Call of Duty Black Ops II Zombies Mode is most successful multiplayer co-operation mode in whole COD franchise.
I would quickly like to thank all of you who posted your tips and revelations in the comments section in 1.0, you guys have been offering up some really good stuff for everyone (me included). It is something you will come to accept after several hours on each map: Kino is far easier. That’s all we’ve got for now but we’ll update this (in the most coherent and useable fashion I can manage)’ pretend treatise’ with new stuff as it emerges. The Zombie Mode in Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 can be considered a game by itself, featuring some peculiar play modes like TranZit mode which make the experience pretty unique compared to the standard single player mode or the many multiplayer modes in the game. A good way to slow the horde down is to make the zombies crawl by shooting their legs or use a well placed grenade.
Rebuilding barricades is a good way to earn some extra points, especially in the first rounds where zombies are few.
The magical Power Ups will give you beneficial effects and coupled with the upgraded weapons, they may be able to give you a real advantage against zombies.
The Double Points power up does exactly what you expect it to do: double all points earned. Just like the name implies, this power up gives max ammo for all team members for the weapon they’re currently holding: dead players won’t get any ammo while downed players will get them for the weapon they currently have out.
The Nuke power up will kill all the zombies currently in the map: just like a nuke explosion the zombies closer to the power up will die first with all the zombies to follow. This perk can be bought for 1500 points, granting several effects: all crosshairs will be smaller, if auto aim is on the weapon will auto-snap to the head of your enemies and while aiming with sniper rifles you will have no sway at all.
The Double Tap Root Beer can be bought for 2000 points: it will increase every weapon’s fire rate, making automatic weapons fire even faster and making the shotguns’ pump action quicker between shots.
The Jugger Nog Perk-A-Cola costs 2500 point and it’s used to increase you health by three, making you harder to down. This perk has a different cost and effect whether you’re playing solo on with at least another player: when playing solo it’ll cost 500 points and it’ll revive you once when you’re downed and, as an added effect, it’ll give you the upgraded weapon Mustang and Sally.
The Speed Cola perk will allow you to reload your weapons in half the usual time for the price of 3000 points. The Stamin-Up Perk-A-Cola will grant you faster running speed for the price of 2000 points. Zombies are the most common enemies, taking two hits to down you, five if the Jugger Nog Perk-A-Cola is active. Denizens are small zombie-fied creatures only found on the Green Run maps: you’ll find them in the mist when traveling from map to map and they’ll attack you by getting on your face until you take them out by using the knife, by hitting them twice with the Galvaknuckles or by making a team member shoot them. Avogrado is the only boss-class creature in Zombie mode and you’ll only have to face him on the during TranZit mode. Survival Mode was originally intented as the only available mode in Zombie Mode but eventually became a selectable play mode for all the maps of Zombie Mode. In Survival Mode, a team of up to four players will fight endless waves of Zombies until all the players have been killed. Earning as much points as you can is fundamental in Survival Mode: more powerful weapons are a necessity when zombies start becoming tougher. Points aren’t used just to buy weapons: you can use them to open doors, clear debris, activate traps, upgrade weapons with the Pack-A-Punch Machine, buy perks from the Perk-A-Cola machine and get weapons from the Mystery Box. Like I mentioned before, you can use points to open up doors and get access to more areas within the map, often containing better weapons and perks. Making the Zombies “Crawlers” is probably the best way to keep a large number of them at bay and avoid being interrupted when using the Perk-A-Cola and the Pack-A-Punch machine. Each workbench is used to create a single item and it will only accept parts for that item: if you’re at the bench designed to craft the Turbine you can only leave the parts for the turbine there. The Electric Trap needs a Turbine to work and will knock down anyone in the vicinity, players included. The Navigational Table is part of the Easter Egg: you’ll need the Table, NavCard, Card Reader, Meteor and Radio. The Pack-A-Punch needs the Battery and the Head Piece Parts which can be found below the bank in the Green Run Town. The Power switch requires the Power Box and the Arm to be built: all the parts can be found inside the power house.
To build the Turret you need the RPD, the Lawn Mower and the Ammo Pouch: all these items are located in the House or in the Farm. Dolly and Car Door are the required parts: the Dolly will be found in the diner while the Car Door in the garage. During TranZit mode you’ll be able to ride a robot driven bus, going from area to area.
Once the bus arrives in an area, it’ll wait for some time before leaving again: it’s up to you if you want to fully explore an area or prefer moving around quickly, avoiding getting overwhelmed by a zombie wave. During Zombie mode, only three maps, Bus Depot, Town and Farm , can be played on all play mode.
The map is especially though in Survival Mode since it lacks Perk-a-Colas and Pack-A-Punch Machines: the fact that it’s not too large also makes surviving hard. Most of the town is covered in lava and just like in the Bus Depot, it can damage you and set zombies on fire: there’s a chance they’ll explode after being killed. In the center of the town you’ll find the Pack-A-Punch machine; however it’s surrounded by lava so you’ll need the Jugger-Nog to be able to survive the damage from the lava. The Barn has two floors and a single entrance: near the entrance you can get the Quick Revive Perk-A-Cola. Only available in TranZit mode are the Lawn Mower, Bus Cow Tipper and Machine Gun items, used to build the Lawn Mower Turret Gun. During TranZit mode, you can travel between the Bus Depot and the Rest Stop through a Tunnel.
The Rest Stop is right after the Tunnel: the Diner, the Gas Station and the Shed can be explored. To enter the Diner you must use 750 points and you’ll find a Speed Cola Perk-A-Cola vending machine and the Mp5 Weapon. The Nuketown zombie map is the “zombie” version of the Nuketown Map available in the first Black Ops and can only be played in Survival Mode: many of the areas of the map will be blocked by rubble, clearable by spending points. A free, but random, power up will be waiting for you inside one of the houses which requires you to pay 3000 to unlock it’s back door.
In true Call Of Duty fashion, Zombie mode has also a small easter egg available: the Musical Teddy Bears. Gamer since 1989, Japanese culture and gaming lover and former JRPG enthusiast, heavy metal musician. This mode appeared for the first time in COD World at War as simple survival mode in which players were put against zombies. In early Call of Duty games this was the only mode, but now it is secondary mode available on all maps. The last team to survive wins, and while there is no direct combat between players from opposite teams, there are ways to hinder or hurt opponent players so in reality teams fight against zombies and between themselves. This mode has rich story, numerous objectives, mysteries to solve, and all that need to be completed while fighting never ending waves of Zombies like in Survival mode. Also we will write more articles about this subject and also some guides and premium guides that you can’t find anywhere on the internet. The new instalment of our zombie survival guide, with a selection of additions for the first feature, and a fresh look a Kino-Der-Toten for those who are finding the zombie masses too much. DON’T waste money on a bowie knife (the lab room near the power switch I believe), it’s not worth it, and if you end up with enough for claymores (remember they refill every round) then don’t waste your money by putting them in the corridor you are camping in, put them tactically on corners or in rooms you might need to flee to. Any LMG (RPK, HK-something etc) because of the sheer number of bullets in each clip and the fact they MOW  through the undead like they’re made of tissue paper (mostly).
Same with insta-kills, don’t use them at the end of a round, try to activate them at the start of the next one (they flash 4 times I think, before they disappear).
So the secret to this map is understanding how the zombies move (don’t you dare say with their legs), by that I mean realizing that you can lead them around the map in a big bloodstained line.
The basic idea is to turn around, fire a clip of bullets, then turn around and reload while continuing to lead them round. Kino can be played through very systematically when you are alone, but when you team up with other people they will need to follow the loop with you otherwise it falls apart completely (they will start to swarm you from all directions again). Those crazy fire puppies seem to be causing as many problems as the Doctor is on “5”, with people discovering that half their team needs reviving after getting hounded (see what I did there?) into a corner by the beasties, fortunately however the remedy is simple.
A neat little way of cutting down the number of zombies by a hefty chunk (which will be very welcome by the round 20 mark) is to use the teleporter on the stage to get up to the film room, and hurl grenades down at the crowd. Those little crawling b******’s (not to be mistaken with player made crawlers) are the main problem enemies on Kino, because they sneak up on you while you’re chopping up the taller chaps, and then they explode in a poisonous cloud. This one might have seemed obvious to some of you after reading about the ‘shepherding’ and the makeshift ‘circuit’ , but I’ll make a quick point of it just in case. Like 1.0, please leave any golden pointers you think might make a difference in the comments section and let us know. With some special features, weapons, power ups and enemies available only in Zombie Mode, you may need a big help in conquering the Zombie Mode and surviving the hordes of zombies longing for a bite.
During the first rounds zombies are few in numbers and not even so aggressive: this is when the knife will be useful the most.

In later rounds headshots become a necessity since zombies will take too much bullets to kill if shot elsewhere.
To make an example, if you see a power up on the ground, like the Nuke, you may want to wait for more zombies to appear since it will clear all of them or if you see a max ammo power up it’s better to use up all your current bullets before grabbing it. It’s a good move to catch your breath during hectic moments and also to have more time to explore your surroundings: just let a single zombie live at the end of a wave and crawl on the ground and you’ll be able to search the map for ammos and power ups without having to worry about getting away from him. When things get hectic, you probably will be too busy trying to survive to even think about the barricades.
There are only two ways to get weapons during Zombie mode: use points to buy them off walls or try your luck with the Mystery Box. If you’re lucky you can get one of the weapons only available through the box, like the Ray Gun. Get it as soon and you can and start killing zombie: aim for the head or kill them with melee weapons to earn the most points per single kill.
Since melee kills give the most points and are the most risky during regular play, use this power up to get the most points per kill through melee. To acquire a perk during Zombie Mode you’ll have to locate a vending machine and use points to get your perk.
This perk can be bought in Town on the second floor of the burning building, on the second floor of the house in the Farm and from randomly placed machines in Nuketown. It can be bought in the diner and rest stop during a Green Run game, in the bank in Town, in the house in the Barn and from random machines in Nuketown. It’s actually more effective when holding a heavy weapon since it’ll be like holding a lighter weapon. For 2000 points it will drop a tombstone where you die, preserving all weapons, both ranged and melee, and perks. The total number of Zombies per wave varies greatly on the number of players: the less players, the less the zombies.
They’re not too dangerous since you can easily avoid them by using the Bus to move from map to map but if many of them are around they can easily take you down, combining their attacks with assaults from regular zombies.
He’ll appear after you turn the power on the Plant map, causing a storm with the monster where it’s centered.
The way you shoot and defeat Zombies is what determines how many points are you going to get.
In case the player dies, he’ll be revived in the following round, with the starting weapons and points. It’s really simple to do: destroy the zombie legs with well placed shots or use explosives to blow off their legs.
This mode is similar to the Survival mode since you’ll have to fight waves of Zombies but while trying to survive you’ll have to complete some specific objectives in order to keep on going. You need to bring the required parts at the work bench to create your items: some parts will be randomly spawned on the map, others have set location. Battery, Rod and Base parts are required to build the trap: The rod is by the windows up the stairs from the bench. The workbench to create the item is located under the radio tower with the red blinking lights in the corn field. This item allows weapons to be upgraded, changing their names, granting attachments and also changing their designs. The Shield can be used to bash zombies: it has limited durability and you won’t earn points by using it.
The bus will wait at a stop for a while before moving to the next area: the bus will honk its horn once it’s almost ready to leave.
If you miss the bus don’t start killing all zombies while waiting for it to come back: try to slow them down or make crawlers out of them to save ammo.
In TranZit mode they’ll be bigger and feature more items, weapons but also more enemies than Survival and Grief modes. You can try abusing the Zombie Train strategy but it’s gonna require you a lot of skills to pull it off successfully: not being able to use the Jugger-Nog means that you’ll die easily at the first mistake and makes it even harder doing it solo. This map features some more weapons than the Bus Depot and you’ll be able to get some Perk-A-Colas.
On one of the sides of the map is the Double Tap Root Beer Perk-A-Cola and the mystery box: they’re in an alcove just outside a small building. Just like the Bus Depot and the Town, you’ll find lava all around the stage so watch out, you don’t want to get burned to death do you? On the first floor of the Barn you’ll be able to buy the Olympia weapon and on the top floor another Perk-A-Cola vending machine awaits you, selling the Double Tap Root Beer.
If you want to store a weapon for the next game, you can use the Fridge in the house: each player can store one weapon.
It can be found in the Nuketown Zombies Map and in TranZit mode: you’ll have to activate three teddy bears scattered all over the place and once you’ll do, you’ll be able to keep killing zombies while listening to a song by Skrillex called Try It Out. The comeback in COD Black Ops was welcomed by players who found this mode to be fun and exciting. It is treated as game inside a game, with its own game modes and maps, its own hidden secrets and Easter eggs to find. This is classic 4-players co operation mode in which group of friends fight together against hordes of zombies and other creatures.
Fighting zombies is easier in this mode, as there are 8 players on the map and number of zombies, especially in the starting waves, is the same as in normal survival mode.
This mode got its name because it consists of several maps, connected by Bus, travelling between them. Seeing as our first guide was relatively popular, we thought we’d continue compiling our tips for yall. To go down the pit and have the team set up relatively comfortably, you will each need around 8000-10,000 points each (counting as soon as you get in the war room). This way the explosives actually come in handy by buying you time to call that lift, grab that weapon, or (if you’re quick) revive that whining teammate, it does makes a difference. Python, oddly effective against zombies even without upgrading (with PAP…pack a punch) but slow reloading means it needs a speed cola perk to be truly awesome. It’s primarily because it demands a totally different playstyle…running rather than digging yourself in. What you want to do now, is follow the path you took to get to the stage (outlined above) and loop round over and over. Remember that you can always outpace a zombie without sprinting, so don’t panic when you see 50 odd dragging themselves after you. For some bizarre reasons they gather there while you are up by the projector, so spam them while you have the chance. If someone gets downed mid-round (frequently happens), tell them to crawl to an open part of the circuit and wait for you to come back around in your loop.
As a general rule, once you find a power up, wait until it starts flashing and then pick it up before it disappears. If you require extra ammo for the weapons you bought, you can also use points to buy it by going to the white chalk outline where you first got the weapon. To upgrade weapons, you’ll have to locate the Pack-A-Punch machine, pay the price and get your new weapon. The Carpenter will become really useful once Zombies increase in number and power in later rounds and barricades will be destroyed more easily: you may be keep the zombies at bay for a little longer after using this power up. Once the Nuke is used all team members will get 400 points, no matter how many zombies are killed. Please note that a single vending machine sells a single type of Perk-A-Cola; also, some of the machines have set locations, others will randomly appear on the map. You can buy this perk in the Farm’s Barn, in Town across the street from the burning building and in Nuketown from randomly placed vending machines.
If you’re playing with someone else, Quick Revive will recover a downed team mate quicker for the cost of 1500 points.
It can be bought in the bar in Town during a Green Run game, outside the bar in Town and from the random vending machines in Nuketown. It can be bought in the Power Lab during a Green Run game, across the street from the burning building in Town and from random machines in Nuketown. Also, there’s a set number of zombies for each round: you can use this to your advantage by making the last zombies in a wave crawlers and explore the area fully to find weapons, upgrade them and buy perks without being interrupted.
Denizens will also teleport if they’re hit by the green spotlights found all over the maps: you can even take advantage of this by jumping into the hole they make to teleport, making you travel from one green spotlight to another. As we already said, it’s better to melee zombies whenever you can especially in the first rounds, making you earn more points. Crawlers move very slowly and won’t be able to bother you easily and, as long as they are alive, they’ll prevent spawning more Zombies. Be careful that you can only carry a single item so you need to get to the bench, leave the item and then search another one. The battery can be found on some barrels during the map and the base will be near the Tombstone Soda.
You’ll find the table in the tunnel, randomly spawning in a couple of locations or in the lower level of the power room. The Air Cannon blows wind on the zombies: it has limited durability and its pressure can be adjusted before it reaches the maximum value, making the cannon explode.

Using the bus is the only safe way to move from one area to another: if you attempt to leave the area and walk through the mist you’ll have to fight zombies and other enemies, with a good chance of being killed without being able to reach your destination. If the bus stops in an area you don’t want to explore, simply get off and then on again and make sure to close the doors to make it leave as soon as possible. Be careful around the map: there’s gonna be fire and lava on the ground and it’ll damage you if you get too close. A basic effective strategy is to run around the pumps avoiding zombies and killing only the ones that get in your way: once the train has been created start crushing some zombies’ skull! The Pack-A-Punch machine is also available even though you can’t reach it without activating the Jugger-Nog Perk-A-Cola first.
Climb up to the second floor to find the MP5 Gun and the Jugger Nog Perk-A-Cola vending machine.
Also, you can reach the Nacht Der Untoten map by going inside the Corn Field: be careful though, Denizens will attack you in the mist and the map has only got an extra weapon, the Remington 870 Shotgun, probably not worth the risks. Once inside the reactor you’ll need to turn on the power to be able to open another locked door and to do this, you’ll need to build a Turbine to power up another buildable item, the Power Switch: the parts for the Power Switch can be found near the reactor as well as the working bench needed to actually craft the item. The machine will sell one of the nine Perk-A-Colas or it could be the Pack-A-Punch Machine: as you can see the Nuketown relies heavily on some random elements and there’s not much of a strategy available.
This mode has no end, each wave becomes harder and more numerous, with opponents tougher to kill and stronger. The mode is names after Grief, move that can push opponent player and stop him from reviving his teammate (essentially it is knife attack). After each map cleared and objectives completed, players can travel to the next map to continue story.
The difficult bit is knowing when to turn and fire.  Zombies will be rushing after you constantly once you’ve shepherded them behind you, so you can’t afford to hesitate at the wrong moment.
Also as a little side note: if you didn’t realize, when you get teleported into one of the secret rooms before it takes you downstairs again, there are film reels you can find and put in the projector to change what is showing on the main screen. The only way you can get through an active trap is if you have the juggernog (which you should do, for the record) but even then you get hurt. Unfortunately you will just have to keep an extra eye out for them (remember they climb down through the ceiling’s as well), but if you are devilish enough to finish them off with a KNIFE, then they won’t leave that green gas behind. If you control it correctly, you can run on ahead at the crucial moment (instead of waiting for the zombies to catch up) and give yourself a generous safety window in which to revive your mate. To know the location of a Mystery Box, look in the sky and search for a small pillar of light. If you’ll need more ammo for that weapon, just go back to where you bought the original one and pay 4500 points, the standard ammo price for all upgraded weapons.
Please note that Power Ups are always available in all Zombie game modes, except for custom games where magic has been disabled. If you’re after a good score, this power up is not too useful: just use it if there’s too many zombies on the map or if you just want to clear a few remaining one without having to go after them yourself. Quick Revive can be bought on Bus Depot lobby during a Green Run game, on the 2nd floor of the bar in the Town, in the barn’s entrance in the farm and from random vending machine in Nuketown. Be careful though, a Crawler may die even without you attacking it, and a new zombie will spawn in it’s place.
The NavCard, together with the Meteor, can be found in the Bus Depot: the Nav Card behind the Depot and the Meteor in a hole in the wall.
While riding the bus you’ll be attacked by zombies: once the barricades on the windows are destroyed, they’ll start attacking you.
Fire will also have an effect on zombies: they’ll be lit on fire and may explode once defeated. The real problem lies in being able to avoid their attacks: zombie respawning can give you quite some problems since most of the times they’ll respawn on the ground or in the mist. The Farm map can also be played by itself on the Survival and Grief modes, featuring less items than the TranZit mode version. If you want to try your luck you can buy a random weapon from the Mystery Box located on the balcony.
Once the Turbine has been activated you’ll also be able to operate the Pack-A-Punch Machine in the Bank’s Vault in the Town, if you already built it. There are a lot of buyable weapons inside the truck so if you have points to spend you may want to head there and buy some of them: be careful that you’ll need to clear the debris paying 3000 points to get access to the bus.
Third appearance was Call of Duty Black Ops II Zombies Mode, with so much news and features introduced that this mode became almost a game of its own.
After all players die the game ends, so it is just a matter of how much time and how many waves they can endure. Throwing grenades also helps as it can destroy mystery boxes and stop the opponents from getting new weapons. As I’ve stated before, I’m not particularly amazing at Zombies but I have been able to gather useful information for freshmen and ‘butchers’ alike, if you are completely new to all this then I’d advise having a read through the basics first. You need the cash so you can split the price of the ‘doors’ to the bottom between all of you, buy the correct room for the box (in one of three…look through the windows carefully and you can find it without wasting money), use the box enough times to get something powerful (full list below), buy a perk (essential after round 11), and have just enough to restock if it all goes to s*** halfway through the round.
Ballistic knife: it’s a gamble but if you manage to survive long enough to PAP it you can revive teammates with the shots, it also lets you run reeeeely quickly when you have them equipped so it can be handy to give you some more speed when you most need it.
Obviously if there is more than one picking on you then move into space, but generally it’s a safe trick. A Bowie knife comes in handy for this at least, but otherwise try to kill the monkey’s off first. The loop can be picked up again at any time so if you do have to take a complete detour briefly, you CAN survive as long as the other players keep the circuit flowing (they will draw the majority of the zombies for a short while…but if you are apart from the group at the beginning of a new round they will come for you).
Some argue that if they don’t spend all their money then they’ll die anyway, but I guess that’s just down to the order they buy stuff in. If you want to know the spawning points of the box, look for Teddy Bears covered in rubble or by boxes. As an added bonus, however, they’ll drop a Max Ammo power up once all of them have been defeated.
The Card Reader will spawn in either the dumpster or the box at the farm house left of the refrigerator in the Town. The best thing to do here is getting on the back of the bus while killing zombies since, if they drop power ups, they’ll get to the back of the bus by themselves. While outside you can buy another 2 weapons: the MP5 for 1000 points and the Remington 870 MCS for 1500, located in the building opposite to the Depot.
You’ll also need to have a high damaging weapon to dispose of the zombies directly in your way and another with a lot of ammo to kill the zombies that are following you. To the other side of the town you’ll be able to enter the Bar and the Bank: before entering the Bar you can by the Stamin Up Perk-A-Cola, to the side of the Bank you’ll be able to buy the M14 for 500 points.
Once you power up the Turbine and turn on the power, lightning will come from the central room, killing any zombie present in the room: a glass cylinder will come out together with the Avogadro, who’s know going to be spawn for the rest of the match until he’s defeated for good. Other weapons will be available in the Grey and Yellow house, with an Olympia located on the back of the Bus, just like in the other Zombie Maps: to enter the two houses you’ll have to pay 750 to open the locked doors. An RPG or a M72 law never fail to make crawlers (only use if you have an automatic gun aswell), but steer clear of the China Lake (proximity rule is a pain in the ass when they’re running at you).
Headshots give good points and if you’re good, you can take more than a zombie out with a single shot.
And finally, the Radio can be found either in the diner’s garage or at the Nacht Der Untoten, to the right of the building, near the fallen bookshelf.
Don’t bother with this strategy during the first rounds: use that time to save bullets and melee them to get the most points. Entering the bank will actually cost you 1000 points and it could be worth it since you can buy the Speed Cola Perk-A-Cola inside. After the Avogrado flies in the sky, you’ll finally be able to go inside the actual power plant through the previously locked door. Finally, there’s a mystery box in the map as well, under the overhang of the yellow house garage. The Bar is also opened by spending points, 750 to be precise: inside you’ll find the Galvaknuckles on the first floor while the Quick Revive and the Mystery Box are available on the second. Something you should be aware of while playing this map is the way zombies spawn: since there are no windows zombies will spawn from the ground and climb over fences. Also don’t forget that getblackops2hack is the website that promotes our Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Cheats software. The last notewhorty location of the Town Map is the burning building: to enter it you must walk up a set of stairs across the street from the bank and spend 750 points to open the door.
A fun touch is the population sign at the beginning of the map: it shows the number of killed zombies, getting back to 00 after 100 have been killed so that you’ll know when the vending machines are going to be available on the map.
Inside you’ll find the MP5, which can be bought for 1000 points and the Juggle Nog Perk-A-Cola: now you can get to the Pack-A-Punch machine if you need to use it.

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