Chrissa and her family add the finishing touches to the barn for Chrissa's llama, who is going to have a baby.
Chrissa's mom wakes the girls (Chrissa, Gwen, and Sonali) up from their camp out to go to tryouts for the swim team. Felicity and her accessories for our baby daughter, Chloe, to play with when she was older. Elizabeth Cole is a bright, quiet, unassuming 10-year-old girl growing up in Williamsburg Virginia after she and her family moved from England in 1774. Emily Bennett is a nine-year old English girl who was evacuated from England and who came to stay with the McIntire's in 1944.
Julie is free-spirited, talented and loving nine-year-old girl living in San Francisco in 1974.
A page which describes and depicts all of the Currently Available Girls of Today items produced by Pleasant Company, including the 24 American Girls of Today. A page describing and depicting Lindsey and Kailey, the limited edition Modern American Girls made by Pleasant Company.
The Retired Items Finder page lists for each American Girl the items that are no longer available through Pleasant Company. Back in the late 1980's and early 1990's, when there were only three, four or five American Girls in the American Girl Collection, Pleasant Company offered several special items that went along with the American Girl dolls, outfits and doll accessories. Pleasant Company beginning around 1990, most of which have been retired and which are no longer available.
This page allows people to post the cards they need and the cards they have to trade in order to facilitate trading of AG cards. A fun page which includes images of several items that should have been, but never were produced by Pleasant Company. A page featuring over 100 American Girl images spanning almost 20 years, including more than 90 mail order catalog covers spanning 1988 to 2001. I also updated the American Girl Club Exclusives section of the Special Items page to include all of the charms. Updated portions of the Special Items page especially the Major League Baseball Giveaways section. Added information and pictures to this page about Lanie Holland, Girl of the Year for 2010 coming in January. I've finally updated the Rebecca Rubin page to include all of her items, including the new Rebecca Mystery book coming in March 2010! I added the new 2009 Series of American Girl Trading Cards to the Card Trading Message Board so that girls can help each other complete their sets of 2009 trading cards.
As most AG collectors may have heard, a new historical girl from a brand new historical era is coming on May 30th. I also updated the Girls of Today (Just Like You) page to include several new outfits and accessories. October 1, 2008: Kit's theatrical movie is coming to DVD from New Line Cinema October 29th. September 19, 2008: A large number of new historical and modern outfits, accessories and furniture have been released. August 9, 2008: I have not been able to update this site recently because I have been insanely busy. It was a picture of Chrissa all marked up with a black marker, stating that Chrissa is the ugliest girl in the world.
Even though Elizabeth is the tenth historical girl added after the collection was launched in 1986, she is really a part of Felicity's collection. Her book is entitled Brave Emily and was written by Valerie Tripp and illustrated by Nick Backes. Julie is the twelfth historical doll, and she was the first historical doll from a new era since Kaya was introduced in 2002.
Her mother has gone back to school to become a lawyer, and her father has two jobs to keep the family afloat. Even though Ivy is the thirteenth historical girl added after the collection was launched in 1986, she will really be part of Julie's collection. Even though Ruthie was the fourteenth historical girl added after the collection was launched in 1986, she is really a part of Kit's collection.

Growing up in the "melting pot" of the early 20th century, Rebecca learns about the various traditions that her neighbors and schoolmates celebrate. Rebecca is the fifteenth historical doll, and she was the most recent historical doll from a new era since Julie was introduced in 2007. Information about each doll and when items were discontinued are given along with a picture of each item. These special items were both historical in nature and modern, and included the Doll Travel Basket, Book slip cases, Family Album, Puzzles, Trading Cards, Computer CD-ROMs and more. Those girls new to AG Dolls have missed some very beautiful catalog covers and some of the catalog page spreads from the early catalogs are truly breathtaking as well. I still need to update the contents to include the new AG girls and their collections and to reflect the many item retirements that have occured. The update included the news that at Wrigley Field on Saturday, September 7, 2013, when the Chicago Cubs play the Milwaukee Brewers, there will be a giveaway of American Girl Doll-Sized Chicago Cubs shirt and shorts to the first 4,000 girls, age 13 & younger!
The past thirteen months have been spent taking care of my wife who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in May 2012. On April 25th, I released online a 29-minute animated STAR TREK episode that I wrote, illustrated, animated, voiced and sound engineered single-handedly over the last 28 months or so.
I also updated the Girls of Today (Just Like You) page to include a picture of the Chrissa doll (see right) and her movie DVD which comes out in less than three weeks! I have received confirmation from American Girl Company that, I quote, "Samantha's complete collection - including Nellie and her accessories - will be moving to the American Girl archives." The actual letter can be read here.
One of them said that Gwen was stupid and shouldn't be the assistant coach if she can't add two plus two. Tyler has an ice pack on his head, but Chrissa is just glad he's alive.When Tyler starts to talk a little, Chrissa begins to knit, being told that it would calm yourself. Jadyn says she did it because Tara was hanging out with Chrissa and that Jadyn wouldn't have any friends.
And if that's not enough, Ivy's best friend, Julie Albright, has moved to another part of San Francisco.
She lives in a row house in New York's bustling Lower East Side with her Russian-Jewish family. I will be updating the entire site to include new and retired items and especially the Wish List page. I updated the Trading Cards page to add full details and I uploaded the brand new Rebecca Trading cards page.
Rebecca lives in a row house in New York's bustling Lower East Side with her Russian-Jewish family. The most exciting part is that Addy, Kirsten, Josefina and Felicity got new outfits along with Kit, Ruthie, Sam and Molly.
When they come out of the water, Chrissa tells Gwen and Sonali what Tara had said back in the mall about being friends.
Chrissa realizes that there are a lot of people there, but tries her best and hopes she makes the team. The other said that Sonali's ugly long hair should be cut off because it could get caught in the pool drain.
Before they start practice, the coach explains cyber-bullying and everything that's been going on online. Even though Emily is the eleventh historical girl added after the collection was launched in 1986, she will really be part of Molly's collection. Inexplicably, Ivy is also the only historical doll without a mini doll and without her own trading card set. Rebecca dreams of being an actress one day, but her parents and grandparents have different ideas of what a young lady should do. I hope to update this site soon as my 13-year-old daughter, Chloe, and her friends have become much more involved with AG.
I just finished a 7-minute short animated STAR TREK film and another short film based on Frank Miller's Sin City. Gwen and Sonali tell Chrissa to not trust Tara, since she could be trying to pull a mean prank on Chrissa. Then Sonali comes with bad news that someone posted a horrible message about her on the school's team message board online.

One of the e-mails that Sonali sent suggested that Chrissa did it, since she was developing a friendship with Tara. Her mother explains that tattling is doing it to be mean, but telling is to protect yourself.
Chrissa and her collection haven't officially been released yet, but they are scheduled for January 6, 2009. It was my daughter's interest in obtaining some of Samantha's retired items back in 2002 that started me to research historical AG items eventually resulting in my creating this site.
I am also working backstage at my local theater company's performances of a play and will also do so on the next play.
When she tells Sonali and Gwen that she might give Tara a chance, they tell her not to trust Tara. Tyler sleeps over at his friend Joel's house while Chrissa and her friends have a camp out at her house. They wrote that Sonali had a horrible skin disease that might infect other swimmers and shouldn't be allowed to swim.
At practice, during her fifteen minutes of free time, Tara tells a joke to Chrissa, who takes it badly. Her books are written by Jacqueline Dembar Greene are their titles are: Meet Rebecca, Changes for Rebecca, Candlelight for Rebecca, Rebecca to the Rescue, Rebecca and Ana and Rebecca and the Movies. At work I've been promoted to a lead position which comes with more responsibility and more to occupy my mind.
Later on, after Chrissa, Gwen, and Sonali finish building the stall for one of Chrissa's llamas, someone sends Sonali a text message. Chrissa is still trying to prove that Tara is willing to be nice, but Gwen and Sonali think Chrissa's crazy. Tyler is showing off, which Chrissa says that someone should teach him a lesson about bragging jokingly. I added some information about her story and her DVD to the Girls of Today (Just Like You) page.
There is no news as to whether any other girls are due to be "archived." I will update this site as details are revealed. I also have been re-elected as president of the local branch of the California Writers Club with two monthly meetings that I create the agenda for and chair.
It said "Watch out for Chrissa, the llama-faced girl!" Chrissa doesn't believe it at first, then suspects Tyler. They have an idea to let the parents have a meeting and work with the school about bullying. In the DVD movie, Chrissa is portrayed by Sammi Hanratty (pictured right) who currently plays the role of young Chuck Charles in the excellent Pushing Daisies television series.
With all of these activities, it was all I could do to update my site in July to include all of the new items for Kit and Julie. Chrissa's art teacher came and Chrissa shows her the tiles that she, Gwen, Sonali, and Tara have been decorating. One of my favorite parts of this site happens to be the Wish List, but it is also the hardest to update since it requires computer code to be painstakingly modified. Chrissa tries to tell them that there was no proof that Tara sent it, but her friends aren't sure. Chrissa finds out that Tara and Sonali used to go shopping together for clothes over the summer. After Tara goes home, Sonali calls and finds out that Tara was at Chrissa's house and saw the baby llama first. Then Chrissa, Gwen, and Sonali go over and ask Tara and Jadyn if they would like to play cards with them and Tyler.

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