The business continuity processes used by Standby are in line with the standards recognised and recommended by the Disaster Recovery Institute International (USA) and the Business Continuity Institute (UK). Please select the process you’d like further information on above or contact us for further information.
Risk is the chance of injury or death for individuals and damage to or loss of vehicles and equipment.
The primary objective of risk management is to help units protect their combat power through accident prevention, enabling them to win the battle quickly and decisively with minimal losses. Demonstrate consistent and sustained risk management behavior through leadership by example and emphasis on active participation throughout the risk management process. Parks Infrastructure Summary - As of 9 June 2010, there were 312 parks, beaches & natural reserves identified in BRC's maintenance management system. Parks Related Documents - The following documents have been referred to in developing this plan. Changes in Land Use - Bundaberg Regional Council has yet to finalise a consolidated Planning Scheme for the amalgamated Council.
Government Policy & Regulations - No changes to government policy or regulations have been identified in this plan. Internet outages can restrict access to the live version of the plan from time to time, but the data itself should be very safe.
Risk, or the potential for risk, is always present in every combat and training situation the platoon faces. Whenever possible, the risk management process also should include an after-action review (AAR) to assess unit performance in identifying risks and preventing hazardous situations. Infrastructure assets typically located within the facilities covered by this plan are dealt with in the other plans. The decision-maker (the platoon leader, if applicable) must compare and balance the risk against mission expectations.
They must ensure that hazards and associated risks are identified and controlled during planning, preparation, and execution of operations.
To fulfill this commitment, the platoon leader must exercise creative leadership, innovative planning, and careful management. The platoon leader must ensure that specific controls are integrated into operations plans (OPLANs), OPORDs, SOPs, and rehearsals. The platoon leader and his senior NCOs must look at both tactical risks and accident risks.
The platoon leader manages accident risks with the assistance of his platoon sergeant, NCOs, and individual soldiers.
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Notre expertise dans le domaine de la planification de la continuite d'activites nous revele que le monde des entreprises et des collectivites est divise en deux : Celles qui sont en crise aujourd’hui et celles qui le seront demain ! Echouer de planifier la continuite des activites critiques de votre entreprise, c'est planifier votre echec. Une demarche globale, a haute valeur ajoutee, depuis la cartographie des activites jusqu’au test de bout en bout de votre PCA, elaboree sur la base de nos nombreux et precieux retours d’experience. We’ve made it easy to ensure your Emergency Preparedness Planning includes procedures for a Pandemic.

This documents sets out the activities that should be undertaken to help prepare your business for the current pandemic and mitigate its impact. Save time with the pre-formatted template; fill-in the blanks and you’re ready to print!
Is your business one of the many that know they need specific plan to deal with the Flu Pandemic, but don’t know where to start or don’t have the resources or expertise to create one? You will enjoy that our template is designed in a logical and flowing manner, with the plan containing individual sections that provide easy navigation, making it simple to update and maintain as your business changes over time.
Section Eight Communications Strategy: A key to successful recovery or business continuity exercise is good communication. If you need to develop a Pandemic business continuity plan that provides the processes, procedures and guidance to handle the situation, and pass the most rigorous governance requirements, this template is your solution! There are a lot more of these damaging also be identified and appropriately stored or disposed. A soldier who believes that the risk decision is part of his job and does not want to bother his platoon leader or section leader. Accurately evaluate the platoon's effectiveness as well as subordinates' execution of risk controls during the mission.
Council parks, beaches & natural reserves and all activities associated with management, maintenance and operation of the network comply with all relevant Acts and Regulations.
New Asset Classes - It is not anticipated that any new asset classes will be acquired within the time frame of this plan. Asset Management Systems - Bundaberg Regional Council uses a the following software systems & databases to manage various asset management related tasks. This appendix outlines the process leaders use to identify hazards and implement a plan to address each identified hazard. IMPLEMENTATION RESPONSIBILITIESLeaders and individuals at all levels are responsible and accountable for managing risk. These risk associated with a given hazard is calculated in accordance with Council's Risk Management Policy using the following risk matrix. They ensure that imminent danger issues are addressed on the spot and that ongoing planning and execution reflect changes in hazard conditions.
The platoon leader, his NCOs, and all other platoon soldiers must know how to use risk management, coupled with fratricide reduction measures, to ensure that the mission is executed in the safest possible environment within mission constraints.
Following the AAR, leaders should incorporate lessons learned from the process into unit SOPs and plans for future missions.
Risk management never must be an afterthought; leaders must begin the process during their troop-leading procedures and continue it throughout the operation. Step by careful step, word by word, paragraph by paragraph, and page by page, our template empowers you to plan for the impacts of a Pandemic.
Management can also you use this section as a reminder of the actions and likely issues that will require to be addressed during a pandemic. This section provides the structure for identifying the key stakeholders that will need to receive information during a pandemic. This information is designed as reference material and also to assist you understand the Influenza threat. Subordinates who do not fully understand the higher commander's guidance regarding risk decisions.

Future Requirements for Parks - No future requirements associated with the corporate plan or the operational plan have been identified. Cost to Parks of Future Demand - The costs of changes in the future demand on the assets covered by this plan have yet to be calculated. Park Data Improvement Plan - It is planned to progressively improve the quality of park data by publishing existing data about all parks on the BRC Wiki, and encouraging the users of the wiki to advise the Assets Section of any errors or inconsistencies. After assessing each hazard, develop one or more controls that either will eliminate the hazard or reduce the risk (probability, severity, or both) of potential hazardous incidents.
Successful preservation of combat power requires him to embed risk management into individual behavior. Risk management must take place at all levels of the chain of command during each phase of every operation; it is an integral part of all tactical planning.
He alone decides if the controls are sufficient and acceptable and whether to accept the resulting residual risk.
If he determines the risk is unnecessary, he directs the development of additional controls or alternative controls; as another option, he can modify, change, or reject the selected COA for the operation.
Park Asset Useful Lives - The facilities covered by this plan are considered to have an infinite life.
Estimate of Reliability - The majority of the figures used in BRC's Asset Management Plans are generated from Council's Assetic Asset Management System. A key element in the process of making a risk decision is determining whether accepting the risk is justified or, conversely, is unnecessary. Every leader is responsible for obtaining the assets necessary to mitigate risk and for providing them to subordinate leaders. It also includes a detailed discussion of the responsibilities of the platoon's leaders and individual soldiers in implementing a sound risk management program. If the leaders have conducted a thoughtful risk assessment, the controls will be easy to implement, enforce, and follow. Parks Valuation - BRC does not currently value the trees or softscaping, and infrastructure assets located within parks are dealt with by other asset management plans. Council is in the early stages of developing and implementing long term management systems and as such expects the Long Term Asset Management Plan, incorporating this Asset Management Plan and associated expenditure programs, to change significantly over the next five years as these systems mature and better information becomes available. Implementing controls is the most important part of the risk management process; this is the chain of command's contribution to the safety of the unit.
Ensure that subordinates understand the who, what, when, where, and why of managing risk and how these factors apply to their situation and assigned responsibilities.
Council typically adopts one or more of the following risk handling options when risks are identified. Leaders must continuously evaluate the unit's effectiveness in managing risks to gain insight into areas that need improvement. Hosting the plan online and backing it up locally should ensure that the plan content is safe even in the case of a server failure. Leadership and unit discipline are the keys to ensuring that effective risk management controls are implemented.

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