These key individuals should include management executives, representatives from different departments, IT experts, and other vital staff. The importance of establishing communications with authorities, stakeholders, board members, vendors, and international or remote employees is imperative. Having your data backed up and ready for your sample disaster recovery plan is extremely important to keep your business functioning and productive after disaster. As your business grows and changes, be sure to adapt your sample disaster recovery plan accordingly. For more information of designing a DR plan that includes crucial system and data backup and recovery, please contact the experts with Invenio IT. How would your business cope in the event of hardware failure, a fire, a flood, or a burglary?
You may be astonished to know that of companies that have had a major loss of business data, 43% never reopen, 51% close in two years and only 6% will survive the long term.
These figures prove why it is vital for any organisation, regardless of industry presence or size to incorporate a reliable, structurally sound and secure Disaster Recovery solution. QuantAthena IT Solutions provide practical disaster recovery services for small and medium businesses, which bridge the gap between time-consuming server rebuilds and expensive real time replication to redundant servers. Once our systems are replicating your data as often as every 15 minutes and you have a major disaster or common one such as a power failure your business can continue to function as usual. We can recover your systems onto virtual servers in our London based hosting facility, ready to start when you need them.
To effectively recover from a disaster requires planning and mitigation of risks across all resources a€“ for example, IT, people, facilities and specialized equipment.

Companya€“wide business continuity plan integrated with your business objectives and strategy.
Design, implementation and execution of an IT recovery program to mitigate the impact of an interruption.
We identify critical business processes and their interrelationship with IT and identify potential business and IT risks for each critical process. Natural disasters, severe network and physical security breach, and local emergencies can cause devastating disruption to you vital business processes. It should also include the purpose for the DR plan and different levels of the scope of damage related to disaster. A Team Leader for Recovery should be assigned to each group and should report to the Disaster Recovery Lead who will keep each group organized and on task. To increase chances of communication, be sure to include mobile and home phone numbers, addresses information, email, and social media contact information such as Facebook and Twitter addresses. This could be virtually anywhere from a bunker to a warehouse off-site of your main facility. To keep your bottom line above the red, and keep vital processes in motion, be sure to have an effective back up and recovery plan designed by an IT company who specializes in DR.
Practice scenarios with staff and continue to train employees on their responsibilities during and after an emergency. Click here to subscribe to this blog and receive the latest Invenio IT blog content in your inbox or RSS reader!
Our range of disaster recovery solutions are designed to utilise your existing infrastructure so the costs are massively reduced.

Virtual servers cost a lot less to maintain than expensive physical servers taking up space and power in an expensive remote facility. QuanAthena can help you cover lost data from a damage  hard disk with our fast secure and reliable data recovery service. Providing for Business Continuity is a topa€“level concern for enterprises and is vital to maintaining financial confidence and the reputation of the business.
We assess the impact of information loss and agree on the recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives.
In some cases, businesses simply don’t know where to start when devising their DR plan. For instance, when defining a natural disaster, be sure to include sections on how to deal with various types of loss related to network, data, and personnel; from minor network communication loss to total network collapse. Plan for transportation for key staff to and from these satellite facilities and also have these facilities outfitted with the capability to access networks and data remotely. Therefore we can provide all the benefits of a traditional disaster recovery facility at a fraction of the cost.
This sample disaster recovery plan outline can help you get started in preserving your business data and processes in the event of disaster.

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