It is imparting versatile knowledge to the readers and leads the students from the chaos and confusion to the crystal clear world of wisdom and knowledge. Targeted at the novice market, this self-instruction guide to electronics and electricity has been fully updated to include the latest emerging technologies, including wireless communications, computers and the Internet. I was hoping that this book would teach me about the nature of electricity -- sort of an "Electricity for Dummies" that would explain the difference between amps, watts, volts, and all that.

Electric Motor Experiments - Electronics And Electricty Books Electronics and Electricty Books for KidsChildren can learn and experiment with electronics and how electricity works form these great books. Kataria & Sons, the publishers of Engineering and Computer Books, is a sweet haven for all the enterprising and enthusiastic authors.
The electronics sections were extremely dull and on top of that, weren't even written well enough to make good sense.

Each one’s profound knowledge coupled with years’ of teaching experience and enhancing with extensive reading & inter action is very well reflected in each one’s book.

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