The T shaped upper perches are just to give me another convenient place to put cuttlebone or treat feeders, right above the side doors, and the birds do seem to like the flat perches as much as the round ones.
But the natural perches are best, as Jane had a hard time hanging on when Dick tried to mate with her, when she was perched on the dowel. I used some window screen, the cloth type around the lower part of my cage to catch the seeds and shells that would fly out.

And my birds would not be to happy with the idea, so IF I build another, might try your idea. Have even thought about using a pretty window sheer panel, but I think it would have to be removeable to clean. One is for my different kinds of Zebras and Societies and the other is for my Gouldians and the one I bought has my Owls in it and they take up a lot of room.

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