One of the ways, one of the worst ways, that small businesses become road kill on the information highway is lack of a backup system or an incomplete backup system. If your office was flooded, if your computers were stolen, if your computer hard drive died right now, do you have the data you need to keep your business running? Make IT Work Computer Solutions can help you find the right backup solution for your business.
If your business is required to store data only in Canada, Make IT Work now offers the Completely Canadian Cloud Service. Besides Backup services, Make IT Work also offers comprehensive disaster recovery plans for technology for your business. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Nothing is more important to the survival of your company than assuring that your data backup solution and disaster recovery plan are properly equipped and configured. Companies that ignore Backup & Disaster Recovery put their entire operations at risk of unrecoverable failure. Industry statistics estimate that 60% of lost files can NOT be retrieved from yesterday's backup! BCS's Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) Solution is a comprehensive disk-based solution for business continuity needs in the SMB Marketplace. BCS's BDR models are Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices installed with Business Continuity Software (BCS) that run on the Windows Storage Server 2003 platform. BCS also offers offsite storage that provides the option of synchronizing your backup’s offsite to our secure co-location facilities, all through an industry standard 256-bit encrypted tunnel. Contact us for a no obligation consultation to see which of our services are right for you. Managed plans include any domain, email or hosting management required, includes extended phone support.
So as more companies and personal computers adopt disk as their primary backup target, they need to ensure they can do disaster recoveries in locations other than their primary site. Backup to disk is great but as recent weather events and natural disasters illustrate, there is still a need to move backup data offsite. Whether your computer hardware has failed, Building destroyed or is not accessible, they all have the same effect; the inability to access data to bring the business back online. Most home users and a surprising majority of businesses do not have a reliable backup system. Whether it be due to budget constraints, time or just being unsure of how to implement a backup policy. Many business owners don't realize that they are place their own livelihood and business in jeopardy every day by not having a secure backup system. Why wait for disaster for an attempt to recover data from a failed hard disk when you can protect yourself for as little as a 37 cents a day? Our backup and disaster recovery solutions scale to the data demands of your computer or business.
Designed for desktop and laptop backup users, intelliSafe comes with a clean and easy to use interface that all users will know how to install, configure and use it. For more information about our products and services please look around our website and when you are ready, use our contact form to make an initial enquiry so we can contact you to work with your company to have a successful website. MCS backup en cloud diensten maken gebruik van een high speed internetverbinding om ervoor te zorgen dat u uw bestanden zo snel mogelijk naar de datacenters kunt backuppen en wanneer nodig, zo snel mogelijk naar uw eigen locatie kunt restoren. Door middel van een toegangscontrolesysteem worden alleen geautoriseerde medewerkers in de serverruimtes toe gelaten. Voor optimale prestaties en ter voorkoming van uitval van apparatuur hebben alle datavloeren een constante temperatuur en wordt de luchtvochtigheid gemonitord. Basiskennis ComputergebruikMaak stapsgewijs kennis met de vele mogelijkheden van werken met een computer.Klik hier voor meer info. Service-abonnementVoor jaarlijks onderhoud aan uw computer, kunt u als particulier of bedrijf een service-abonnement afsluiten. ICT-consultancyU kunt ons ook inschakelen voor netwerk- of applicatiebeheer bij uw bedrijf of school. If you own a computer that has access to the Internet and e-mail, then it is only a matter of time before you fall victim to a malicious spyware program, virus, worm, or hacker. Do you constantly get hammered by pop-up ads that come from nowhere and interfere with using your computer? If so, then your computer is probably infected with malicious programs that could end up destroying your files, stealing your personal and financial information, and rendering your computer useless. Sneaky, underhanded ways cyber criminals access your computer, and how you can stop them dead in their tracks. 7 Simple steps to keep your computer safe from pop-ups, viruses, spyware, malware, and expensive computer repair bills.
You will also discover in this report how you can qualify for a FREE ($297 value) Computer Problems Prevention Audit. We HATE spam as much or more than you do and will not rent, share, or sell your information with anyone ever! TestimonialsI bring my laptop to job sites and use this computer for my notes, quotes and other business transactions I do out in the field. When preparing to implement an EMR or EPM system with a graphical user interface, your entire staff will need to possess at least some computer skills.

Some staff members will need to be able to check patients in and out; others will have to post money or generate claims.
The electronic medical records committee must design a training plan which takes the above factors into consideration.
CCHIT had been given an (un)official nod from the government's Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology as the certifying body for EMR standards. At our practice, mind-mapping software has become indispensable for managing projects of any size. I've successfully rid the home office of paper records by scanning them all - then shredding them. Many computers have monitor or video out-ports which allow a connection to a second monitor.
Although no single device can do it all, I have discovered a PDA or smart phone to be especially useful. Some recent legal cases have established that data which is accessible must be able to be produced, including backup.
In the world of paper records, charts that are more than seven years old that were purged are considered legally inaccessible. Eventually, rational minds emerged victorious, and some of the more inane regulations have relaxed somewhat. Consider forming a Legal, Risk & Compliance (LRC) Committee for your practice, to address the above-mentioned issues and others which may arise.
For many IT departments, these terms are often synonymous with backing up data to tape or an external hard drive.
If you house backup data at an off-site storage facility, then you have the start of a disaster recovery plan. But maintaining business continuity – actually using the data to repair or recover from a problem in a short timeframe – is often overlooked, or taken for granted. Computer Troubleshooters Manitowoc (Wisconsin, USA) and owners Russell and Yavonda Joplin were profiled by the local Herald Times Reporter newspaper this week. Computer Troubleshooters and Autotask have announced an industry-leading partnership which gives all CT franchise owners “free” use of the Autotask Go! Whether you have 10Gb of data or 100GB on one computer to a hundred computers, Make IT Work has solutions that will fit your business needs.
Ideal for financial services, health care, dental and other businesses that store personal data, the Completely Canadian Cloud Service meets the stringent security requirements. Plans that help when your web site gets hacked, data is lost or gets into the wrong hands, or when your office floods. BCS’s disk-based NAS allows for quick and easy point-in-time snapshots, which take just minutes and won't impact your environment.
Just connect to one of your point-in-time snapshots, find your database and transaction log files, and restore using drag and drop functionality. When it is time to restore your virtualized server on the NAS device back to physical hardware a boot cd is inserted into the new physical hardware. Het is dan ook meer dan logisch dat u wilt weten waar uw data wordt opgeslagen en welke maatregelen er binnen onze datacenters worden genomen om uw data te beschermen. Niet alleen de elektronische, maar ook de bouwkundige beveiliging, zoals deuren, hekken en sloten, voldoen aan de hoogste normen. MCS levert een compleet pakket: advies, verkoop, installatie, onderhoud en computertraining. Even legitimate websites have sophisticated methods of snooping into your private information using cookies and spyware. Featuring expert guidance in electronic medical records, finance, administration and legal issues.
However, a large percentage of adults still have limited experience with the latest technology. Maybe the technical staff won't have to understand the claims process, but they will surely need to be proficient using EMR. The committee will have to determine what the common tasks for every employee will be, then adding additional skills of increased complexity to the appropriate departments and jobs. According to a report by FierceHealthIT, The Drummond Group, an interoperability testing lab in Austin, Texas, has thrown its hat into the ring.
An organization made up of industry experts, corporations, and other volunteers, CCHIT has also had its share of critics who charge that it is giving preferential treatment to big players in the EMR software community. The ScanSnap 500 is a device which will scan everything, from PDF files to double-sided documents. Many small, high-definition TV sets have a video in-port able to toggle between cable and satellite and a computer signal. These devices are cell phones that run Windows apps, able to sync with Outlook on your desktop computer to access the Internet, email, and your contact list.
No more can you even keep a patient check-in form at the front desk, or risk having a patient learn who else had been in on that day. Although this may seem an unfair burden for a medical practice, experts dealing with these sort of legal cases believe that EMR will result in a decrease of malpractice suits, owing to better documentation and a lower rate of medication-related mistakes.
There are still privacy issues which are specific to the electronic aspects of medicine, in regard to inappropriate disclosure of patients' data. At this point, most companies feel that if they can put their hands on their data, then they already have a degree of business continuity.

As a result, the penalty sustained for extended downtime starts from lost productivity and revenue, and in extreme cases, ends when the business closes forever. New Jersey Computer Troubleshooters owner Andy Oeftering is the featured CT, offering his advice on POS solutions for small retailers. BCS’s solution also allows for easy document recovery of Sharepoint files through the file explorer.
This gives you flexibility for restorations and doesn't require the cost and effort of keeping a standby server ready at all times. De alarminstallaties zijn door middel van twee rechtstreekse en bewaakte verbindingen aangesloten op twee verschillende meldkamers. Daarnaast wordt er gebruik gemaakt van een schaalbare netstroomtoevoer door middel van eigen 10kV transformatoren. Dit houdt in dat de koude lucht enkel in ruimtes wordt geblazen waar dat daadwerkelijk nodig is en niet zoals in oudere datacenters een hele zaal wordt gekoeld inclusief de delen waar de warme lucht afgevoerd wordt.
It's a lucky fact that most doctors must keep with technological advances out of necessity. The best part is that you don't need to be a computer genius to use these tools - they're intuitive, making projects easy to follow visually.
This application has modules to set up various goals, from business, to family, to personal. When you set up dual display with the TV as the second monitor, you can double the work area on the desktop.
Some people use the phone connection to access the Web, while others connect through a wireless network. Even so, if data is kept on a failed hard drive, and the costs of recovering the data is significant, it could create an undue burden; judges could rule that the expense be shared between the two parties. When it comes to electronic information, however, inaccessibility could be more difficult to prove, as electronic data can almost always be recovered. An unauthorized email, unsecured wireless network, a computer monitor left on in view of another patient are some prime examples.
Restoration is just as easy, mount your backup file as a drive on the NAS and copy what you need locally or to the network. An incremental chain is created and only the changes are backed up, reducing backup windows. Restore Exchange messages in a flash, directly from the message store, without the need of time consuming message level backups. Once the image is copied to the server BCS manipulates the hardware abstraction layer and inserts the necessary device drivers for the new hardware. De stroomvoorziening op de servervloer is geïsoleerd en is permanent beschikbaar door continue stroomtoevoer (redundant N+1 UPS systemen) en eigen backup dieselgeneratoren. Om de energie efficiëntie verder te verhogen, wordt elk rack door ons voorzien van blindplates.
For example, almost all of your employees will need to know how to use the system to look up appointment info. Next, the department should rotate through the training room to receive training on the necessary tasks for their particular jobs. Some newer versions such as Treo 150W can sync up with your contacts and calendar remotely from any location.
In fact, most of the current EMR software systems don't even let a provider delete patient records.
Once the server is completely restored backups continue to take place on their scheduled interval. Deze blindplates vullen de niet gebruikte ruimtes in uw rack op zodat er geen koude lucht verspild wordt.
Still, many other staff members have limited exposure to computers at work - and limited skill as a result. A manual was prepared for the EPM software module, and another is being written for the EMR module.
A dashboard can handle your mind maps while helping to delegate the logistics of who, where, what and when of your projects. Although a bit larger and heavier than a regular cell phone, these devices make up for the added weight with increased flexibility.
Bovendien wordt om het risico op luchtvervuiling uit te sluiten, gebruik gemaakt van indirecte free air koeling. In order to gauge an employee's computer literacy, they can be asked about the applications they've used, and to give examples of the sorts of tasks they've performed. This has become a major area of law and will become increasingly important as EMR becomes the norm. It's also possible to tell an employee's competency through the vocabulary they are familiar with. The bottom line for medical practices is that a reliable and secure backup process is a must.

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