If you are already reading this article then you probably are the person who thinks that there might some emergency situation and you have to list the items and things which you have to take with you anywhere and anytime. It is important to remember that you have to carry this bag and be able to move fast with it, so pack wisely! It is important to know where you need to go in an emergency situation and multiple ways to get there in case of road blocks or accidents. Here are a few examples of backpacking bags that would allow you to blend in as a tourist in an urban environment.
You can always carry a few pouches of emergency water with you, I would recommend buying a box of pouched emergency water so you can split the pouches up over your Get Home Bag, Automobile Emergency Kit, Bug Out Bag, and for your home supply.
This is a great start but you will need to make sure you have the ability to capture and purify water along the way.
There is nothing worse than being cold, wet, and tired in a survival situation so fire is essential to your bug out bag.

72 hour kits are a great source for your bug out bag, but they do have limitations that you should be aware of.
I recommend MRE’s for a bug out bag, because they are simple and filling just open the pouch and you have a meal. There are so many items and personal touches you can add to your bug out bags, the choices are up to you. To see a complete selection of bug our bag items check out our build your own bug out bag store! Urban Prep ListUrban Prep List is your one-stop resource for daily off the grid news, survival training, prepping tips, and homesteading articles from around the web. We Offer a balanced and practical view of Urban prepping for the average family to ready themselves for the unexpected.
Right now you are searching for new item and lists which will be perfect but there is no perfect list of the bug out bag.

If people are starting to scramble you may stick out as a person carrying much needed tools, supplies, and food to those that are unprepared. After you fill a few water bottles and maybe a hydration pack you need to think about what happens when you run out? You need to read the instructions to make sure you use them correctly, but they will allow you to purify water in any container you may have from a plastic bag to an old soda bottle. Here we are laying out our Bug out bag from the essential items everyone should carry, to extra gadgets and tools that can help one to survive in an urban and rural environment. The tent is also made out of materials that I can use as a tarp, an additional blanket, or to draw attention to my location from the air if I am looking to get rescued.

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