We hand selected Legacy Premium food storage because we feel it's the best long-term food storage option available.
Legacy food storage products have been tested by a 3rd party lab and been verified to last 25 years.
Before collecting food, clothing, shelter, money, or any other item, the single most important thing to account for in your emergency preparedness plan is water. Unexpected and disastrous events can serve as a pointed reminder as to just how vulnerable we can be, and how easily things can slip beyond our control when a disaster occurs. The first time I looked at the three different kinds of products sold on the Wise Food Insurance site I immediately thought of two categories of people who might pounce all over this thoughtful mix of food and equipment. When talking with people about food storage I often get asked what I keep in my food storage.
LED emergency exit sign with LED heads are the best combination for egress lighting in schools, commercial and common buildings.
Compare Legacy Premium against the competition and you'll quickly see that Legacy offers the lowest cost per calorie.
The minimum quantity of water you should have for emergency preparedness is one gallon per person per day for two weeks.
It is essential to life, you need it more than food, and without it your survival gear won’t be complete. When access to basic necessities become limited, people act out of the apparent need for self preservation, and it’s human nature to try and do whatever it takes to protect ourselves and our families. This is my knee jerk reaction.The AdventurerEatIf you’re a thrill seeker you probably look at the freeze dried meals as lightweight camping food that can provide a means to eliminate weight from your pack and create extra space.
The body needs water to subsist and if it doesn’t get it, it will let you know with a myriad of uncomfortable symptoms. It is even better to have an additional one half gallon to one gallon per person per day for washing, food preparation, and sanitation.
Choosing to stock up on food that is easily stored and that your family will eat consistently is the best way to start your emergency food storage.
It has a sturdy construction which will give you years of trouble-free service and have the convenience of a test switch, and a universal voltage connector.
Though 70% of the earth is covered in water, less than 3% of the total water volume is fresh water that can be consumed by humans.
In May 2010, nearly 2 million people in the Boston area lost access to clean drinking water. DrinkYou might look at the lightweight Stainless Steel Water bottle with filter as a convenient and powerful way to filter from an outdoor water source without the use of a filter hand pump.
Making sure you rotate through your food storage will keep it fresh and keep the extra shopping to a minimum. You'll find the LED emergency exit sign a wonderful addition to your exit and emergency lighting strategy. The order to boil water only lasted two days, but unless you were part of the event you can only imagine the intensity in which people clamored to get their hands on bottled water. Less effort and less time spent purifying water means more time relaxing, exploring and taking in the sights. This is why we’ve compiled what we think are some of the better books on emergency preparedness and to help you know exactly what actions to take in the event of a disaster.How do you know which authors are experts and which ones are a waste of space? I also keep some of the other basic need in my emergency storage like paper goods, medicine, batteries, and water.
I don’t know about anyone else’s situation but I don’t have convenient access to a glacier if there were an emergency.
In a country where turning on a tap and having access to drinkable water is as second nature as tying your shoes, a crisis like this highlights the importance of both having a reserve of water in your home, and having a way to filter and purify water if it becomes contaminated.2. When you work hard to earn a slice of peace and tranquility, any equipment that can help save a little extra effort is always a valuable addition to the gear list.Power UpIf you find it easier to pull out a GPS than a magnetic compass, require a fully charged iPod while in the backcountry, or can’t live without any of the other handheld devices that have become an integrated part of your existence, chances are good you’ll be ogling the ultra lightweight portable solar panels available on this site. Every survival gear pack should include gear to stay hydrated.Dehydration will manifest itself with some preliminary symptoms progressing to more fatal ones.

The guide below lays out some of the best books for surviving the first 72 hours immediately after a major catastrophe. I have created a basic list of items I feel are important to include when starting your food storage.1. If you are still in your home during an emergency you’ll need water to flush toilets, although potable water isn’t required for that job. Further, most of the remaining fresh water is underground, leaving only 5% as surface water. The widespread Northeast blackout in 2003 affected roughly 55 million people in the US and Canada. Soon you’ll have a collapsible panel that weighs less than a pound and conveniently hangs from your pack while you’re on the move, keeping you fully powered until returning to civilization. At the onset of dehydration, some of the symptoms are headaches, infrequent urination, irritability, yellow urine and nausea.
We aren’t claiming these are “the best” but we think these are worthy for a list like this. Although the duration of the outage was less than a day in many areas it highlighted the fact that even modern cities will come to a grinding halt when access to electricity is cut off. The PrepperStock Being prepared with a sustainable amount of emergency food storage takes on a new level of simplicity when you’re stocked up on freeze dried meals that can be stored for up to 25 years.
If the body continues to be deprived of water the symptoms will turn to delirium, vomiting, unconsciousness and finally, death.
We would encourage your thoughts in the comments if you have other worthy emergency preparedness books.1)Preparedness Now! When these items are stored correctly they can last up to 30 years, so once you get these stocked up you won’t have to worry about them very often.2.
Finally, an unforeseen event usually requires more of everything than originally planned; be safe and add a lot of water to your emergency preparedness plan.
Transportation was shut down, powerless communication devices became ineffective, and some water treatments plants lost power to pumps and were forced to issue a boil advisory.
If you can’t help yourself from planning, storing, stocking and restocking, then emergency food that is safe, secure and easy to prepare is the kind of strategic prudence that will have preppers just like you rejoicing.PurifyFiltering and purifying up to 150 gallons of water using just one filter means that for about six months you won’t have to worry about replacing the filter on your water pitcher.
The Institute of Medicine advises that men consume 3 liters of water a day and women 2.2 liters. Those who did get power back sooner than others were asked to limit usage until the grid was back to full capacity. If your tap water has been compromised, chances are good your advanced water pitcher with filter will still filter out any harmful contamination. It is organized into brief chapters on a variety of important topics, including: water, food, shelter, sanitation, communication, transportation, and protection. Keeping drink mixes in your food storage will offer variety of drinks and also a bit of something to look forward to, and don’t forget your instant coffee for all those coffee drinkers.
Having an alternate power supply at your disposal could make things more comfortable for you and alleviate many of the hassles that come with not having electricity. That means you’ll be spending less time spent worrying about access to pure water and more time attacking your ongoing To Do list.Self SustainSo long as communication towers stand and satellites circle the globe, you know that keeping your electronic devices powered means access to communicate when there’s an emergency. It is also filled with many packing lists detailing what you should pack in preparation for any emergency.
That’s much more than what anyone would actually require, but in the event that the delivery of water to your home is cut off you’ll still need a clean source for drinking, cooking, and sanitation.
The Need to FeedIt’s hard to imagine one cataclysmic event that could cut off the supply of food to a large segment of a developed country, but that doesn’t mean that preparation is not in order.
It introduces the e-kit (a very lightweight kit to keep with you) and the grab-n-go bag with more extensive items. Access to water is often disrupted after a disaster, meaning you will be responsible for the availability and quality of your own water supply. Any disaster can potentially limit the supply chain, make prices skyrocket, and cause pandemonium as people try and make last minute preparations or try and get supplies after a disaster has already occurred.

Final chapters of the book discuss various possible disasters, including earthquakes, tsunami, infectious diseases, chemical and bio warfare, crime, fire, and extreme weather. He has a graduate degree in business and professional experience in real estate and fund raising.
The first and best option for a two to three day emergency is to have an adequate supply of water safely stocked. 2011 has already demonstrated that food prices, like most other commodities, are expected to keep rising in the wake of population growth, increasing demand, and changing and unpredictable weather patterns.It doesn’t matter whether a disaster is natural, or a result of human error, having emergency food, water filter bottles along with a reserve of fresh water, and a portable solar power source will greatly reduce your vulnerability during a time of crisis. By obtaining a system of portable solar panels and batteries, you understand that as long as there is a sun in the sky it’s possible to power 1,200 square feet of living area, while keeping all your gadgets charged and ready for action.Of course the above presumptions may be considered extreme cases, and yes, I know that not everyone will fall directly into either of these two groups, but I also know that some of you out there will certainly relate. BEGINNER-INTERMEDIATE2)Boy Scout Handbook – Official Boy Scouts of America handbookThis handbook is based largely on the work of the original survivalist, Baden-Powell.
Phil and his wife have become interested in emergency preparedness over the last two years. Water storage can be done in many ways, and many people utilize jugs, bottles or other larger containers such as 50-gallon drums.
For a quick reference for virtually every possible scenario in an emergency, this is a great one. The second option is to have a way to treat or purify water in case your source is contaminated. If you don’t have the necessary equipment, don’t worry, Wise Foods Insurance has you covered with a variety of great products that every survival pack should have. You need this for cooking, cleaning, and drinking you can use one of our water filtration products to clean water for drinking but having other water on hand is a must.5. In the past, this process was difficult and cumbersome, but today the process can be simple and inexpensive. Every day Essentials- This is where toilet paper, paper towels, batteries, and medicine fall into. We offer portable water filters that can easily clean water from local rivers, streams, and lakes, and the purity of the water you get after using these products can actually be cleaner than the water coming from your own kitchen faucet.I might suggest the best water storage plan is to have stored water in jugs and bottles as well as the purification bottles, jugs, bags, etc. Think about those things that your family uses every day and buy a bit extra next time and start storing them.
Another great product is the pure water filter straw that’s so small and convenient it fits in your pocket.
Plane crashes, car crashes, getting lost in the wilderness, tsunamis, earthquakes, terrorist attacks – you name it, this book covers it!
The author is an authority on survival, being the former survival instructor for the British Special Air Service, which operates around the world, from arctic to desert zones, and from big cities to remote jungles. For those not in the know, SAS is an elite unit of the British Army trained to carry out operations in ALL parts of the world. INTERMEDIATE4)Emergency Preparedness The Right Way – Written by Howard GodfreyThis book is easy to read and it covers other aspects of Emergency Preparedness such as bug out bags, field cooking and water purification. I keep my old set of pots and pans from college with my food storage along with our camping stove and extra propane just in case.There are a lot of blogs about this topic and each one will have slightly different ideas. There’s an especially interesting section with instructions on how to make a solar oven for as little as $30! SalsburyThere is a three day minimum after a major disaster strikes until the Red Cross and National Guard arrive on the scene.
This book covers everything from emergency meals on the fly to essentials you need in your 72 hour kit.
BEGINNERThis is by no means a final list as the topic is subjective but this will give you a great start.
What do you think is some of the most important survival gear to have at the beginning of a disaster?

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