You Myrtle Beach computer repair specialists, 1on1-Computers, wants you to know there are maintenance steps that you can take to avoid unexpected computer repair. Use a spreadsheet to keep track of your software disks with any keys, new peripherals and driver specifications.  Depending on the type of backup you are using, you may need this information if your hard drive needs to be reformatted and reinstalled (which can happen during computer repair).
Run Windows updates when prompted or have them set to run automatically.  Microsoft is always coming out with new updates that will add new features and help the performance of your computer. Using a few common computer maintenance steps can help prevent the cost of a computer repair.  However, if you have used a computer for any length of time, you know that computers fail and a computer repair call will need to be made. The next time you need to make that call for a computer repair, call 1on1 Computers, your Myrtle Beach Computer Repair specialists. Good post about general maintenance items to check off the list at least on a monthly basis if not weekly. Here are my five common-sense techniques and strategies to solve common computer hardware problems.

Don’t get frustrated and don’t be afraid of the computer problems consider it as the best opportunity to learn. If you feel frustrated just leave it for a while, take a minute rest then go back with your fresh ideas to solve the problem or if it’s too much to handle seek help call someone who can help.
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Copyright © 2014 Review Ebooks, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The most effective way to troubleshoot your PC is by isolating the problem to a specific parts by trial and error. It’s OK to look inside your PC There is only 5V and 12V DC voltage supplied to the components outside the power supply. Just think of the satisfaction, the knowledge and experience it will give you after you solve the problem.

But always remember to power down and unplug the power chords before opening your computer. Try other components or peripherals on different machines and see if the problem still occurs. Check if your microprocessor, memory modules, Video adapters and sound cards are inserted correctly and didn’t “pop-up” during transportation. For instance, when you see an unusual blue screen with an error message, copy the entire message onto a piece of paper.
In many situations, that message may point to the right direction in getting the problem solved quickly.

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