Have your business data backup automatically to a secured and reliable Offsite Datacenter. At RAH TECH, we design, integrate and manage IT solutions that improves your working Productivity, Efficiency and Continuity . ?Improve your Business Computing IT SupportYou understand the value of outsourcing to a top-tier IT professional services consulting company.

You can now backup your servers or desktop data automatically to a remote Datacenter.Your backups will be monitored closely by our professional engineers with notifcations and monthly reports to be sent to you. Our vision is to be recognised as a leading IT Solutions provider with proven technologies to fulfill our customers’ IT requirements.
Rest assured that your backup data is encrypted with secured AES-128bit algorithm while replicated to the datacenter and only you can decrypt it with your key.Recovery of data can be as simple as delivery to your doorstep upon request.

We want to be someone which your company can trust and rely on and adding the best value to.

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