Requirements for the Emergency Preparedness merit badge(Either this Merit Badge or Lifesaving Merit Badge is Required to earn the Eagle Scout Rank)1. An excellent conductor of electricity, this powder is used in the manufacture of conductive materials and coatings.
Tell what you would do to prevent injury and possible loss of life to yourself and others in each of the following emergencies: fire or explosion at home and in a public building, car stalled in a blizzard or desert, motor vehicle accident, mountain accident, food poisoning, boating accident, search for lost person, lost or marooned group, gas leak, earthquake, flood, tornado or hurricane, atomic emergency, and avalanche (snow or rock).

With another person, show a good way to move an injured person out of a remote and rugged area, conserving the energy of all the rescuers. Show a family kit (suitcase or box) for use by your family in case an emergency evacuation is needed.

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Rubric: Emergency Preparedness Survival


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