can we read all these amazing prophetic details about seemingly obscure events without realizing that God knows His enemies intimately? As we have covered this intriguing series of events, it has become very obvious that Almighty God is involved in even the MINUTE DETAILS of our lives. This fellow, Antiochus Epiphanes, king of Syria from 171-167 BC, was a foreshadow of the future Man of Sin. Before the Roman (iron legs) periods of Nebuchadnezzar's image was a period involving the four divisions of the Grecian Empire. Suddenly, the prophecies in Daniel 11 turned from ancient events to future coming events in the last days - "the time of the end." Verses 21-34 described ancient events between the Jews and the Syrian King Antiochus Epiphanes, (an Old Testament type of the Man of Sin) who committed abominations in the temple. Daniel's prophecies (verses 21-32) described the struggles that eventually occurred between the Syrian king Antiochus Epiphanes and the saintly Jewish heroes, the Maccabeans, who resisted the Syrians under Antiochus for committing abominations in the temple (around 170 BC).
Similarly, great saints of God in the last days will make a brave stand against the final Man of Sin as he defiles and opposes everything divine and holy.
In a later vision, John saw a multitude in WHITE robes, and someone asked, "What are these which are arrayed in WHITE robes?" And the answer came, "These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them WHITE in the blood of the Lamb," Revelation 7:14. So, now we know something very important about the future Man of Sin: He will be an Assyrian. Hundreds of years later, after Judah returned from Babylonian captivity, the Assyrian Antiochus Epiphanes profaned the temple in Jerusalem.
During the forty-two months after he desecrates the Jewish temple (by standing inside it, claiming to be God), the Man of Sin will set about to rule the world as the most evil king in all of human history. I have written extensively on the role of the IRON and CLAY KINGDOM (the European federation under the influence of the Roman Catholic Church.) I have shown in great detail how that the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church will partner with the leader of the Germany-and-France-led European federation to produce the Man of Sin.
I have also written about the potential of the nation of Turkey ascending to full membership in the European Union as a potentially lethal mix of Islam and Roman Catholic Christianity. I am now convinced that the ultimate scenario, as depicted in the books of Daniel, Revelation, and all the other prophetic scriptures, is going to be a EUROPEAN BEAST, UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE POPE, SETTING UP AN ASSYRIAN GOVERNOR IN JERUSALEM. I believe the Man of Sin will be from the region of Turkey-Syrian-Iran-Iraq (the neighborhood of the ancient Assyrian Empire). The Prophet Zechariah revealed that two-thirds of the people of Israel will die in the forty-two months under the Man of Sin.
At the same time, Zechariah also prophesied of a day that would come when Israel would look upon Jesus Christ and say, "What are these wounds in thine hands?" He will answer, "Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends." In that day there will a fountain of mercy and salvation opened to the house of David, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for cleansing from sin and uncleanness. Egypt made peace with Israel in 1979 when President Anwar Sadat signed the Israel-Egyptian Peace Treaty with Israeli President Menachem Begin. In modern times, Egypt is the home of the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the most radical, extreme and dangerously violent Islamic organizations on earth.
As a tentative friend of Israel, Egypt will at first stand with Israel against the Man of Sin. Daniel 11:40-45 - "He [the ASSYRIAN King of the North] shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over.
This ASSYRIAN (from the region of Turkey-Syria-Iran-Iraq) will be a vicious enemy of Israel, and probably all Western civilization. According to the prophecies, the ASSYRIAN will conquer Israel, Egypt, and many other nations.
This unprecedented "Clash of Civilization" will occur when Russia and China come to contend with Islam in the Middle East.
God says, "This is the purpose that is purposed upon the whole earth." We should pay attention to this divinely-identified purpose.
Jesus will come "in the majesty of the name of the LORD." He shall "be great unto the ends of the earth" (as the King of Kings) and will overthrow the Assyrian Man of Sin.
The BEAST (head of the European powers) and the FALSE PROPHET (the Pope) of Revelation 13, and the Assyrian MAN OF SIN will be destroyed when Jesus meets them all at Armageddon. There are many prophecy teachers who say that the POPE will be the Man of Sin, but Micah 5:5 is the DEATH of that teaching. Knowing what I know about the history of the Roman Catholic Church, the Jesuits, and the INQUISITIONS, how they fomented wars between nations for the past 500 years to destroy all Protestants and anti-Catholics, I can say with confidence that the Roman Catholic Church will somehow be behind the installation of the Assyrian Man of Sin. Furthermore, I believe that the Catholic Church will foment the Sixth Trumpet War by pitting the Communist nations of Russia and China, with an Assyrian coalition (perhaps Turkey, Syria, and Iran) against the Western Powers of the United States (the largest bastion of Protestantism left in the world) allied with Israel (secular Zionism, but not with true Judaism) and with Saudi Arabia (bastion of Islam at Mecca) and the Sunni Moslem nations. Notwithstanding, I have taken the unpopular position that the MAN OF SIN will indeed be an Assyrian.
Whereas most teachers of Bible Prophecy have used the term ANTICHRIST to refer to the POPE, it is necessary to understand EXACTLY what the Bible says.
I have no doubt whatever that the Catholic Church will be aligned WITH COMMUNIST RUSSIA, COMMUNIST CHINA and SHIA ISLAMIC IRAN, against the Western (Capitalistic, Protestant, Jewish, and Sunni Islam) powers in the Sixth Trumpet War. The first character introduced at the beginning of Revelation 12 is that of a woman clothed with the sun.
Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal.
In conducting his ritual of invocation, Jesus gives a penetrating insight into some of the higher light realms of existence and their activities, presenting in far greater detail the same scene as would appear to be given in Revelation 12. In light of the citation from the Pistis Sophia, it would seem then that the true identity of the first great wonder seen in the heavens in the book of Revelation is none other than the moon. It is not without significance that there is also a close association between the woman of Revelation 12 and a certain Greek myth related by Ovid, the classical Roman poet of antiquity. From both the book of Revelation and the cited passage from the Pistis Sophia, one can see many similarities with respect to the appearance of a Dragon in the heavens. Mary continued again and said: "My Lord, doth the dragon of the outer darkness come into this world or doth he not come?"The Saviour answered and said unto Mary: "When the light of the sun is outside [? What this particular passage is essentially saying then is that a disruption to the light waves of the Sun causing them to cancel out i.e. Essentially, what is being described in Revelation 12 is the build-up to a special celestial pattern being established in the heavens. Consider the state of the heavens with respect to the Sun, moon, and the Earth, at the beginning of Revelation 12, verse 4.
Now this is a most curious statement to be sure, yet it's solution would in fact appear to be rather straightforward.
And the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered,for to devour her child as soon as it was born. Now in the esoteric realm there are several code words which are often used to imply a conjunction.
In ancient Greek mythology the father of Zeus is Chronos, representative of the planet Saturn, who at one time was himself the chief deity amongst all the gods. Berossos, who interpreted the prophecies of Bel, attributes these disasters (the end of the world and its aftermath) to the movements of the planets.
It is quite clear then from a consideration of the ancient myths that conjunctions do trigger great celestial upheaval, and indeed that the second part of Revelation 12, verse 4, is indicative of a conjunction of such power between the Sun (the red Dragon), the moon (the woman in childbirth) and the Earth (image below). Following the conjunction and the birth of the child, who in fact is not consumed by the Dragon, but caught up to the throne of God instead, it is further noted that the woman goes a€?into the wildernessa€™ for safety, for a total of a€?a thousand two hundred and threescore daysa€™ i.e. What happens then from an initial conjunction pattern, if one were to move forward in time 1260 days? Upon commencement of the 1260 day period a whole series of disasters strike the Earth, with also the emergence of a beast out of the sea and also a beast out of the Earth.
Note that I have 2 videos on the King James version Bible Code matrices on the possibility of Hillary Clinton elected President in 2016. Also then, the day of the Astrology Grand Cross in the sky: August 18 1999, was the day after Cassini, carrying Plutonium, passed close to earth. This August 1999 Grand Cross, which is one of the most amazing astrological alignments ever seen in history, consisted of: the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in the sign of Leo, Mars and the Moon in Scorpio with Pluto close by in Sagittarius, Saturn and Jupiter in Taurus, and Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius. As for the planet Saturn, possibly Saturn represents "Satan"-- the Antichrist is said to be a Satanic imitation of Christ, actually the son of Satan.
Greek, where each letter is also a number, "Titan" totals 666, another indication of the Cassini landing on Titan being connected with the Antichrist. The Prophecies of Nostradamus predicted 3 Antichrists: the first was Napoleon, the second was Hitler, and the third I think is Russian President Putin. Note that the Cassini spacecraft reached Saturn in July 2004, and landed a probe on Saturn's moon Titan in Jan. Greek each letter is also a number, and Greek is the language of the Book of Revelation and the New Testament.
Charles Manson has been in the news in recent years, he is an alleged mass murderer in prison for life in California.
At Armageddon, World War 3, of Revelation 16, there is a great nuclear war, I think started by Putin around 2019. And I think the Antichrist Putin is an alien himself, a reptilian snake alien, but the returned Christ who defeats him is a good human-appearing alien. And the New Jerusalem of Revelation 21 could be a giant alien city that comes down to earth after the alien invasion. I relate the geographic coordinates of the point of discovery of Comet Ison to the discovery locations of Comet Hale-Bopp, with a shift of 151 degrees, relate that to Revelation 15:1, which talks about 7 angels with 7 plagues which could be a comet. This Nostradamus prophecy may predict that at the time a comet (bearded star) is seen there could be earthquakes and asteroids hitting earth.
It had appeared that President Obama was going to lose, until Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey and New York City.
Also: on July 2, in Timbuktu Mali in Africa, there was opened the main gate at an ancient mosque, that it was prophesied would only be opened at the time of the End of the World. HAS ANYONE OUT THERE NOTICED THAT THERE HAVE BEEN A LOT OF VOLCANOES AND EARTHQUAKES THIS YEAR? Psychokinesis, where I demonstrate using Psychic Energy to control the weather, clouds and wind, by psychic ESP mind over matter power, telekinesis, making clouds grow or disappear and controlling the wind. And the election of President Barack Obama brings Hope to the world in a time of great economic crisis. This is related to the 1987 Southern Hemisphere Supernova, which resulted in a wave of positive change in the Southern Hemisphere, with Democracy coming to South America and positive change in South Africa.
Note that Revelation 6:8 is about the Fourth Horseman, Death, so will Death ride in 2016 - 2017 as a worldwide epidemic? August 1999 (a solar eclipse seen in Europe and a rare alignment of planets in a cross shape) is discussed. And on November 4 2003 there was the largest solar flare ever seen, when Putin was in Rome, and on Nov.
Generally, on this web site astrology, new age methods, numerical analysis, religion, and mythology are combined to explain the world today, and to predict the future. Page 1b: The future of the Muslim Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, and will there be a new Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount? Page 2c: Natalee Holloway from Alabama, a girl on a school trip who went missing in Aruba, also there is a section to this page where by psychic means I attempt to focus on where Natalee is and what has happened to her. Part 6c: Could the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) result in black holes in the center of the earth? Page 8a: Could a giant magnitude 8 earthquake shake the San Andreas Fault in California, in the near future? Page 15: The Bible Code related to "The Da Vinci Code" (the book by Dan Brown), the Knights Templar, and the Mary Magdalene mystery. Psychic Psychokinesis Powers of Weather Control are demonstrated in videos I made, making clouds grow and disappear and controlling the wind.
Revelation 13, I believe these numbers are connected with his appearance in year 2000 (as Russia's President Putin), and there will be a powerful satanic influence in the world (related to Putin) in 2016 - 2019, that relates to the rise of the Antichrist Putin.

Another interesting book: "The Da Vinci Code", by Dan Brown, is about the Biblical-related mystery concerning Mary Magdalene, and the legend that she actually married Jesus Christ, and had children by him, whose descendants were kings of France, and that the blood line has been traced to present times by a secret society in Europe. Iran, where before the Islamic Revolution Iran had a Lion on its flag, indicating a Russia-China-Iran military alliance, with Russia helping Iran build the A-Bomb by helping it with its nuclear program, and Russia has been selling military equipment such as missles to Iran. Also, note that a Russia-China military alliance has formed in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) which consists now of Russia, China, and 4 Central asian Countries, and which met in October 2005, and there was a Russia-China joint military exercise in 2005. Also, it is possible that Belarus may unify with Russia, so it is shown in the drawing below.
1998 and 1999, and on February 1 2008 a close approach of Venus and Jupiter to within .5 degree, could mean the Antichrist rose to power in 2000 and I think he is Russian President Putin. Russia section for a discussion of this and some interesting facts on President Vladimir Putin.
Putin is the Antichrist: Putin visited Rome on November 4 2003, on the day there was the largest solar eruption from the sun in history.
As I said, the Antichrist will appear to be a good man, and will appear to be the saviour of mankind.
Putin has been praised around the world for bringing stability and economic prosperity to Russia, which under Yeltsin had been headed for anarchy and economic chaos.
And in the future Putin may have a key role in building a space defense against asteroids, since an asteroid could be headed for earth; this was announced in December 2009, that Russia may intercept an asteroid that could hit earth in the future. It appears that Putin controlling Natural Gas reserves and prices is a key way that he can control the world economy.
But I think an event frequently discussed in Biblical Prophecy called "The Rapture" will not occur, because this is a misinterpretation of Biblical prophecy by innumerable writers and preachers.
AIDS was first announced on June 5, 1981, when it was first detected in five men in Los Angeles.
And Putin the Antichrist hosted the G-8 summit of world industrial powers in Russia in July 2006. So, the pattern is: the Antichrist in June 2006, the Cross in 2007, war in 10-10-10, change in 2011, and world transformation continues on 12-12-12 on the Mayan Calendar date. On May 4 2012, a Russian miltary leader made a threat that Russia may launch a nuclear missile attack on U.S.
Also watch out for a major war (that could be an India - Pakistan war, or a war in the Middle East, or Iran, Syria, Iraq and ISIS terrorists, or North Korea launching missiles).
I just wonder if the revolutions in countries in the Middle East could bring them closer to Russia and Putin the Antichrist.
And if political unrest comes to Pakistan, with all its nuclear weapons, that could be a major concern. Watch out for worsening worldwide disease epidemics in 2016-2019, including Ebola and Flu and Zika Virus. Flu strain H3N2 Fujian, which is a severe strain that began as an outbreak in 2003, or it could more likely be bird flu type H5N1 causing a severe epidemic in birds - chickens, ducks, etc.- but that can spread to humans.
Part of this trend is the election of President Barack Obama, who brings Hope to the world in a time of great economic crisis. And France is selling military equipment to Russia including naval ships, so France is riding the red Russia beast. Eventually the beast will turn against Europe and burn Europa with fire, as in Revelation 17. Also, note that the woman is holding a cup full of abominations and filthiness - the cup could be the CERN LHC particle accelerator, which is circular in shape, and the abominations could be the strange and dangerous particles the LHC creates, including Black Holes and Strangelets that could destroy earth. And on May 4 2012, a Russian miltary leader made a threat that Russia may launch a nuclear missile attack on U.S.
4 These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth. 5 And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed. Possibly these two elements named Ununpentium (115) and Ununtrium (113), that were created by Russian and American scientists, by colliding an isotope of Calcium with Americium, may represent the Two Witnesses of Revelation, and may indicate that they will appear soon on the world scene. These King James Bible Code matrices indicate there could be an asteroid ocean hit in 2016-2019, the asteroid breaking up into 7 pieces in the atmosphere as it hits, so 7 impacts, and a giant tidal wave resulting that floods coastal cities. Note that it is possible that this asteroid will break up into 7 pieces because it will be spotted ahead of time and broken up into pieces by an interceptor rocket with an atomic weapon in it, either launched by the U.S. Note that in February 2013 a meteorite landed in Russia with an atomic bomb size explosion. There is also a volcano in the Canary Islands off Africa that could collapse in a few years, producing a giant tidal wave that could hit the coasts of Africa, Spain and Portugal, the U.S. San Andreas fault could slip in Southern California or Northern California, hitting hard Southern California and Los Angeles or San Francisco.
Another disease, Tuberculosis (TB) is becoming an increasingly bad worldwide epidemic, with drug resistant TB common. Note that TB is spread by poor sanitation and hygiene, that we can relate to the"unclean" in the passage above; and Babylon was in Iraq.
Note: the first letters of SARS, Ebola, AIDS spells "sea", and the Antichrist (the beast) rises out of the sea (of world politics) in Revelation 13. This suggests that these diseases will cause worldwide epidemics as the Beast rises to power, and the Fourth Horseman Death rides. Also, SARS began in Guangdong Province, China, which is at geographic coordinates of 23 degrees North 112-115 East. In 1918, world flu epidemic, as the Red Beast formed in Russia with the Russian Revolution (the beginning of the Antichrist's Evil Empire in Russia).
The Swine Flu virus spreading in 2016 - 2019 could combine with Bird Flu, creating a more deadly virus. Generally, the prophecies discussed on this site may be changeable, if people will understand and listen to them and take appropriate action, such as building an asteroid defense. In this web site I have tried to show how astrology, new age methods, religion, bible prophecy, the King James Bible Code, and mythology can be used in a combined way, to explain the world today and to predict the future. The truth is found by following the Middle Way between religions, and that is the path I have tried to follow here.
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Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy. If some self-proclaimed prophet suddenly arose and began drawing crowds with stirring messages, healing the sick, raising the dead, bringing fire from heaven, and revealing knowledge of your personal secrets - would you believe in him or her? Answer: A They will remain until God's people are all unified, mature Christians--which, of course, will be at the end of time. Answer: A God warns us of false Christs and false prophets who will be so extremely convincing that they will deceive all except the very elect of God. Answer: A In Study Guide 23, we discovered that Jesus gives a six-point description of His end-time church. Answer: A Since a prophet is sometimes called a seer (someone who can see into the future), the eyes would best represent the gift of prophecy. Because God normally sends prophets to His church only when it is keeping His commandments. The way to make the gift of prophecy meaningful is to study it for yourself and follow it prayerfully so Jesus can guide and preserve you and prepare you for His coming.
Discover the Old Testament as a veiled rendition of events of Middle Ages written centuries after the New Testament. Not after you've read "History: Fiction or Science?" by Anatoly Fomenko, leading mathematician of our time. Some have become quite well known to the public, particularly in the late twentieth century.
There will be wars and famines and disease epidemics and heavenly signs that will alert the world to some sort of crisis. If you truly want to comprehend what the Bible reveals about events surrounding the future Antichrist, you simply cannot skip Daniel 11.
By the end of this article, you should be able to clearly see how and when and why and where the Antichrist will appear.
In Daniel 10, the angel Gabriel stood with Daniel and explained how angels work in the heavens - conducting war (spiritual warfare) with Lucifer's princes.
Our godless, atheistic culture is devoid of the belief or the understanding of how everything in the material world is moderated in the heavenly, spiritual realm by the powers of God, His angels, Lucifer and his princes.
Gabriel revealed that he and Israel's chief prince, the archangel Michael had been fighting against the prince of Persia, and would continue until he was defeated and the Persian Empire fell. If Gabriel and Michael had never resisted these demon princes, Israel would surely have perished from off the earth by now. These prophecies alone should have thoroughly convinced the people of Israel that Almighty God is Sovereign in the heavens, and that He commands the end from the beginning. You MUST realize that very important point if you want to understand what is happening here. What seems very complicated on the surface is actually a very understandable series of events that will not only educate you, but also give you an enormous ability to understand exactly where we are headed in soon-coming world-shaking events. But certainly enough, Cyrus the Great was succeeded by Cambyses, then by Darius I (the Great), then by Xerxes, who, with an army of two million (according to Herodotus), marched toward Greece and fulfilled the prophecy of Daniel 11:2. Daniel then prophesied that "a mighty king" with "great dominion" would "do according to his will." Alexander the Great of Greece fulfilled that prophecy when he conquered the Persians and nearly all of Eurasia. Ptolemy had been one of Alexander's great generals, and was a brilliant military and political force. Seleucus had been a satrap (a provincial governor) in Babylon, following Alexander's death, but his competitor, Antigonus drove him out of Babylon. Seleucus eventually joined him, (after losing control of Babylon), but soon rose up from Egypt to conquer Gaza, Babylon, and Syria. Two centuries beforehand, Daniel prophesied amazing details of their rise to power, which would not begin to occur until about 325-281 BC.
In 198 BC, he formed an alliance with Philip of Macedonia, and together they attacked and conquered Ptolemy V and Egypt - 350 years after Daniel prophesied it. He prophesied that Syria would defeat Egypt and consume "the glorious land." That was fulfilled in 198 BC. Whether the subject is Babylon, Persia, Greece, Syria, Rome, Egypt, Beasts or False Prophets, everything eventually points to God, His people, and His land.
Unfortunately for him, the Roman general Scipio Asiaticus launched a counter-attack and prevented Antiochus from taking Greece. His son, Seleucus IV, imposed harsh taxes on his kingdom, including Israel, to pay tributes to the Romans.
Antiochus Epiphanes entered and defiled the temple, offering swine flesh on the altar and setting up an idol to Zeus in the holy place. Every spy agency and intelligence organization on earth would crave to know the thoughts and intentions of their enemies years in advance the way God knows.
Both come from the ancient Syrian empire (reaching from Turkey on the west to Iran on the east). One was Syria, "king of the north." Antiochus Epiphanes of Syria invaded Judea, deposed Onias the high priest ("[Onias] shall be broken"), placed a statue of Zeus in the temple, and offered swine flesh on the altar.
But beginning in verse 35, the prophecies refer to a future Syrian king, the coming Man of Sin.
Assyria took the northern ten tribes of Israel into captivity, beginning in 740 BC under Tiglathpileser, then Shalmaneser, and then Sargon II. Daniel revealed that the final Man of Sin will be the king of Assyrians (probably modern Turkey, possibly modern Syria).
As "the king of the north," he will quickly engage in war with Egypt, and take over ALL Israel. He will operate in Jerusalem, with the full backing of the European nations, the Roman Catholic Church and the United Nations. Although Satan and sinners have exercised dominion over the earth for thousands of years, "the day of the LORD" will remedy that wrong forever. As I write this, world powers are calling for a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital. But despite its apparent complexity and difficulty, it contains some of the most important prophetic information in the Bible. The Islamic University of Cairo is infiltrated with the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood.
But the Man of Sin, being completely controlled by radical Islam, will finally overthrow Egypt. He will have access to the earth's wealth through his connections with the Roman Catholic Church - repository of the largest part of the world's wealth. He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape. This ASSYRIAN monster will do everything he wants, until trouble comes from the north and east.
This is why Daniel gave us all the painstaking details of 400 years of history between the Old and New Testaments - that we may know that it will be the ASSYRIAN MAN OF SIN who will be destroyed in Jerusalem when Jesus Christ returns to earth at Armageddon. In the end of that war Catholic Communism will triumph, while the Capitalistic United States and Israel and even Sunni Islam based in Saudi Arabia will suffer the worst losses. I have Daniel 8, Daniel 11, and Micah 5 as irrefutable, SCRIPTURAL evidence that Jesus Christ will face down an ASSYRIAN on the Temple Mount. The Catholic Church has historically aligned itself with whatever powers it was necessary to maintain its own security. The Catholic Church will be trying to destroy the United States of America and all her Protestant, Jewish and Sunni Islam enemies in the greatest INQUISITION war in history. Indeed, many people throughout the ages have asked, just what does Revelation mean or what message does it encode?Herein I do offer up a solution to at least one part of the book:Chapter 12. Indeed, one does not even need to guess here as to the identity of either the woman or the great red dragon. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal. In his famous work entitled Metamorphoses, Ovid relates the story of how the Sun fell in love with the moon, the latter body being personified in the form of a female deity called Leucothoe. In Revelation 12 this is the second great portent in the sky after the woman clothed with the Sun. What this precise statement would seem to imply is that the configuration of the celestial bodies of interest is of the following type (image left):The statement is merely drawing attention to the fact that there is a 120A° angular sweep between the line connecting the moon to the Earth, and the line connecting the Sun to the Earth. However, Chronos became aware of a prophecy that he would eventually be deposed by his children.
He is so certain of this that he can determine a date for the conflagration and the great flood.
1260 days.Now this indeed is very interesting, as 1260 days returns the celestial pattern back to an almost exact 120A° angular separation between the sun and moon a€“ something that can be demonstrated with the most exacting values for both the Earth tropical year and the moon synodic month. There is therefore once more a third of the sky swept out from the moon through to the Sun, to complete the 43rd month (image above).
For the most part the solution to many of these additional prophecies is to be had from a study of the heavens. If Scorpio is considered to be the Eagle, and Aquarius the man, then we have the four beasts seen in Revelation 4 that sit at the throne in heaven, that have the faces of an eagle, a man, a lion, and a calf.
The cross is a bent cross, relating it to the Antichrist, as the true cross relates to Christ.
There could be ominous events possibly occurring in 2016 - 2019: quakes, volcanoes, Bird Flu or SARS epidemic, and wars in Ukraine, Iraq, Syria.
8 there was a lunar eclipse and a grand sextile hexagon shaped astrology pattern, again indicating Putin is the Antichrist; apparently Putin visiting Rome, which is connected with the Antichrist in Bible prophecy, resulted in a tremendous Satanic force that resulted in the giant solar flare on Nov.
Angels are also mentioned in Revelation, such as an angel from the East in Revelation 7, another Angel in Revelation 10. And note that on May 17, 2000 Venus and Jupiter also had a very close conjunction, only 4' apart, but were too close to the morning sun to be seen.
Or a war in the Middle East resulting from revolutions in countries in North Africa and the Middle East, there seems to be a spreading wave of revolution there, who knows where it will lead. With Putin in power now in Russia, he could turn Russia into a Hitler-style dictatorship, with Putin becoming a total control type of dictator and stomping on freedom of the press. Germany in particular is becoming friendly with Russia, I think Germany is making a big mistake by trusting Putin. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you.
The perfecting of God's end-time church is not possible if any of these five gifts is missing.
Although a prophet's message may sometimes edify the public, the primary purpose of prophecy is to serve the church. Here are the brief details:a€?a€?God Calls a Young Womana€?God's end-time church began to form in the early 1840s and desperately needed guidance.
However, you can know that she (1) meets the tests of a prophet, (2) did the work of a prophet, and that (3) God's true end-time church must have a prophet.
Further, He clearly states that spiritual prosperity hinges upon believing His prophets (2 Chronicles 20:20). When a church does not have a prophet to counsel, guide, and lead it back to Jesus and the Bible, the people will flounder in a disoriented manner (Psalms 74:9) and eventually perish. In 1 Corinthians 12:28 it is listed as second in importance of all the gifts, while the gift of tongues is listed last.
Here are the brief details:God Calls a Young WomanGod's end-time church began to form in the early 1840s and desperately needed guidance.
Perceive the Crusaders as contemporaries of The Crucifixion punishing the tormentors of the Messiah.
He follows in steps of Sir Isaac Newton, finds clear evidence of falsification of History by clergy and humanists. As you begin to open it, you get this unfolding scenario of events, beginning with war and famine and disease and earthquakes and heavenly signs. Then will come an Antichrist as he's called, or a political ruler, that will establish control over the whole earth.
Lucifer opposes all the works of God, and his princes assist in carrying out his evil agenda. You and I would do well to contemplate these astonishingly accurate prophecies, and admit that even OUR specific future is already sealed by the determinate will and plan of God. He showed, in great detail, exactly how power would finally move from the Greeks to the Romans - via the Egyptians and Syrians. VERY FEW people understand these things, but YOU can, if you will simply take the time right now to inform yourself. But the Babylonians carried many of the finest of the Hebrew young men into the king's palace in Babylon.
The empire he established in Egypt would come to be known as the Ptolemaic Empire (305-30 BC), and many of his successors would carry his namesake - Ptolemy I through Ptolemy XV, and his wife's name - Cleopatra I through Cleopatra VII. But before long, Ptolemy died, and Antiochus decided that he wanted to divorce Berenice and return to his first wife, Laodice. All the other characters are supporting actors who only play roles in testing and trying Israel until Jesus Christ returns to His LAND and His PEOPLE.

Antiochus' Seleucid (Syrian) Empire finally crumbled in 188 BC, and the Roman Empire began emerging as the new world leader. When the Man of Sin comes, he will stand AS GOD in the holy temple - the ultimate blasphemy. Beware of silver-tongued oratory that is full of flattery - "excessive, insincere praise." It is poisonous. God not only knows every thought, but He also knows every movement of every person on earth BEFORE they make it. Mattathias, the successor high priest, and his son, Judas Maccabeus, raised an army [the Maccabeans] and fought valiantly against the Syrians. When the entire Syrian empire was against Jerusalem, one man, Judas Maccabeus, rallied an army of God-fearing Jews who were willing to die for a righteous cause - defending all that is holy from a tyrant.
The United Nations will patrol and control Jerusalem; the Roman Catholic Church will control all the holy sites, and the Man of Sin will rule the entire nation from his own palace in Jerusalem. When all the armies of earth come against Jerusalem, to render a final, fatal blow to Israel, Christ will come and destroy them. The Muslim Brotherhood is synergistic with the other radical Muslim organizations in the Middle East - The Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Hezbollah, Hamas, and others. The Arab League has been the force behind the international efforts to mediate peace in Israel and Palestine. Although Egypt will initially stand AGAINST the Man of Sin, it will finally be defeated by him. An Islamic "ASSYRIAN" will be given his place in Jerusalem by the powers of Europe and the Roman Catholic Church. Nevertheless, his power and money cannot stand against the sovereign power of Almighty God. I think this Muslim Man of Sin will be attacked by Russia and China, provoking the worst war in the history of the world. The Man of Sin will come from the region of Assyria, and Jesus will destroy him in the mountains of Jerusalem. The prophecy does not say that Messiah will deliver them from the False Prophet (the Pope), but from the Assyrian. In this case, it will become necessary for the Catholic Church to take sides with Russia, China and Iran, because it will be obvious that that coalition will win the next global war. I suspect that the largest casualties in the Sixth Trumpet War will be American, Jewish and Saudi. This is the story of a series of great portents appearing in the sky that herald a time of immense troubles upon the Earth.
Some researchers have posited that the woman is representative of the constellation Virgo, wherein there is in effect a conjunction involving both Virgo and the moon. The answer readily presents itself upon consideration of the esoteric text commonly referred to as the Pistis Sophia, previously introduced in the first essay of my Outer Darkness series.Within the Pistis Sophia, one finds a far more detailed explanation of the very same set of events as given in Revelation 12, wherein the identity of the two portents is revealed with some precision.
And the disk of the sun was a great dragon whose tail was in his mouth and who reached to seven powers of the Left and whom four powers in the form of white horses drew.And the base of the moon had the type of a ship which a male and a female dragon steered and two white bulls drew. Here the Revelation Bible verses state that the Dragon itself has seven heads, with a crown upon each head. Indeed, one may recall that the symbolism of the Dragon swallowing its tail is indicative of the cancellation of energetic waveform patterns.Now the importance of this very point helps to explain just why the Dragon - at least in the book of Revelation - is noted as being red in colour. Namely, a pattern capable of causing the sun's light waves to transform from their normal activity into a radically different configuration, wherein they cancel themselves out. As noted previously, the word Crown comes from Corona, which is the Halo about the moon achieved in a solar eclipse a€“ itself a conjunction event. He maintains that the Earth will burn whenever all the planets, which now have different orbits, converge in cancer and are so arranged in the same path that a straight line can pass through their orbs, and that there will be a further great flood, when the same planets so converge in Capricorn.
Invariably they refer to exotic celestial phenomena, including conjunctions, a€?atmospheric flare-ups,a€™ and the destabilisation of the orbits of the planets within the solar system. This seems to indicate an important time for mankind; I think it may also relate to the rise to power of the Antichrist in year 2000 as Russian President Putin, especially since there was a cross pattern.
I think he is correct, but I think Putin will not start World War 3 with a missile attack on the West until 2017-2019. Discovered by two Russian astronomers, so connect it to the Antichrist Russian President Putin.
Your ultimate destiny just might be tied directly to your ability to distinguish between true and false prophets. So, in harmony with His promise of Amos 3:7, God then called a young woman named Ellen Harmon to be His prophetess. It is so perceptive and relevant that it was once plagiarized by the minister of education of a certain nation, who published it under his own name.
She said on the subject of intelligence that a person's IQ could be increased--long before experts agreed. And they meet the Bible standard for visions as outlined in the answer to question seven of this Study Guide.
These verses verify that when God's people disregard His commandments, He sends no prophet. Armed with computers, astronomy and statistics he proves the history of humankind to be both dramatically different and drastically shorter than generally presumed. The mark of the beast, which the book talks about as some sign or mark that people receive on their hand and their forehead.
You will vastly improve your understanding of the coming days of Antichrist by taking this lesson. The holy angels did not strengthen the demon princes, but Gabriel did stand with King Darius (picture), who blessed Israel for a while. By the hand of God, and by the help of his ministering spirits (angels), Daniel found favor throughout his lifetime, even in the courts of pagan kings. Within a few years, Seleucus ruled from Pergama to the Far East, including the areas we now know as Eastern Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan. Second was Seleucia (which included what is now known as Syria, Iran, Iraq, Eastern Turkey). They finally settled their differences, and Antiochus the Syrian married the Egyptian daughter of Ptolemy II, Berenice. But Seleucus' brother, Antiochus IV (Epiphanes) quickly killed Heliodorus and seized the throne. The Maccabean revolt is a historical phenomenon, a glorious example of men of clear understanding standing up and speaking out. The real news here is that God determines and grants everybody a place until everything ultimately comes to judgment.
Prophecies say that hostile forces will go from house to house, raping and plundering Jews, violently driving them out of Jerusalem. To ignore ANY BIBLE PROPHECY is to deprive ourselves of several INDISPENSABLE pieces of the prophetic puzzle.
Osama bin Laden was heavily influenced by members of the Muslim Brotherhood while he was attending university.
It will be Rome's LAST-DITCH EFFORT to appease the Muslims, and settle, once-and-for-all, the Israeli-Palestine hostilities.
For what it's worth, the Roman Catholic Church has ALREADY abandoned the West ideologically. The crown of 12 stars here then is simply thought to refer to the stars of the Virgo constellation itself.
The figure of a babe was on the stern of the moon who guided the dragons who robbed the light from the rulers.
The Pistis Sophia states that the Dragon a€?reaches to the seven powers of the left.a€™Now it is quite clear from reading the Pistis Sophia that the Dragon is associated with the disk of the Sun. Moreover, one may also note the Greek myth of Phaethon, wherein Phaethon is crowned by his father the Sun (God). For under the sign of cancer occurs the change to summer, under Capricorn change to winter.
Crystal balls, palm reading, leaf deciphering, astrology, and talking with the supposed spirits of the dead are not God's ways of communicating with people. She said in 1905 that cancer is a germ (or virus), which medical science began to endorse only in the 1950s. God knows when prophets are needed to wake people up, warn them, and turn them to Jesus and His Word.
Jesus solemnly warns His end-time church of the danger of blindness and urges them to anoint their eyes with heavenly eyesalve so they will be able to see (Revelation 3:17, 18). Even the number of this beast--the beast being some military ruler that controls the world at the end of time--as being 666.
And then you begin to get these characters introduced, and there are five or six main characters. They together establish a unified social, economic and religious system that dominates the world.
Seleucus served Ptolemy in Egypt until he raised an army and went north to conquer his own empire. We would expect a man from the region of Syria or Turkey to be a Shia Muslim who honors Allah.
Only the 144,000 Jews who were sealed by God BEFORE the Great Tribulation will escape the wrath of the Man of Sin.
If we want to understand what will happen in the last days, or accurately identify the coming Man of Sin, we must understand Daniel 11, but we must also consider ALL BIBLE PROPHECIES. At the beginning of Revelation 12 - parts 1 through to 6, an array of characters are introduced, each with their own special significance to the story. Here it is related that Jesus, within the presence of his disciples, stands before an altar to invoke the name of the father of the Treasury of light. Quite simply, reference is being made to what are three aspects of one object.Firstly, one should note the simple fact that the moon as a celestial body does not give out its own light but merely reflects the light of the sun. So the story goesa€¦ upon meeting Leucothoe to declare his love, the sun finds her attended upon by 12 maidservants, no doubt being a reference to the 12 calendar months in a year. If one goes beyond the final colour at each end of the spectrum, then one will pass into a frequency range which is invisible to the human eyes: Violet to ultraviolet, or red to infrared.
This is achieved with respect to the planet Jupiter, who indeed is associated with Zeus, the chief god of the Greek pantheon.
Also note that August 9, 1999, was the 30th anniversary of the Charles Manson group's murder of Sharon Tate and others in Los Angeles, significant because of the Charles Manson group's Satanic-like cult. And note that the Manson murders of Sharon Tate and others in LA California was on August 9, 1969. Watch out for a mother bear (Russia) that has lost its cubs (Russia's empire), it can be an angry mother bear. The Scriptures teach plainly that all who become involved with such things are an abomination (Deuteronomy 18:12). She had been injured in an accident at age nine and had to quit school with only three years of formal education.
She also directed people's attention to the Bible prophecies for the end time--especially Jesus' three-point message for the world today (Revelation 14:6-14)--and urged that they share these messages of hope quickly and worldwide.
So when God's remnant church for the end time emerged keeping His commandments, it was time for a prophet.
The only thing opposing them are the people of God and these two prophets, they're called the two witnesses, who appear in Jerusalem, and begin to speak against this power. But if the Man of Sin does not honor any other god, he could not be a Muslim, UNLESS he claims to be the INCARNATION of Allah.
Jesus gave Judas his "estate." Ever since Lucifer sinned in the Garden of Eden, God has granted him an "estate," a place. Where Abraham declared, "Jehovahjireh, the Mount of the LORD." The Threshingfloor of Ornan. Now one may indeed recall from my previous essay on The Outer Darkness that in the Gnostic hierarchy the Treasury of Light is the aeon that souls pass through upon achieving salvation. When bathed in the light of the sun, one may readily accept that the moon is clothed with its light.
Now after dismissing the maidservants, it is then that the Sun reveals his full light to Leucothoe, whereupon he passionately embraces her.Truly there are many parallels between the story of Revelation 12 and the Greek myth of the sun and Leucothoe. This critical reference identifies the Dragon in question as being none other than the Dragon of The Outer Darkness. As the regular patterns of the light waves suffer disruption, they naturally cycle through the visible colours of the spectrum. Now the very word Phaethon actually means a€?chariot,a€™ and is said to be the celestial body that once existed between the planets Mars and Jupiter that was destroyed at some point in remote history, leading to the creation of the asteroid belt. That was exactly 30 years before the Antichrist Putin became Prime Minister of Russia on August 9 1999, at the time of an August 11 1999 solar eclipse over Europe, and the August 18 1999 Grand Cross Astrology pattern of planets in a cross shape. Note that the movie "Oz the Great and Powerful" opened March 8 2013, about a wizard from Kansas with great powers of magic. Note that on July 14 2015 the NASA New Horizons spacecraft reached Pluto, so will the Fourth Horseman Death ride in 2016 - 2017? It would keep the Ten Commandments, including the seventh-day Sabbath of the fourth commandment.a€?D.
Her health deteriorated until, when called by God at age 17, she weighed only 70 pounds and had been given up to die.a€?a€?She Served 70 Yearsa€?Ellen accepted God's call with the understanding that He would enable her physically and keep her humble.
Help God's people understand difficult, unclear, or unnoticed portions of the Bible so that they suddenly come to life for us and bring great joy.a€?D.
He sent a prophet (John the Baptist) to prepare people for Jesus' first coming (Mark 1:1-8). Heeding the words of God's prophet will help His end-time remnant people clearly understand the Bible and will prevent uncertainty and confusion.
It would keep the Ten Commandments, including the seventh-day Sabbath of the fourth commandment.D.
Her health deteriorated until, when called by God at age 17, she weighed only 70 pounds and had been given up to die.She Served 70 YearsEllen accepted God's call with the understanding that He would enable her physically and keep her humble. Help God's people understand difficult, unclear, or unnoticed portions of the Bible so that they suddenly come to life for us and bring great joy.D. The rest of the book, really the last half of the book is about the overthrow of this system. Muslims refer to their expected "Mahdi" as "the last repository of Allah." Will the Man of Sin be a Lucifer-possessed Turkish-Syrian Muslim?
However, the Man of Sin WILL survive, because he has a date with destiny - Jesus Christ at Armageddon! Here then the illuminated part of the moon is the woman of Revelation.Secondly, the 12 stars that crown the woman are doubtless a simple reference to the 12 calendar months of a year.
Indeed, the story concerning these two beings is one that also involves a series of great Earth changes, all triggered by a special conjunction pattern established in the heavens. In the story of Phaethon, as related by Ovid in his work Metamorphoses, Zeus (Jupiter) threw a thunderbolt at Phaethon to destroy him at the point of a conjunction between himself, Phaethon and the Sun. So the story goesa€¦ Zeus pursues Nemesis throughout the four seasons; she attempting to evade him by constantly changing her form.
And actress Sharon Tate who was murdered was the wife of Roman Polanski, who in 1968 had made a movie called "Rosemary's Baby" about the child of Satan.
Her book on Christian living, Steps to Christ, has been translated into more than 150 languages and dialects.
The beast, the false prophet, who has the number 666, the Antichrist, is overthrown with judgments and plagues. In effect, it would appear that this story is in fact very much identical to that of the book of Revelation; simply set in a different culture with a different pantheon of deities.
Indeed, this particular passage is concerned with the Revelation prophecy of the days of darkness, as said to occur at the consummation of the age. From the perspective of Jupiter, Phaethon was crowned by the Sun much like the moon is crowned by the Sun during an eclipse.In addition to this, there are several instances also in mythology of gods embracing one another, which also implies a conjunction.
He finally catches up with her however upon the winter solstice, wherein he then devours her. She insisted that her aim and work were to point the church and its members to the Bible--which was to be its creed--and to Jesus' free gift of righteousness. Help God's people understand end-time prophecies which, verified by everyday news events, suddenly take on new meaning.a€?F. Help God's people understand end-time prophecies which, verified by everyday news events, suddenly take on new meaning.F. Specifically then, the great red Dragon is identified as the Sun itself when it is in the final stages of the cancellation of its light waves. Ellen fulfilled every test of a prophet mentioned in this Study Guide.a€?a€?Her Pen Name and Booksa€?Ellen married James White, a clergyman, and wrote under the name Ellen G. Help God's people sense the certainty of Jesus' soon return and the end of the world.a€?a€?For a deepening love for Jesus, a vibrant new excitement about the Bible, and a fresh understanding of Bible prophecies--listen to God's end-time prophet.
Without the help of a prophet, many will be lost through backsliding, sleeping spiritually, and being too busy.
If I fail to listen to and test prophets, I am not basing my faith upon the Bible, which mandates doing so. Ellen fulfilled every test of a prophet mentioned in this Study Guide.Her Pen Name and BooksEllen married James White, a clergyman, and wrote under the name Ellen G.
Help God's people sense the certainty of Jesus' soon return and the end of the world.For a deepening love for Jesus, a vibrant new excitement about the Bible, and a fresh understanding of Bible prophecies--listen to God's end-time prophet. This must be the a€?base of the moona€™ having the a€?type of a shipa€™ - as referenced from the Pistis Sophia. Of course one should realise, that this effect is temporary, and sustained only so long as the celestial pattern responsible for triggering it is itself sustained. A further Greek myth recounted in Metamorphoses that is also worthy of note concerns the illicit affair between Aphrodite and Ares. And then you have the saints or the Christians, the faithful followers of God, that are being martyred.
The water turning to blood and that sort of thing, until finally, Jesus Christ returns as a warrior on a white horse and sets up the kingdom of God.
In essence, one would suppose the arc pattern closely associated with the dark side of the Moon i.e. Remember, Jesus says He will bless His end-time church with most-helpful prophetic messages. Her books, read worldwide, give inspired counsel on health, education, temperance, the Christian home, parenting, publishing and writing, assisting the needy, stewardship, evangelism, Christian living, and more. One can see a clear reference in the Pistis Sophia to a a€?figure of a babea€™ being on a€?the stern of the moon.a€™ This also further establishes the identity of the first great portent as the moon. These are, I guess you could say the two final prophets that the book expects to appear on the earth, like Moses and Elijah of ancient times in the bible. You have a dragon, who's actually identified as the devil behind the scenes, and of course you have Jesus Christ, the lamb.
When the Sun sees the passionate embrace of the gods, the Sun witnesses a conjunction from its perspective.There is then the word devouring, which indeed is found in the book of Revelation Bible verse as cited. So it's as if there's a whole stage set with these characters, and then things begin to unfold one by one, in terms of what's supposed to happen.

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